By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


23. 19. Clubbing

Chapter 19 - Clubbing

One Direction was doing a concert in the O2 arena tonight and Tessa was standing backstage watching them. Somehow all of the boys’ girlfriends; Perrie, Eleanor and Sophia had made time to come here - and Barbara had also joined the girls tonight. „I feel like dancing,” Eleanor exclaimed and started swaying her hips to the beat of the music. „Are you already drunk?” Sophia laughed but El just shook her head and kept on dancing. Tessa was enjoyed getting to know the girls better and right now her and Barbara was talking while watching the boys on stage. „At first it was a bit awkward but we’re just like brother and sister so even the paparazzi’s made-up rumors wouldn’t be able to change that,” Barbara explained her friendship with Niall to Tessa. „I totally understand that. It’s like you are only two in your relationship - but if you’re with one of them it apparently concerns the entire world,” Tessa sighed. In this moment the chorus of ‘They Don’t Know About Us’ started and Harry sent Tessa a flirty wink, which made her blush instantly. „Is it true then? You and Mister Styles himself?” Barbara asked genuine interested and suddenly all of the girls’ attention was on Tessa. „Well we’re just friends,” she answered unable to take her gaze away from Harry. „Bullshit,” Perrie coughed clearly fake and this caused all of the girls to breakdown laughing. „Fine, we went on a date - and it was really nice, but that’s it. It’s not like we’re in a relationship or something,” Tessa explained and tried to change the topic. Harry and she hadn’t discussed the matter so she wasn’t quite sure what to tell the girls. She defiantly trusted all of them, and she knew if anyone in the world understood her it would be them. „Well cheers to Harry then - for finally picking an amazing girl,” Eleanor said and lifted her beer bottle. Tessa sent her a grateful smile and then the girls watched the rest of the concert.

„That was awesome!” Niall screamed when the guys joined the girls backstage. „You guys were fantastic,” Barbara replied before joining the guys in a group-hug. „And I’m so ready to go celebrating,” Louis said and opened another beer. „Celebrate what?” Sophia asked confused right after Liam pecked her lips. Her still had his arm around her when he answered his girlfriend. „There isn’t anything to celebrate really. Louis has just been trying to convince all of us to go clubbing tonight, and it seems like he finally succeeded. „I’m so in!” Tessa said and once again lifted the beer to her lips. „Then I’ll probably join as well,” Harry smirked at her. „Then let’s go change lads, so we came join these beautiful ladies and get out of here,” Zayn said and kissed Perrie on the cheek before dragging his bandmates out of there.

Paul was driving one of the cars and when they arrived as the last ones at The Box, he opened the door and followed Perrie, Zayn, Harry and Tessa toward the unbelievable long queue. Perrie and Zayn were holding hands and Harry had his arm around Tessa. She could smell his appealing cologne and taste the bittersweet beer - this was going to be a great night, she was sure of it. They skipped the entire line, which was much appreciated by the girls who was wearing dresses and high heels, and was greeted by the bouncer. Harry quickly didn’t even need to state their names, the bouncer just checked his list before opening the door for them. „Have a great night,” Tessa just caught the words before the loud music filled the room. „The VIP section is up here,” Zayn explained before leading the way towards their friends who had already arrived. „They’re here! Let’s pop the champagne,” Louis yelled the second they sat down at the table.

After several drinking games the party’s blood alcohol level had indeed increased. Liam and Sophia had just gone home, and Louis and Eleanor went to the dance floor. „How about we buy another round?” Harry asked the remaining people. Zayn offered to help carry the drinks so they went to order at the bar. When Niall headed towards the toilets only Tessa, Perrie and Barbara was left. „Oh my god. Is that who I think it is?” Barbara asked and pointed towards a guy who was just entering the VIP area. „Hey, I know him!” Tessa giggled and started waving at the guy. „Jamie, over here,” She screamed highly influenced by alcohol. „Well well well, isn’t this Tessa Ozols herself?” He grinned. „Well Mister Jamie Campbell Bower, what an honor to have you joining us this lovely evening,” Tessa joked and Jamie pulled her in a hug. She jumped and just when he was spinning her around, they were interrupted by a cough. Harry and Zayn were back. Jamie was being oblivious to the situation and put his arm around Tessa, while both Perrie and Barbara were watching their every move. „I’ve missed you bossing me around,” he winked at her and she teasingly swatted his arm. Harry straightened up and stepped forward. „I’m Harry, you guys know each other?” He asked and lifted his hand towards Jamie. „Nice meeting you mate. I’m Jamie and yeah, actually this amazing girl right here was working with me during my latest Burberry shoot,” he replied not seeming threated by Harry’s behavior at all. As soon as Jamie dropped his arm from Tessa and shook Harry’s hand, Harry pulled Tessa closer. „She is indeed an amazing girl,” Harry said while coldly staring at Jamie. The music filled the air and Tessa could practically feel the bass hitting her body. Everybody’s gaze was on the guys and Tessa found it quite weird. She was drunk and not sure how to handle this jealousy of Harry’s. „Is Lily with you tonight?” She then asked remembering Jamie’s absolutely stunning girlfriend. This lightened up the atmosphere. „Of course, she’s just at the bathroom. I’m sure she’d love to say hey, she misses you,” Jamie explained and lit up by the thought of his lovely Lily. Tessa had had so much fun shooting with Jamie and she used to love it when Lily showed up. They were literally two of the nicest people on earth. Harry loosened his grip on Tessa, when he put two and two together. Jamie and Lily had been together for a while now, so he knew Tessa and Jamie hadn’t been a thing. „Well then grab a beer then. Any friend of my Tessa’s is a friend of ours,” Harry said and handled Jamie a bottle. Jamie sent Tessa a curious smile when he noticed the ‘my’ in Harry’s sentence, and Tessa noticed as well. She felt the heat in her cheeks but she wasn’t sure if she was blushing or if it was just the alcohol. „Look who I just ran into - It’s freaking Lily Collins,” Niall fangirled as soon as both him and Lily joined the others. Tessa quickly slipped away from Harry and ran towards Lily. „Tessa, it’s so good to finally see you again,” Lily slurred - apparently she also had a lot to drink.

Hours later when the entire group was rocking the dance floor Tessa felt the room start spinning. She grabbed Harry’s hand. „I’m getting really dizzy Harry,” She whispered in his ear. Even though he was drunk he instantly reacted - Tessa was always his first priority. „Let’s go home then,” he stated and waved farewell to their friends. „I just need some air,” Tessa said and leaned towards the wall as the exited the club. „Let’s go home babe,” Harry slurred. He pecked her lips which felt so right against his own. This made Harry send a trail of kisses down Tessa’s neck. „Harry,” she moaned and goosebumps instantly appeared on her body. His touch sent shivers down her spine and she didn’t want this feeling to stop, sadly it did when Harry hands brushed her arms. „Babe your freezing,” he stated and gave her his jacket. She put it on and immediately felt safe when the smell of his cologne reached her. She kissed his cheek in appreciation and hand in hand they walked towards Paul’s car with sheer bliss - ignoring all of the paparazzi. 

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