By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


24. 20. Vogue UK

Author's note
Hi everyone! I'm back - and I hope you've all had the best Easter/spring break. I thought I would write a update as fast as possible, since you have been waiting for a while - and I'll try to update as often as possible, but since I don't prewrite my chapters I can't really give you weekly days or anything.. I'm sorry about the lack of 1D pressence in this chapter - but it is necessary for later - enjoy :-) And like and comment as well please! 


Chapter 20 - Vogue UK

The next morning Tessa woke up with the biggest headache. She was definitely hung-over. Tessa’s heart warmed when she noticed the glass of water and aspirins on her nightstand along with a note. Morning babe. I’m recording with the guys and meeting Kendall for lunch, see you later. -H He had even drawn a heart next to the H. The note made her smile since he had been considerate enough to telling her his plan for the day. She quickly replied him with a text telling him to have fun with the guys and say hi to Kendall for her. Tessa then headed downstairs to find herself entirely alone. After lying on the couch until noon Tessa started to feel restless - so she went to get dressed and headed out the door. She had somewhere to be today and she couldn’t wait.

„I’m here to see Alexandra Shulman,” Tessa said to the secretary at the Vogue UK head office. „She’ll see you now,” the girl answered without even looking at her. When Tessa entered Alexandra’s office the UK editor-in-chief was busy on the phone. Alexandra motioned for her to sit down while she finished bossing some random photographer around. „Miss Ozols, I’m so glad you could make it today,” Alexandra smiled when she had hung up the phone. „Of course, I’m so excited to start working at Vogue - so it was a great opportunity to see the UK office before going back to New York. Besides, I was already here in London so it wasn’t a bother at all,” Tessa answered. „Well let me show you around, then we can talk a bit about the plans you’ve already made for Vogue’s future,” Alexandra said and gestured for Tessa to follow her. „Well, I’ve already arranged for a front-page shoot with Kendall Jenner - since she was such a success during the last Fashion Week I think she has a bright future, so Vogue needs her before anybody else gets her. I have some really great ideas about the Christmas issues as well - but we’ll see when we get there,” Tessa continued talking while she got a tour of the building. „And that sounds splendid. Do you know what other thoughts Anna has?” Alexandra asked. „I’m not quite sure since I haven’t officially started working there yet - I did talk to Alex Pettyfer the other day though, but I’d expect his shoot to be with the UK department, am I right?” Alexandra raised her right eyebrow. ”You surely are observant; I didn’t even know that you knew him personally. I was actually going to ask you, if you could assist on that shoot - it’s before you are going to the States - so we figured it would be a nice tryout for you.” „I don’t know him that well - we just met the other day at a fashion show. But yes, I would love to be a part of that,” Tessa replied smiling. She loved her job. „Well then you must have made a great impression, because Alex asked for you personally,” the editor-in-chief smiled. „And not to get involved in your private life - but we know the music industry can create a lot of drama in the media, so you fling or whatever it is with Harry Styles won’t affect your job right?” She continued. „Not at all, him and his bandmates are dear friends of mine - but trust me this career is my dream, and I wouldn’t mess that up,” Tessa replied unsure of herself - she hadn’t been prepared to answer questions about Harry, and she never knew what to answer since they hadn’t labeled anything, and she was only aloud to say ‘no comments’.

Tessa stayed at Vogue for the day preparing for the shoot with Alex, who she knew she couldn’t keep postponing calling. She didn’t know why she was trying to avoid it - perhaps because she knew Harry was a jealous guy, or maybe it was since Alex clearly had been flirty with her at the fashion show. She decided she would wait until she had told Harry about the shoot, so she packed her belongings and then she got up to wait for the elevator. „Aren’t you Theresa Ozols?” Some random woman asked her when she entered the elevator. Tessa nodded and smiled slightly but didn’t say anything, since the woman, very similar to Leighton Meester, didn’t seem that friendly. „I’m Ashley. Well then it’s true you got a job a Vogue?” She continued and Tessa just nodded again. „Then I finally figured out what’s in it for you,” Ashley simply stated before tarring her gaze away from Tessa. „What do you mean?” Tessa asked confused. „Your relationship with Harry Styles of course,” Ashley replied while putting quotation marks around relationship. „I really don’t know what you’re talking about.” Tessa was starting to feel uncomfortable. This Ashley chick didn’t seem genuine but Tessa didn’t want to make enemies the first time she sat foot in the UK Vogue department. „Well one of my closest friends works for One Directions management, and she mentioned how they needed some random girl to help Harry’s reputation - and she told me they found someone who agreed since it would boost her career. Working for Vogue is quite a perk isn’t it?” Ashley stated with a mischievous smile. Tessa didn’t even reply, she felt confused and… Well just really confused. Was Harry only with her for his image sake? Was her relationship with him the reason behind her promotion? It couldn’t be, because she didn’t even know him when she got the job. But what if management sat everything up? They probably knew she was going to visit Perrie - who was staying with the boys. Her head was spinning and she started to feel rather dizzy, „So how does it feel like to know Harry Styles is only pretending to like you?” Ashley then said to make everything worse. Tessa just left the elevator without responding, since she felt sure Ashley was just jealous of either her job promotion or her relationship with a guy from a famous boyband.

When Tessa grabbed a cab she noticed someone left the new OK! Magazine on the backseat. She quickly turned through it but stopped when she once again was met with a picture of herself. The headline was: Tarry getting serious? Clubbing with bandmates. The article was filled with pictures of the band and the others entering and leaving the club. This made Tessa roll her eyes and she skimmed the article not being able to ignore the statements as: Harry must be over his one-nightstands, or Will Harry Styles finally settled down? She knew she should stop overthinking everything, but since his meeting with Management something had been off with Harry - and now she feared it was regarding him only having fake feelings for her. She nervously opened the cab door when she arrived at her temporary home. She had no idea how to face any of them - because how could she be sure? And if that was the case did any of others know?

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