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Twin 19 year old sisters Ellie and Samantha, got a chance of i lifetime. They won the X Factor and got signed by Simon Cowell. On their first day in Syco Records they got to meet other stars, but Simon choose the one and only One Direction to introduce them to the people they will ve working with and show the around their new home town. Will two small town girls find love and happyness in London? Or will they crash and fail in becoming the next big thing? Only time will tell.


3. Around we go!

After he let us go there was a knock on the door. "Come in." Simon said with a grin. The door opened and walked in...

Ellie's P.O.V.

Into the office walked in nine biggest inspirations for us. Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Perrie Edwards, Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson and Leigh-Anne Pinnock. Zayn And Perrie were holding hands, they we're a cute couple, the other boys were goofing around and the girls were laughing at them. "Hey guys!" Simon greeted them enthusiastically. "Uncle Simon!" Louis jumped off of Harry's back and wrapped Simon in a big bear hug. The other just waved. When Louis joined the others Simon spoke again "I'd like for you to meet The Flower Girls, Ellie and Sam." We waved a bit smiled shyly. "They will be your next door neighbors." Simon announced and they came to us first was Louis. "Hey, I'm Louis. As you may know." He giggled a bit. "I'm Ellie." I smile happily and stretched out my hand for a shake. "We don't shake, love," I raised an eyebrow "we hug." He finished and pulled me into a friendly hug and then the same with Sam. Next was Perrie. She also introduced her self and gave a hug we said our names and with every single one of the other it was the same, names and hugs.

After the meet and greet they asked us the basics age, how was the x factor and etc. easy questions. "How did you two meet?" asked Harry. Me and Sam started giggling "We were born together, we're non-identical twins." Sam answer and Harry started looking for similarities. We didn't have much expect for being the exact same body built, same eyes, lips and nose, other than that we were were different. "Yeah, I know we look nothing alike." I stated and turned to Sam. "Well you have the same body, eyes, lips and nose." Smiled Jade and put her hand around my shoulders it felt like she accepted us as friends. "So." Simon caught our attention "I thought you guys might show them around town and were their place is and stuff." He asked/stated and Niall was first to state "Only if we get lunch." and right at the end of that sentence my stomach grumbled. "Guess i'm not the only one hungry, since Niall was on the other side of me I was sitting between Jade, Niall nudged me friendly and then put his hand on my shoulder, it felt nice and some how right as if his hand belonged there. We all stood up waved goodbye to Simon and left. Harry and Niall drove in Harry's Range Rover Sport, so me, Sam, Niall, Jade And Harry were in his car, Zayn With Perrie and Jesy were in Zayn's Bentley Continental GT and lastly Louis, Liam And Leigh-Anne were in Louis' Range Rover and we all drove of to have lunch at "Nandos". When we arrived at the restaurant they took us to a table were we wouldn't be seen and brought us the menus. A was sitting between Niall and Leigh-Anne. Niall knew Nandos best so he ordered for everyone except for drink but most got Colas or Sprites. After they went with the order we got to talking.

At first they were joking around, but then they wanted to know more about me and Sam, so they asked some question like when is our birthday, were we sad to leave our home town, where we studied. "What would you be doing if not for X Factor?" Zayn asked and took a sip of his drink. "Probably we would be looking for a job to put ourselfs through college." I smiled a bit sadly knowing that we left our old high school friend back in St Davids. "Where are your parents?" Liam looked at us a bit more seriously. "Dead." Sam said without emotion. "Oh, my god, i'm so..." I cut Liam off mid sentence "Don't be sorry, it wasn't your fault, you didn't kill and you asked a normal question, it's fine." I smiled genuinely and Leigh-Anne hugged me. "Oh, Hun... Well... Now we will be your family. All of us." They agreed in chorus and we laughed a bit. "I think we're cool with that." Sam smiled and look at me happily. 

We talked about ten more minutes and the our food came. We ate and goofed of a bit, after lunch they showed us around town. The shops, best places to eat, more quiet places from the fans and stuff like that it was almost 8 pm when we got to the apartment complex. Our bags were already there the penthouse looked amazing and obviously had a girls touch at was a mix of white, navy blue and red colors and looked really awesome. "Let me guess, you helped?" I giggled i bit. They just smiled and Jesy came closer saying "Hope, you like it, the boys helped too, a lot." She hugged us and showed us around. Except for our bedrooms she said it will be a surprise. We got back downstairs and the boys we're playing video games and watching t.v. The girls were sitting near by chatting. "Hey, is the fridge full?" I asked nonchalantly. "Yep." Niall smiled happily popping the 'p'. "Then I'm cooking diner for us." They cheered and asked if I needed hel and said that Harry and Niall were the best cooks, so i asked help from Sam, Harry and Niall. I told Sam and she knew the recipe so she went to Harry saying what needs to be done and the started chopping the veggies that were needed. "Is anyone vegetarian?" The all said no so it was easier 'cause we would only have to make one big pot. We were making beef stew with salad on the side. I went to do what needed with Niall.

