By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


21. 18. Front row

Chapter 18 - Front row

„They look so adorable,” Perrie whispered. „It looks like they had a good night,” Zayn cheekily replied. „I would say their date was a success - if you know what I mean,” Louis stated and Tessa could almost sense the thrusting moves he was doing - even though her eyes were closed. „Pervert,” she groaned still not quite awake and rolled over to hide her face in Harry’s chest. Harry who was still sound asleep nuzzled closer to her. „Our little baby is all grown up now,” Niall sounded like a proud mother - referring to Harry. „Well isn’t somebody going to wake him up? Management will be pissed if he isn’t at the meeting,” Liam said and this made Tessa open her eyes. „Management? What’s wrong?” She asked. „Apparently you’re date wasn’t paparazzi-free, so you guys are front-news today,” Perrie replied and waited nervously for Tessa’s response. „We have already been over this, we are just going to explain that we just friends nothing more,” Harry groaned now awake, and Tessa nodded in agreement. „Sorry buddy, but that’s not going to work this time - since Tessa’s red lipstick is all over you,” Louis snickered and handed Harry the magazine. Harry grabbed it and stared on the pictures for what felt like minutes to Tessa - without any response. „Fuck,” he then mumbled and got up from bed, only in his boxers. Zayn quickly covered Perrie’s eyes with his hand. „No peeking babe,” he teased. „Nothing unusual to see - Harry barely ever was any clothes,” Perrie laughed. Harry completely ignored their teasing and tossed the magazine on this bed before grabbing some clothes and his phone and headed out the door. „Well, that escalated quickly,” Louis stated. „Yeah, are you joining us for breakfast Tessa?” Niall asked and Tessa just nodded. „Are you coming?” Liam than said before they headed downstairs. „I’ll be down in a sec, I’m just… Well I’m kind of not wearing any pants,” she stated blushing. The boys quickly caught on and started to wolf-whistle at her while giving her knowingly looks - but Perrie just rushed them out of the room, and before leaving herself she sent Tessa a playful wink.

When Tessa saw the pictures she understood there was no denying anything. It was pretty clear Harry and she had been on a date. They were walking towards the car with Harrys arms securely rapped around Tessa’s small frame and indeed her red lips stick covering his face. How could she not have noticed this? It had been dark of course but still, she might just have screwed everything up. If management banned their relationship or whatever they were, then she couldn’t do anything about it, and neither could Harry. Tessa scrutinized the article several times before throwing it in the trashcan. At least the paparazzi had wrote something true this time - they had stated that the lovely couple had been seen on a date in the closed London Eye, and mentioned how romantic Harry Styles must be at heart to arrange something like this. That made Tessa heart feel lighter.

„Do you have any plans today?” Perrie asked Tessa during breakfast. Niall was shoveling down his eggs and bacon. „I was planning on getting some work done, perhaps getting some pictures of the street style here in London,” Tessa said when she had swallowed her glass orange juice. „Do you think that could wait a day?” Perrie than asked her with a big bright smile on her face. „Yeah sure, what did you have in mind?” Tessa replied feeling anxious. „I got an invitation with a plus-one to a fashion show held by some new upcoming English designer. Jesy is coming as well but the rest of the girls can’t make it, so what do you say?” Perrie said. „I totally forgot about that show, but I got an invite myself - and I actually already RSVP’d, so of course,” Tessa answered and the girls went upstairs to get ready together.

