By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


28. 24. A world crashing down

Chapter 24 - A world crashing down

Harry finally had a full night’s sleep without any interruptions - but at seven thirty his phone ringed and brought him out of his dreamless sleep. When he felt the two arms around him a huge smile was plastered on his face - but just by glancing at the phone screen his entire mood dropped. Management were calling him. Harry frustrated pressed the ignore button letting their call go straight to voicemail - he didn’t want to deal with the right now, not during this perfect moment with this amazing girl. Harry lay back down in bed and before he knew it Tessa tighten her grip. „Do we have to get up?” She asked sleepy and cuddled if possible even closer to the boy beside her - the boy she no longer could deny her feelings for - the boy she was falling in love with. „No not yet babe, let’s just lay here for a while,” he answered, his hoarse voice made it evident that he had just awoken, and Tessa found it oddly attractive. When he pulled her almost on top of himself she lightly kissed the birds tattooed on his chest. „I could lie here all day,” Tessa replied and her heart fluttered as his arms went around her waist. „So could I love,” he whispered in her ear and then a mischievous smile appeared and he added: „Perhaps I should call in sick and cancel my plans with Kendall tonight then we could stay in bed - which means our time would be spent so much better”. Tessa took Harry, and herself, by surprise by sitting up and putting one of her legs across his waist so she was now straddling him. „Well how would I ever be able to say no to Harry Styles himself,” she sent him a flirtatious smile. Harry placed his hands on her hips before caressing her skin, which sent a burning sensation through her entire body. She slowly leaned down towards him but when her platinum blond hair had entangled with his brown curls she stopped. „You should really try bleaching you hair babe, you look gorgeous - I’m sure the fans would love it,” she said and bit her bottom lip as to stop laughing. Harry found her giggling quite adorable but right now he would prefer it if her lips meet his, so he slowly reached out for her cheek, which he lightly stroked before leading her face towards his. She brushed her lips against his - and he then kissed her hungrily. He needed her, all of her. Her lips tasted sweet and he loved how perfect they moved together. When his phone rang once again Harry intentionally ignored it once again. „Just let it ring,” he mumbled between the kisses - and so they did. Harry’s hands carefully traveled down to her ass and this made her lean against his body. Tessa didn’t for a second doubt what they were doing - and where it was leading, because it felt so right to be here in the moment with Harry. She sent a trail of kisses down his neck and moan escaped his lips when she pulled his curls, and he rapidly got a hold of the hem of her - well actually his - t-shirt, that she was wearing. She lifted her arms to help him get it off but then his phone called again. Her eyes flicked to the phone screen which showed management once again were calling. Tessa then put her arms down and climbed off Harry.

„You should answer that. It’s probably important since they keep calling,” she stated and felt her cheeks redden when he clearly was scanning over her body, and smirking at what he saw. „But babe,” he pouted with this twinkle in his eyes. „Babe it’s your work and your family. You need to answer,” she replied and pecked his lips. But then the phone stopped calling. „How about I go downstairs and make us some breakfast - then you can call them back in the meanwhile,” Tessa suggested and sent Harry a genuine smile. Should she tell him how she felt now? Or should she wait till later? She decided she would tell him at breakfast. „Deal! But I think I need to grab a cold shower first - but then I promise to call them,” he smirked and Tessa jokingly swatted his arm before leaving him alone his room. „But put on some close - I would prefer none of the boys seeing you like that,” he yelled just as she shot his door. Tessa smilingly shook her head at his overprotective side, as she headed to her room to put on some pants. 

Tessa oddly found the house entirely silent and when she came downstairs, she was met with a note on the kitchen table. We didn’t want to wake you OR interrupt anything (you guys are quite noisy) But we left to go out for brunch. We’ll be back later - hopefully you’ll be done by then, ;-) Lots and looove (not too much though) from the sassiest of the all/you know who - L Luckily nobody was present to see her blush but Tessa quickly distracted herself from the thought of the guys and Perrie hearing anything by making banana pancakes and smoothies. When she had placed everything on the kitchen table, she had an idea. She had some leftover raspberries from the smoothies as she used to write Harry a message on top of his banana pancakes.

When everything was ready and Harry still hadn’t come downstairs she walked up to see what was taking him so long. The light in the bathroom was on - so she knew he had finished showering, and thereby he had to be in his room. Just when she lifted her hand to knock on the door she heard voices from inside the room. „No you don’t get it!” Harry sounded extremely frustrated. Someone clearly answered him because he reacted by kicking to something in his room. „No you forced me to do this - and I want out,” he said with a hushed but angry voice. „Well I don’t care that I needed to get the paparazzi of my back nor needed a new image - I NEVER wanted to date her,” he continued and Tessa didn’t even fight the tears that were appearing. „No I can’t pretend anymore - I don’t want to be all love and smiles when it’s all fake anyways, it’s not fair to any of us,” this made Tessa’s heart shatter to a thousand piece and she slowly backed away from his room. She had no idea how to react to this - but she had never felt this stupid. Of course Harry had never loved her - he was way out of her league, but somehow she had started to believe this could actually be real. Ashley was right, Ashley was right, Ashley was right kept going through her heard. This feeling in her stomach only got worse - and she knew no matter how this “relationship” apparently was meant to help her career then this hurt wasn’t worth it. Tessa hurried downstairs and grabbed her phone and a pair of random keys on the counter - she then pulled her leatherjacket of the hall stand which she didn’t even bother to put back on its place before shutting the door behind her. When she got outside and pressed the keys she learned that they belonged to Zayn, so she unlocked his car and pulled out of the driveway. She had no idea where she was going - but she just needed to get away.

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