The Lost Love Of Jason McCann

Amelia Price is an ordinary girl, who lives in a small town with normal people and normal problems.
But one day she got kidnapped by a mysterious stranger, who knows more about her than she does. He makes her question everything.
But what will he tell her?
And what if she starts to have feelings for him? Will they even have got a chance together?


1. Amelia Price

Amelia Price

Hello lovelys xx :)

My name is Amelia Price and I'm sixteen years old and I wanna tell you my story of my life. In some cases you'll maybe not understand how I acted and why I was feeling like this. But if you'll read my hole story it'll all fit in.

I was a normal girl with normal problems. At least I still just to be "normal". But I'm not.

A guy came into my life and changed everything. He made me question my life.

But I don't wanna tell you too much now. This is just the beginning of a long story. You'll see. Everything happens for a reason and nothing is always as it seems.

At least I wanna give you one last advice before you start reading my story: Expect the unexpected and believe in the right people.

I hope you'll enjoy my story :)



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