„It’s so good to see you again Tessa,” Jesy squealed before pulling both Tessa and Perrie in a big hug. „You too Jesy! Like always it’s a pleasure,” Tessa replied with a genuine smile. „If you please follow me I will show you to your seats,” a smiling pretty brunette told them and they followed her towards the front row. „Here are your seats and thank you for coming,” she said and walked away. Tessa sat down next to Perrie, while Jesy was sitting on Perrie’s other side, and once again she checked her phone. She hadn’t texted Harry yet because she was waiting for him to fill her in, but he hadn’t and she felt too anxious to wait anymore - so she sent him a short text: Hey Hazza, what did management say? I’m at a fashion show with Perrie and Jesy but I’ll be home afterwards. „Well, it looks like I’m mixing up with all of the celebrities tonight,” a voice then stated before sitting down next to Tessa. Tessa’s looked up and her gaze was met with a pair of kind eyes. „Oh my god,” she was speechless. Even though Tessa had been mingling with celebrities for quite a while now, ever since her blog went worldwide, she still wasn’t use to it. „I’m the one who’s supposed to be star-struck here - I mean you just got hired by vogue right?” His voice was friendly and warm. „I’m so sorry I’m not usually this awkward. It’s just… Well I’m a big fan of your work, both the acting and modelling, and I so you strip!” Tessa wasn’t able to stop the words from exiting her mouth and she immediately felt her cheeks heating.  „Don’t worry I get that a lot. But to formally introduce myself, I’m Alex,” Alex Pettyfer said before taking her hand and kissing it. „I’m Tessa,” she just replied and sent him a smile, and then the show started.

Tessa checked her phone several times during the show, and again right after the applause. Still no answer from Harry. She was getting really worried now. Luckily she had gotten lots of great pictures to post on her blog - and damn that clothes had been amazing, she couldn’t wait to get home and write a review. „What a great show,” Alex turned around and smiled at her. She quickly agreed with him and started to talk about some of the trends the designer was using. Both Perrie and Jesy were consumed in a conversation with the person next to Jesy. When Tessa got up and prepared to leaving Alex interrupted her trail of thoughts. „I was wondering if I could possibly get your number?” He asked. „I’m kind of seeing someone - well it’s complicated but still,” she replied not really knowing what to answer. Alex was really nice and she enjoyed his company, but he had nothing on Harry. But still she since Harry hadn’t texted her back she didn’t know if she was allowed to reveal anything about them dating. „That’s cool - I could get it for business purpose then? I think I have a shoot with Vogue coming up anyway so if would be nice to being able to contact you,” He asked tapping his fingers nervously on his chair. She could not bring herself to say no, and she could also use some friends here so she grabbed his phone from his hand and dialed her number so she also would have his. „Great, I’ll call you something then,” he grinned, which made him look even more adorable. „I’ll be looking forward to it,” she replied and left the fashion show with Jesy and Perrie.

When the girls got home they were met by five very concentrated guys. The members of One Direction were sitting around the kitchen table. Niall was jamming on his guitar while Liam was scribbling some lyrics down on a piece of paper. „They’re probably writing a new track, let’s go upstairs so we don’t bother them,” Perrie spoke quietly and both the girls tiptoed past the boys, trying to avoid interrupting them. „Actually can vi take five boys? I need to have a word with Tess,” Harry said. Tessa felt her nerves getting worse but sent him a worried smile before following him into the living room. Harry paced around the room as if something was really bothering him, but he kept quiet. „So,” Tessa dragged out. „What did they say?” „Nothing important, they just said I should have been more careful. But it’s out now - so let’s just stick with the ‘no comment’ answer to the paparazzi,” he answered but still avoided her gaze. There was something he wasn’t telling her. „They didn’t punish you or anything?” Tessa asked trying to reveal the truth. „Nope babe. Don’t worry everything is fine,” Harry finally met Tessa’s gaze and his emerald eyes distracted her from her thoughts instantly. „By the way, there was something I forgot to do this morning,” he continued and stepped closer to her. Harry caringly tucked her platinum blond hair behind her ear before leaning in. His lips were soft and he tasted like mint. His tongue ran over her lips and she opened her mouth further without hesitation. Tessa’s hands ran through his curls and as she pulled it gently he moaned quietly. Harry felt Tessa smile in their kiss and he slowly move his hands down and placed them on her ass. „Harry, are you coming?” One of the guys interrupted their heated makeout session. „Typical,” Harry sighed frustrated and gave Tessa a quick peck on the lips before heading out to the boys.

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