By Chance

*COMPLETE* (Sequel called We Meet Again)

Tessa was going to London to visit her dearest friend Perrie Edwards. What she didn’t know was that she would be staying with all of the boys from One Direction. While running from her past her road is filled with wrong turns and enjoyable experiences. But what happens when she falls in love? And will she be able to believe in love again and overcome the obstacles that appear when you are dating one of the boys from the world’s biggest boyband?

All copyrights belong to me, the author.


12. 10. A huge misunderstanding

Chapter 10 - A huge misunderstanding

When are you coming back Tess? I’m so boooored x Tessa immediately felt a smile spread on her lips, as she read the text message she just received from Harry. She quickly typed him back. We’re on our way - just sitting in the cab with Zayn. How did the interview go? And why don’t you just chill with Niall and Liam? x It didn’t take more than a minute before she received his reply. It went fine… The interviewer just kept asking me about the two of us, even though I kept denying everything - I’m sorry I brought you into all of this. Liam and Niall are gaming Fifa - just hurry back love. „What are you smiling like an idiot at?” Zayn said and observing her facial expression. „Nothing,” Tessa answered a bit too fast and locked her phone before putting it back in her pocket. „I’m not oblivious you know. What is he texting?” Zayn asked knowingly. Tessa felt her cheeks redden. „He just telling us to hurry back - apparently he is bored”. Zayn just sat there quietly for a minute before speaking up again. „What exactly is going on between the two of you?” He asked, trying to distract himself from his nervousness concerning his proposal to Perrie. „Nothing is going on. He’s a nice lad and I just… I really feel like I can trust him,” Tessa answered while Zayn was observing her. „I think I might be starting to like him,” she admitted truthfully. „I just don’t want to see any of you getting hurt. None of you deserve that, so just be careful okay? If you really like him then you should tell him - but don’t tell him anything till you’re sure. I’m not sure he would be able to handle another heartbreak,” he explained. „But it wouldn’t be another heartbreak for him Zayn. I’m sure he just views me as a friend,” Tessa replied.  „He cares about you Tessa - that I know for sure”. Tessa gave him a simple nod. She was pretty convinced that she was already friendzoned.

„You’re finally here!” Harry screamed before jumping Tessa as she entered the living room. They both tumbled to the floor, where they lay entangled in each other. „Hazza you're kind of crushing me,” Tessa exclaimedwaiting for Harry to get off her. He apologized and reached out for her hand before helping her up. As they stood there, still hand in hand, everything felt right. Harry softly caressed her cheek. „It’s good to have you back Tess,” he whispered. „Don’t worry, I was never really gone,” Tessa answered and sent him a small smile. A cough ended their moment and they both turned their attention towards Niall and Liam, who was sitting on the couch with their Fifa game on pause. Harry let go of her hand and awkwardly sketched the back of his neck, and Tessa was sure she was blushing. „Soooo,” Liam said looking puzzled as waiting for either Tessa or Harry to say something. „What is the plan for tonight?” Zayn interrupted as he entered the room and popped down on the couch, completely unaware of the situation he found himself in the middle of.  „We are defiantly going out to eat right now, I’m so hungry!” Niall replied immediately distracted. „Let’s go then,” Zayn replied already standing up. „You guys should go, I’ll probably just stay in - I’m not really up for it tonight;” Tessa said. This caught Harry’s attention. „Ed might stop by, so I’ll just stay here with Tessa and wait for him,” he explained even though he knew Ed would be chilling with his ex-girlfriend Taylor. Ed and Taylor were good friends and of course Harry accepted that - it wasn’t his place to determine who Ed could be friends with.

