By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


19. 16. Another music room meeting

Chapter 16 - Another music room meeting
„Arg, why is there nothing to watch?” Zayn groaned while flipping through the channels. Him, Tessa and Louis were lying on the couch with pillows and blankets - just chilling, all completely hung over. Harry still hadn’t appeared, which Tessa was relieved about, and the rest of the household had gone out to lunch just to shot up Niall. „Stop, please go one back - they’re showing The Vampire Diaries!” Tessa exclaimed and threw a pillow after Zayn - she hit him right in the head which made him flip her off. Louis burst out laughing. „Just do it Zayn, it’s actually a decent show,” he said quite convincing - at least enough to make Zayn go back.

„Gosh he’s sassy,” Zayn stated halfway through the episode, when Damon was making some sneaky comment towards Stefan regarding a chipmunk. „Hey, he’s clearly not as sassy as me!” Louis pouted. This caused both Zayn and Tessa to laugh. Tessa stopped almost immediately, when she noticed Harry walking down the stairs. Harry awkwardly flung down in the available chair not really knowing how to act around Tessa. „Morning,” he stated. „Good morning to you to my dear friend - but it’s more like noon now,” Louis answered and sent him a wink. Harry just shrugged and focused on the TV screen. The silence filled to room so Tessa reached out for her glass of water, just to do something. „So did everybody enjoy the party last night?” Zayn asked completely oblivious to the situation. This made Tessa spit her water out and Louis was almost not able to breathe because of his hysterical laughing. „What?” Zayn asked and raised his eyebrows in confusion. „I’ll just go and get some more water,” Tessa just replied and hurried out the room - but instead of going to the kitchen she went to the music room.

„Did I say something wrong?” Zayn asked once again when Tessa had left the boys alone. „Well apparently you missed out on the two lovebirds getting together,” Louis answered before Harry had the chanced. „Are you serious? She told you?” Zayn practically yelled before being hushed at by Louis. „She told me what?” Harry asked confused. „That she likes you - god you’re an idiot,” Zayn explained while observing Harry’s facial expression drop. „She likes me?” He asked feeling his entire body warm just at the thought of more nights like last night. „Fuck, she didn’t tell you,” Zayn muttered under his breath. „That’s amazi- well that’s cool,” Harry said and shrugged. He didn’t need the boys to know he cared that much about her. „Well you probably shouldn’t tell her right now,” Louis said butting in on the conversation. „Why?” „You know, because of everything,” Louis stated as if it was obvious. „I don’t know? Could you guys just tell me?” Harry said feeling more and more impatient. „Well the fact that she doesn’t remember about last night is kind of important - you guys should probably talk about that first,” Louis explained. „She doesn’t remember we kissed?” Harry asked and felt his heart sink. She didn’t remember their first kiss. „Of course she does stupid - she doesn’t remember if you guys slept together,” Louis said. „You guys slept together?” Zayn erupted. Zayn felt the need to make sure Tessa wasn’t hurt again, and this already seemed like one big mess. „Fuck no, we didn’t - well we slept together yeah, the important part being slept as in not being conscious,” Harry told them. Zayn let out the breath he had been holding. Now it all made sense to Harry. That was why she had just left him asleep in her bed - and hadn’t returned like he had expected her to. He had to talk to her to make this right again.

