Hey, I'm Alice. Me and four of my friends, Sydney, Chelsey, Nichole, and Belle, went to a One Direction concert. (We're kinda obsessed...) We were jumping around to their songs until the concert ended. We were about to leave, but Chelsey had to use the bathroom. We went around, looking for a bathroom, when five people in ski masks came up to us. They grabbed us and covered our mouths and noses with rags so we couldn't breath. I held my breath for as long as I could, but I knew I had to breath sometime. I finally gave in and tried to take a breath, but after a few seconds, all I seem was darkness.....

Hi. Like I said, I'm Alice, and me and my friends went to a One Direction concert. Five people kidnapped us. But we found out that we were obsessed with our kidnappers. Or, used to be. Why do they want us? And what will they do?


6. 5. Dinner and Movies

Alice's POV

"Hey girls." I said to the others after the boys walked out. They were all in they're own conversation, but then they turned they're heads to me. "When do you think we'll be out of here?" I asked then. They all their shoulders. "Y'know, I'm scared. I act like I'm not. I don't wanna seem like a weakling, or having them take advantage of that. You know?" I said. "Yeah, I feel the same way. I feel like they will do something, I don't know what, but something." Belle said. "Yeah. Well, let's go downstairs, then. The boys might have made something to eat. I'm starving." Sydney said. We all agreed and went down stairs. We walked around since we forgot where the kitchen was until we found it. We walked.inside the kitchen and seen the boys sitting at the counter. They all had spaghetti, and Niall's plate was HUGE. Well, I guess you could expect that. "Hi." Harry said. I waved a small wave, and sat at the giant table. "As.t something to eat?" Liam asked us. "Sure...." Sydney said. Liam pointed to a big bowl on the counter. "There's the spaghetti, and there is Pepsi in the fridge." He said. We all walked to the counter and got plates, and put spaghetti on them, them got the Pepsi from the fridge. We all sat down at the table. I was beside Harry and Belle. Out of people, I HAD to sit by Harry. I picked up my fork and started spaghetti, and there was awkward silence. Well, I wasn't gonna speak up. But of course, Louis did. He speaks a lot. He talks so much. Like non-stop. "So what do you guys wanna do after this?" He asked loudly. "Ooh, let's watch some movies!" Niall suggested. All of the boys agreed, while us girls stayed quiet. "Wanna watch movies with us?" I heard a voice in my ear that sent chills down my spine. I turned around and seen Harry looking at me. "I dunno I'll ask the girls..." I said and turned to them. "Hey girls, wanna watch movies?" I asked them. "Sure." They all said. The boys got up, and we followed them out to the living room. "What movie, guys?" Zayn asked. "Ooh, let's watch Transformers!" Louis yelled. "Yeah!!" Niall said. Zayn on the movie and we started to watch it, and in the middle of the movie I felt my eyes drooping into sleep.



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