„So when is Ed coming over? I really can’t believe I’m actually going to meet Ed Sheeran,” Tessa asked while focusing on chopping the vegetables. Her and Harry was cooking dinner together, since the boys had already left. „He’s not coming actually; he’s hanging with Taylor tonight - but if you’d like to meet him, I can defiantly arrange that sometime. Besides I’d prefer staying in with you. If you don’t have anything planned we could do a movie night,” he proposed. This made Tessa smile. „I’d love that”. Harry returned her smile. When he spent time with Tessa he felt genuine happy - a happiness he didn’t even recall feeling with Taylor, who he now knew only had dated him for the attention. Harry knew Tessa might not feel the same. He remembered her telling him one night, how she wasn’t sure she would ever be able to love again. But Harry felt a clear connection between the two of them, and Tessa had to feel it as well - that was why Harry decided that tonight was the night. The night Harry Styles would invite the girl he liked on a real date. Hopefully she would say yes.

After dinner, which had been absolutely delicious, they decided to watch The Dark Knight. „It is so sad - he was one of the most amazing actors ever. I mean just look at him - he really freaks me out,” Tessa said and gestured towards the screen where Heath Ledger staring as the Joker was jumping around looking insane.  Harry wasn’t really focusing on the movie. He had seen it thousands of times so instead he was watching Tessa. As the character Harvey Dent’s face caught on fire Tessa scooted closer to Harry, and when she saw the burnt flesh she immediately hid her face in the crook of Harry’s neck. She was clearly disgusted by this and Harry found it quite amusing that she was seeking comfort by him. He was still unsure if it even meant anything since he was the only one there. This doubt disappeared when Tessa looked up at him. „Sorry about that, it was just way too creepy for me,” she explained and hesitated before starting to pull away. Harry didn’t want her to so he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pull her back to him. „It’s okay Tess,” he simply said and turned his attention back towards the film. After a minute or so he felt Tessa relaxed and finally lean into Harry. They both felt so right in each other’s arms.

„I really can’t believe she just dies,” Tessa exclaimed as the bomb went off. Her hand had subconsciously wandered to Harry’s chest where her fingers now where drawing circles, which gave Harry goosebumps. He just happily smiled down at her and kissed her forehead lightly, this made her cuddled even closer to him. Harry grabbed her other hand and intervened their fingers. He had just gathered enough courage to ask her out, when he noticed her heavy breathing. „Tess?” He asked while gently playing with her fingers. „Mhh,” she answered sounding half-asleep. He didn’t want to ask her while she wasn’t completely awake, so he just kissed each of her fingers before whispering goodnight. He couldn’t bear to move her since she looked so peaceful, besides Harry didn’t feel tired yet so he stayed at the couch with her watching the rest of the movie. Just before the subtitles rolled onto the screen he heard a beep. He reached for the phone, which he at first had thought was his own, but when he saw the beginning of the text, before unlocking the phone, he felt his heart rate drop. He debated whether or not he should open the text message Tessa had just receive, and since he feared the contents of it he quickly scrolled across the screen. Thank you so much for today Tessa. I wouldn’t have known what to do without you - Luckily Louis had to leave ;-) He wouldn’t be able to keep his mouth shot if he knew what was going on - none of the buys would. But most importantly Perrie can’t know anything, but I know you and you would never tell her. We just really have to keep this from the paparazzi, they could ruin everything… We’ll be back late, I might come to your room at some point to plan the details further. And remember what we talked about it the cab - I really don’t want to see Harry get hurt.

Harry felt the anger fill his entire body. The text message was from Zayn. Zayn? Tessa and Zayn? The thoughts about the two of them together made Harry go all numb. By chance he had found an amazing girl he not only viewed as a friend but also as a possible love interest - and now one of his friends was sleeping with her behind Harry’s back. Behind Perrie’s back as well Harry realized. How could Zayn do this to him and Perrie? This could break up not only the band but  more important their friendship as well. Harry knew he wasn’t being fair - Zayn didn’t know about his feelings for Tessa, or did he? He had indeed mentioned them in the text. And how could Tessa do this to Perrie, her best friend? Harry had completely misjudged her - she was such a fake bitch. Harry got off the couch leaving Tessa asleep. He found his car-keys and slammed the door behind him when he left, headed towards the closets bar.

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