Harry gently knocked on the door to the room he already knew Tessa would be in. „Come in”. Her voice sounded so soft and insecure - probably because she knew who was outside the door. „Hey,” he said and drew out the word trying to sound casual. He leaned against the doorframe unsure if he should go in or not. „Hey,” she simply answered and got caught up in his gaze. „Sooo,” Harry said and looked around the room. „You can come in you know,” Tessa then said when he didn’t continue. Harry nodded and quietly closed the door behind him before sitting down next to her at the piano. „We need to talk,” both of them stated at exactly the same time. „You go first,” Tessa then quickly added. „We should probably talk about last night,” Harry said and sent her a nervous smile. Tessa felt her body tense - she was quiet sure Harry was going to tell her, that it had all been one big mistake. She knew he was a ladies man, and now he was ready to go looking for his next one nightstand. She nodded avoiding his gaze. „Louis told me you don’t really remember that much,” Harry said feeling guilty about ratting out Louis, but this was more important he couldn’t let Tessa walk around and believe that he had taken advantage of her drunken state. „Well I remember the two of us, you know outside and us dancing before going upstairs - but after that I’m quite frankly blank,” she said and bit her lower lip. This took away all Harry’s focus. All he could do was imagine her lips against his. „So what exactly happened?” She nervously asked interrupting Harry’s thoughts. He tore his gaze away from her lips and looked into her beautiful blue eyes. „Well we went upstairs and, ehm, continued what we were doing. But then we stopped before anything got too heated, and we just feel asleep,” he explained and observed the way her entire body seemed to relax at his words. She felt so relieved. Not because she didn’t want it to happen with Harry, but she wanted to be able to remember and she was still kind of scared to let him all in. Harry took the relief clearly evident on her face the wrong way. He thought she was relieved because she thought yesterday had been a huge mistake. „Okay, that’s good I guess - I’m glad we didn’t jump into anything. Besides I would have wanted to remember that,” Tessa said before she could stop the words from coming out of her mouth. This made Harry hope again. „So that you would Tess?” Harry asked wiggling his eyebrows at her. This just made her blush and she did the only thing she could think of, she swatted his arm. „Oh no you didn’t!” Harry faked being hurt. „Oh yes I did,” Tessa replied while snapping her fingers in the air. „You are so going to regret that,” Harry said and got up. Tessa could see the plan forming in his head. „No please Harry, don’t do it,” she was already laughing before he started tickling her. „Stop stop stop,” she giggled trying to wiggle out of his grip. „Say Harry Styles is amazingly hot and wonderful,” Harry replied and held her even closer. „No!” She yelled but she soon gave in. „Fine - Harry Styles is amazingly hot and wonderful,” she said almost so fast you couldn’t catch the words. Harry loosened his grip on her, but he was still tickling her. „I didn’t really catch that - would you please repeat it babe?” He said and sent her his signature smirk. „Harry Styles is amazingly hot and wonderful,” She stated and felt her cheeks blush. „He is, isn’t he?” Harry winked at her. „Smooth Hazza really smooth!” Tessa rolled her eyes at him but she couldn’t stop the huge grin on her face.

About an hour later Tessa and Harry were both lying on the floor in the music room. „How come we always end up in here?” Tessa questioned. „You do, I just always follow you,” Harry corrected her - he would follow her anywhere. He turned around to face her. „Do you regret what happened last night?” He asked her the anxiety evident in his voice. „What do you mean?” She said hoping to buy herself some time; she had no idea what to tell him. Harry just sent her a look saying you-know-exactly-what-I-mean. „You’ve become one of my closest friends Harry, and I really appreciate you. I guess I was kind of scared of how it would affect our friendship - but clearly we’re still all good,” she shrugged not wanting to admit that in reality she wanted even more. Hearing Zayn admit that Tessa liked him made Harry braver than usual. „In general we’re just quite good together, don’t you think?” He asked and started stroking her bare arm. Her goosebumps were evident immediately, and he loved the fact that her body immediately reacted to him. He slowly leaned towards her closing the gap between them. „Harry,” she whimpered wanting to know what he was doing, but he just shushed her. When Tessa could feel his hot breath on her skin she opened her eyes again. Harry had stopped moving a few inches before reaching her lips. „I promise you Tess, I will never pressure you into doing anything you don’t want to. I won’t hurt you - I’m not like him. I care about you”. His voice seemed soft and calming to her. „I know you won’t - I just feel so confused right know,” she admitted still not pulling away from him. „It’s up to you Tess, but just please give me a chance. I promise I will treat you right,” he continued. Tessa's thoughts were everywhere but she could not make sense of anything at all so eventually she stopped thinking and followed her guts - which led her to exactly where she wanted to be, with Harry. She surprised him by crashing her lips into his.

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