Niall's P.O.V.

Ever since I saw Ellie for the first time she mesmerized me. She kind of looks like snow white with her dark hair and really fair skin and it's kinda awesome. When she came to cook with me, and not Harry, I don't know why, I just felt happy about it. She told me we were cooking beef stew. She showed me how to chop the potatoes and carrots while she was cutting beef. Harry and Sam were making the salad and I heard the giggling, I kinda hoped that Harry would date her or something 'cause i could see from his eyes he liked her. "Hey, what happened to your parents? If you don't mind me asking." I kept chopping the vegetables. She smiled "I don't mind, Sam's a bit more sensitive about our parents. Our dad was shot when we were nine, we lived in a good neighborhood, but some chick broke up with her boyfriend and he was a bit mental, he killed the girl, her parents and when he was running out of the house my dad saw him, he was walking home from work, so the guy shot him so no one would be able to identify him. We started singing because of him, he use to sing whenever he could it was his dream, but he never pursued it. My mom. Well... That is a bit different story. She overdosed on heroin. She started using it two months after my dad's funeral as 'a way to cope'.  The first two months nothing changed after those everything went downhill, that is why we lived in a one room rundown flat. We didn't have any stuff because our mom sold it all for money when she lost her job and she needed to get high. So all through high school I worked my but off to pay for school, rent, food and stuff, because all my mom did was basically lie on the couch all day, I was surprised she lived through 6 years liked that." A lone tear slid down her check and I wrapped her in famous Niall Horan hug, she settled down. "See i Horan hug fixes everything." I smiled at her. She giggled and pulled away to get back to cooking. "It really does. Thanks." She said and kissed my cheek. I must have blushed 'cause she giggled again. I loved that sound. After we finished chopping and cutting she put everything in a pot and turned on the stove.

Harry's P.O.V.

Sam was really funny and it was easy to talk to her. She's the first girl i actually like since forever. I heard Niall and Ellie giggling, if Ellie is anything like Sam then Niall needs a girl like that. Just like me. Somehow I can imagine myself walking down the beach hand in hand with Sam. I've never felt about anyone like that. She looked at me and asked "Would you ever imagine yourself back at the bakery?" she was smiling so I knew she was comfortable around me. "Honestly, no. I think I would somehow ended up at X Factor and my lads." I answered honestly and smiled her. She nodded and continued chopping the lettuce in her hands. We finished with the salad after fifteen minutes and went to the living room. The food would be cooking for an hour and a half so until then there was nothing to do. So I sat down on the arm of the couch next to Sam who smiled at me.

Sam's P.O.V. 

I really liked Harry, somehow it felt like he liked me too. We sat next to each other he was on the arm on the couch and I was on the couch next to Zayn. I was a bit tired so I leaned my head on Harry he look down and smiled "A bit tired?" he asked and put his arm around me I smiled "Just a smidge." he giggled and kept his arm around me. "Let's play truth or dare" Louis announced and moved our coffee table so we all could sit on the living room rug. We sat around in a circle. "Who is gonna start?" I asked holding back a yawn. "I will!" Louis said with a sheepish grin "So... Liam, truth or dare?" Louis asked and clapped his hands. "Hmm. Knowing you. Truth." Liam smiled victoriously at a pout on Louis' face."If you could date Harry, Niall, Zayn or me who would you date?" Louis asked and smiled. "Hmm... That's a thoughy... I think I would date Louis 'cause he makes me laugh the most." Liam answered and look at Louis and started laughing so we all turned to Louis who was making a goofy kissing face at Liam and 'call me' sign with his hands. "Okay, my turn to ask." All faces turned to Liam. "Ellie, truth or dare?". Ellie didn't hesitate and said "Dare." Giggling a bit. "Kiss Niall or Harry, your choice. 'Cause Zayn, Louis and me are taken." Ellie turned to Niall who was next to her and kissed him for 5 seconds, I was relieved she kissed Niall and saw she liked it, when Ellie and Niall pulled away they smiled at each other and then turned back to the circle. She turned and smiled at me knowing what i was thinking. Everyone were just smiling at them, they had chemistry it was obvious. Ellie spoke and turned to Leigh-Anne "Truth or dare, Leigh-Anne?" she smiled. "Truth." Ellie already knew the question in her head. "First thing that came to mind when they called you back on stage at boot camp?" Leigh-Anne smiled brightly "I was thinking 'now they're going to make fun and tell to never audition again' " She giggle at the thought and added "but some i wouldn't change happened." and the other girls 'aw'ed. "Sam. Truth or dare?" She smiled at me. "Truth" I was a bit more shy than Ellie. "Who from this room would you date, except for the taken ones. That leaves Niall and Harry." She grinned. "Hmm... Harry..." I muttered and blushed like crazy, he put an arm around me and pulled me into him. He leaned in with his head and wisperred in my ear "I would choose you too." His hand laid on my waist not moving, leaving butterflies in my stomach. 



So guys hope you like it


Joelle <3

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