Hey, I'm Alice. Me and four of my friends, Sydney, Chelsey, Nichole, and Belle, went to a One Direction concert. (We're kinda obsessed...) We were jumping around to their songs until the concert ended. We were about to leave, but Chelsey had to use the bathroom. We went around, looking for a bathroom, when five people in ski masks came up to us. They grabbed us and covered our mouths and noses with rags so we couldn't breath. I held my breath for as long as I could, but I knew I had to breath sometime. I finally gave in and tried to take a breath, but after a few seconds, all I seem was darkness.....

Hi. Like I said, I'm Alice, and me and my friends went to a One Direction concert. Five people kidnapped us. But we found out that we were obsessed with our kidnappers. Or, used to be. Why do they want us? And what will they do?


5. 4. Shopping

Alice's POV

"Ooh lets go to this shop!" Belle pointed out. She grabbed me and Sydney's arms, and we grabbed Chelsey and Nichole's, with the boys following. We all went all went our separate ways, with each of the boys following us so we wouldn't run away. I was looking at a cute dress. It was   strapless, black, and had little beads on the top part of it. Then Harry had spoke from behind me. "You wanna try that on?" He asked. "Man, you scared me! Yeah, I'll go in the dressing room." I said. I walked into the dressing room and tried it on. Yay! It fit perfectly. "How's it going in there?" I heard  Harry yell. I then walked out. "How does it look?" I asked. "Oh my god that looks awesome!" He said. "Thanks!" I said back. I went in and changed back into my normal clothes. I walked out and Harry grabbed the dress from me, taking it to the counter. There was a teenage girl there, and when he walked up her eyes widened. "H-hello, h-how may I h-help you?" She stuttered out. "Hi, I would like to buy this dress." He said. She checked it out and put it in a dress bag. "H-here. Thanks f-for coming-g." She said, her eyes still wide. He smiled and waved. Then we walked around and out of the store. The boys and girls were already out there waiting for us. "Hey girls! I got this really cute dress!" I said to all of them. We were all chatting about clothes we got and saw when Zayn interrupted up. "Hey girls, we gotta go!" He said. We stopped talking and turned back to them, then followed them out of the mall to the car. There were a lot of paps following us and taking pictures, which was making me quite uncomfortable. I was happy when we got in the car. 

*skip car ride*

We finally made it home and got out of the car. The girls and I all went up stairs to show each other our clothes. We all got out our clothes, when Nichole screamed. "OMG I LOVE YOUR DRESS!" She yelled at me. "I KNOW!" I yelled back all the girls looked at it and started screaming. Then all the boys rushed in our room. Liam had a tennis racket, Louis had a bat, Zayn had a hockey stick, Niall had a banana, and Harry had a vase. "What is it?!" Liam asked. "This dress, it's adorable!" Chelsey said, picking up the dress. "Yeah yeah, see you downstairs." Niall said, turning away and peeling the banana. They all walked out, leaving us in the room.

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