By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


13. 11. The argument

Chapter 11 - The argument

Tessa woke up because of some noise when it was still dark. She checked her clock on her phone - it was 4.42 am. She then noticed the text from Zayn and smiled at the thought of him and Perrie getting engaged, she couldn’t have imagined out a better couple. She knew it was essential to keep it a secret, and luckily Tessa had no problem at all with keeping those. Tessa didn’t answer the text, since she figured Perrie and Zayn were both sleeping in his room right now - she didn’t want to risk anything. But where was Harry? She was sure he had been her, when she had fallen asleep to the movie last night. It had been one of the best nights and she couldn’t deny the feelings she felt towards him anymore. He had been so nice and gentle with her, and every time he had stroked her arm her heart had fluttered. Tessa heard the noise again which made her anxious. She slowly got up and tiptoed to the door, when she heard a big bang. She hurried towards kitchen - where the sound came from and couldn’t contain her laughter when she saw Harry laying on the floor. Both Louis and Zayn had apparently been awakened by the noise, so they suddenly stood in the doorway looking confused - but soon after they join in on laughing.

Harry had tripped over a chair and he felt the anger build up inside him for the hundredth time tonight. He had gone to the bar to find a distracting, preferable a little dark-haired one, but every time he saw a good-looking girl he just couldn’t do it. All he could think about was Tessa, and the way she had hurt him. It hadn’t stopped him from getting drunk though - or driven home, but now here he was, on the floor while his friends and the girl he really liked were laughing at his emotional mess. He slowly got up from the floor. „What the hell are you guys laughing at?” He asked sounding furious. „Well, you were kind of lying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night mate,” Zayn explained. „Don’t you mate me fucking prick,” Harry spat. „Wow Harry, chill down,” Tessa said still giggling. „Don’t you dare talk to me right now, my god you are such a bitch,” he kept on going. „Are you drinking again?” Louis asked sounding slightly annoyed. „Bitch? Are you kidding me right now Harry?” Tessa was offended. „I’m bloody serious. I don’t like you at all, I and have no idea how anybody in this house can stand you, since you are such a fake person”. Zayn took a few steps closer and raised his hands slowly. „Harry it’s just the alcohol talking, we know you guys are friends - everything is okay. You should probably just go sleep it off, then we can talk about this in the morning,” Zayn said softly, even though he felt the anger build up inside. „Of course you take her side, I can’t believe you!” Harry said stumbling. „What is wrong with you? Why are you acting like this?” Tessa asked. „Because you’re such a slut!” He yelled. Tessa couldn’t stop it and before she even noticed - her hand was connected with his face. The slap echoed throughout the kitchen. Both Louis and Zayn were yelling at Harry by now, and he didn’t really listen to anything they said. He knew he had been harsh with Tessa, but he couldn’t help himself. She had really hurt him, and he had to make sure it would never happen again. „Fuck you Harry Styles,” she whispered loud enough for them to hear and hastily went to her room, where she led the tears fall.

The next couple of days were a blur for both Harry and Tessa. Harry because he tried to catch up on drinking all the alcohol he hadn’t consumed, since Tessa had told him how much it had frightened her when Mike was drunk and became violent with her. Now he didn’t care about her opinion anymore, at least he tried telling himself. Deep down he knew this was a lie, he still cared - but he tried to forget about his feelings so he filled his body with toxic which made him numb. Tessa succeeded in avoiding him by diving into her work. She felt like a part of her was missing without him, and she really didn’t understand what had happened between them. One second they were cuddling while watching a movie, and then when she woke up he was drunk and furious. The other boys had no idea what was going on with any of them.

Tessa sat cross-legged on the sofa with her ​​computer on her lap while typing, when she felt someone sitting down beside her. „Are you okay?” Zayn asked worried. He knew Perrie had already tried talking with Tessa, but apparently she wasn’t much for sharing when regarding Harry. Tessa just shrugged but kept focusing on her computer. What was she supposed to say? No, the guy I was ready to start something with just called me a slut - and now I didn’t only loose him but the part of him, that was my best friend as well. „What happened with the two of you? I was sure it was going to be okay, when you told him,” Zayn said mostly to himself. „Told him what?” Tessa looked confused. „Isn’t he acting like this because you told him about your feelings for him?” Zayn asked puzzled. „No, I never told him anything. I wanted to wait till I was sure, and when I finally was - he was already calling me a bitch and a slut,” she said feeling the tears appear in her eyes. „I’m so sorry Tessa, I really don’t understand it then,” Zayn said and embraced her in a hug, when he noticed her tears. Just then a sober but mad Harry entered the room. „Of course,” he spat as he took in his view. „I should probably leave you two to talk,” Zayn said and got up. Harry was also on his way out, since he clearly didn’t feel like talking to Tessa.

„What the fuck is wrong with you Harry?” Tessa asked determined to find out, what was going on. This made Harry stop and turn around. „With me?” „Yes with you, do you enjoy toying with people’s emotions? Is that why you are doing this to me?” Tessa asked and felt the tears running down her checks. This made Harry’s heart break just a little more. „You are then one who is toying with my emotions, not the other way around,” he stated pretending to be unaffected by her tears. „What are you talking about? You don’t make any sense? Was I the only one present the other night, when we were laying here on this exact couch together?” Tessa was yelling now. „No I was here - but apparently you had another guy on your mind the entire night. How does it feel to spend the day with one guy and the night with another? Does it make you feel desirable?” Harry spat furiously. „What are you talking about? I spend the day with Louis and Zayn, my friends,” she put pressure on the word friends. „Friends right, I know you are fucking Zayn behinds Perrie’s back. What a friend you are!” Tessa was just standing there speechless. „Oh you didn’t think I knew? Well I do, so stop playing around with everybody’s emotions,” Harry kept talking and he felt how his fists clenched. „You’re mad because you think I slept with Zayn?” Tessa asked not understanding anything. „Don’t lie to me, I know you did!” Harry said and then he couldn’t control his anger anymore - he hit the wall, leaving a large hole. This automatically made Tessa take a step back. She gasped for air while trying to not scream at him for being this violent and believing something so stupid.

„How could you ever think so low of me?” She asked and dropped her hands by her side, suddenly feeling exhausted. „I read the text he sent you”. „What text?” Tessa asked but then she remembered Zayn’s text - where he was thanking her for helping with picking out an engagement ring for Perrie. „You know what text. He even wrote you not to tell anyone - how can you live with yourself?” Harry asked looking her directly in the eyes. „You went through my phone?” Tessa asked now feeling enraged. Who the hell did he think he was? Not that she had anything to hide but her phone belonged to her, the end. It was filled with private stuff, and nobody should just go through it without at least asking her. Harry started laughing now, he didn’t find the least bit funny and his laugh sounded hollow. „You’re angry because I read your text - when you were cheating on me?” „First of all - you and I were never together,” Tessa pointed out which made Harry feel like he was just stabbed in the heart. „Secondly I have never ever slept with Zayn - not that it is any of your business, but that is not what the text is about”. „What? I don’t believe you,” Harry lied; he could tell Tessa was being truthful. „Well then that’s just too bad,” Tessa said and turned around to leave. „Wait, just prove it to me” Harry said almost begging - he needed some sort of evidence to believe her words, he didn’t trust people easily - she had been an exception. „I don’t owe you anything, besides I made a promise and I’m going to keep it - so if you want to know you should ask Zayn. He will probably not be too happy when you tell him you thought he was cheating on his girlfriend. You should just go back to drinking and sleeping around - this… us… It wouldn’t  have worked anyway,” She said feeling defeated and left him speechless. 

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