The Lost Love Of Jason McCann

Amelia Price is an ordinary girl, who lives in a small town with normal people and normal problems.
But one day she got kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, who knows more about her than she does. He makes her question everything.
But what will he tell her?
And what if she starts to have feelings for him? Will they even have got a chance together?


2. The Beginning

The Beginning

As I woke up all I could see was the darkness around me. I turned on the lights and stood up. I was still so tired because yesterday was a pretty looong day.

My boyfriend Zack and I went out for a dinner to celebrate our relationship, which was yesterday exact one year. One perfect year with him. He actually was everything I ever dreamed of. He was able to put a smile on my face when no one else was able to. And that was everything I ever wanted in life.

I pulled myself out of the bed and got dressed for school. Today is going to be long day but at least I'm going to see Zack often because we have so many classes together today. I really love that. So maybe this day won't be that bad.

I went downstairs to the kitchen, where my mum was already making pancakes for breakfast. Oh my gosh I loved the pancakes she made. They are the BEST.

I gave her a kiss on her cheek and waited for the pancakes to get ready.

While I was waiting I started checking my phone for new messages.

There was just one text from Zack:

Hi beauty xx I'm going to pick you up at 7.00am for school. Be ready<3 love ya xoxox

So I texted him back:

Hey<3 sure I'll be ready ;) xx as always xoxo

We both now I'm joking around because I was never punctual.

So this was the reason why he texted this back:

Haha sure beauty ;D xx<3

I started laughing when I read this. I locked my mobile and put it into my pocket.

Just in time the pancakes were ready and I couldn't wait to eat them. My mum put me a plate with the pancakes in front of me and I started eating.

,,So hun... I really have to go to work now. I'm so sorry for not spending so much time with you at the moment."

She actually looked really sorry for not being around me. But it wasn't that bad at all. I mean at least I had some time for me and I really needed that.

,,Don't mind, Mum. Everything is alright. Just please don't feel guilty. If anything botheres me you know I'd talk to you. Promise!''

The worries seemed to gone from her face and she huged me.

,,Please send Zack best regards from me."

,,I will, Mum. Bye." She kissed me on the cheek and than she went out.

Now I was sitting there alone, eating my pancakes and playing with my phone.

As I was finished with eating I went upstairs to put on some makeup and mascara. After that I went downstairs again to wait for Zack picking me up.

After a while a heard a car and I opened the door to check if it was Zack and it really was Zack.

So I swung my bag over my shoulder and went the way to him. He was sitting there with his sunglasses on and watching me making my way towards him.

I totally loved his black Audi. It's a really pretty car. Even if I'm not really interested in cars I had to admit it.

As I sat down Zack leaned forward to give me a kiss. I loved to kiss him because he always kissed so soft like I could break if he wouldn't kiss me this way. He was always there for me and he had always an open ear for my problems. He was just the perfect boyfriend.

We made our way to school and he hold my hand the entire time.


You really need to know this before I continue my story. Zack was really popular at my school this time and I... Well I was normal. I wasn't a nerd but I also wasn't popular. I was just normal. I was no girl, who attracts the attention when she just enter the room. So... Many girls were so jealous because I was in a realtionship with Zack, who literally every girl wanted to be. They all wanted to be me and because of that I had a few fights with girls. Most of them didn't like me for being with Zack. But I pretended to no care what other people say. Well at least I acted like this. But deep down inside it was too much for me. I don't want people to hate me because of that and I knew I couldn't do anything to stop that. Of course leaving Zack was no oportunity. I loved him way too much.

We leaved his car and went, still holding hands, into the school. Our first leason was English, which we both had together with some of our friends. So we went to the classroom and waited in front of the door for our friends.

After a few minutes they came and we all went into class. We sat down and started talking about how our weekend was and about some other stuff.

This English lesson was really boring and because of that we were all happy when the lesson was finally over. With that we all went out of class and started our way to our usual meeting point.

Before I continue I have to tell you at least a bit about my friends because it's really important for the rest of the story. We were a group of six people. Zac, my boyfriend as you all already know, Ashley, Jake, David and Henry. Ash (I always call Ashley Ash) is my best friend. She is a really pretty girl. Long blond curled hair and always dressed like she was ready for a runway. But she is really down to earth and NEVER acts like a barbie doll, which you would expect if you see her for the first time. Jake and Henry are the best friends of Zac and David is my best friend. It's kind of weird if you hear this for the first time but we are a really cool clique and everyone likes everyone. All of them are total cool and really down to earth.

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