Hey, I'm Alice. Me and four of my friends, Sydney, Chelsey, Nichole, and Belle, went to a One Direction concert. (We're kinda obsessed...) We were jumping around to their songs until the concert ended. We were about to leave, but Chelsey had to use the bathroom. We went around, looking for a bathroom, when five people in ski masks came up to us. They grabbed us and covered our mouths and noses with rags so we couldn't breath. I held my breath for as long as I could, but I knew I had to breath sometime. I finally gave in and tried to take a breath, but after a few seconds, all I seem was darkness.....

Hi. Like I said, I'm Alice, and me and my friends went to a One Direction concert. Five people kidnapped us. But we found out that we were obsessed with our kidnappers. Or, used to be. Why do they want us? And what will they do?


4. 3. Explanations

Alice's PIC

We all walked downstairs and the boys showed us the kitchen. "This is the kitchen. Harry made breakfast for you." Zayn said. We all nodded our heads and sat down at the counter that had ten chairs at it. Harry passed out the plates, which had pancakes, toast, and bacon on them. She. He passed mine I mumbled a quick 'thanks.' "Yep." He said, popping the p. I started eating, and the food was DELICIOUS. "Oh my glob!" I moaned. The boys looked at me weirdly. "Why are you all looking at me like I'm a freak? None of you watch adventure time?" I asked. Then Niall had a smile on his face and he held his hand up for a high five. I didn't give him one, and he just slowing dropped his hand to the side, his smile turning into a frown. "Why did you kidnap us?" Belle asked, breaking the silence after a couple of minutes. Liam looked at her, then the boys, and they nodded their heads. "Ok. I guess it's time you know." He said looking at each of us individually. Then his eyes stopped on me. "Louis, I think you should tell her." Liam said. Louis looked at me. "Well..... I dunno how to say this, but..... I think your my sister." He said. I was drinking some orange juice, but I spit it out in surprise. "I WHAT?? How should you know? Maybe it's just a theory! And you didn't have to kidnap us! Y'know that you don't even REALLY know, it's not like you've had a DNA test done or something!!" I said, taking a deep breath. "Well, how about tomorrow?" Harry suggested. "Sure. We can go somewhere to get one done." Louis said. "So what are we doing here?" Chelsey asked. "Wouldn't she want company?" Niall asked. "Well, I guess..." She said. "Well we're going back to our room. C'mon girls." Nichole said. We all followed he upstairs. "Hey girls, you wanna sing? We better be out of here by two months, because that's when out next audition for the X-Factor is, and we need to practice just in case." I said. "Yeah! Least sing that song we wrote, DNA!" Belle said. "Ok." We all agreed. 

Belle: Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it? Does he funny your heart when he kisses your neck?

Chelsey: No scientist, no biology. It's obvious what he dies to me. If all that's not true, then I'm so effected. 

Nichole: And my heart won't beat again, if I can't feel him in my vains, no need to question, I already know!

We started singing the chorus she. I seen the boys standing at the door. The girls noticed, too, and we stopped singing. The boys started clapping. "Hey, why did you stop?" Harry whined. "Because you were in here." Chelsey said coldly. "Why are you in here?" Sydney asked. "We wanted to take you shopping. But if you tell anyone we took you the will be punishment." Louis said pointing at us. "Ok....." Well all said. "C'mon!" Liam said. We all walked downstairs and into the car. Well, here we go.


A.N. Ok!! Hi! It was  even a surprise for me that Louis thought she was his sister, I just kinda went with it. Well I'm getting tired and I need to be ready for school in the morning, so goodnight! And thank you for reading, this is my first movella and I am glad it is getting some reads. I might post the next chapter after school tomorrow, but if I it depends on if I have time, but I'll try ;). BYE!! And what should I call you guys? I don't want to be like "Hey readers what up??" So.... I'm trying. ;)



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