Hey, I'm Alice. Me and four of my friends, Sydney, Chelsey, Nichole, and Belle, went to a One Direction concert. (We're kinda obsessed...) We were jumping around to their songs until the concert ended. We were about to leave, but Chelsey had to use the bathroom. We went around, looking for a bathroom, when five people in ski masks came up to us. They grabbed us and covered our mouths and noses with rags so we couldn't breath. I held my breath for as long as I could, but I knew I had to breath sometime. I finally gave in and tried to take a breath, but after a few seconds, all I seem was darkness.....

Hi. Like I said, I'm Alice, and me and my friends went to a One Direction concert. Five people kidnapped us. But we found out that we were obsessed with our kidnappers. Or, used to be. Why do they want us? And what will they do?


3. 2. Officially Taken

Alice's POV

I woke up in a room with three bunk beds. I was on a top bunk, with Chelsey under me. Another bunk had Belle on the top and Nichole under her, and the other one had Sydney on the bottom. Why was I here? And how did I get here? Then all of my thoughts came clouding back into my mind. I was kidnapped!! Oh my gosh, I need to wake up the girls! I jumped off the bunk and one by one woke up the girls. When they all woke up, they were all as freaked out as I was. "What are we gonna do?" Sydney asked. "I dunno, the window has I lock on it!" I said. Then I heard the door oped, so I turned around. "See, they're awake!" I heard a voice that I recognized say. Then a head popped thru the door. My mouth fell open while my eyes were wide with shock. Liam. The real love Liam Payne. He smiled like nothing was wrong. I may like One Direction, but they kidnapped me. If I wasn't afraid to speak, I would snap. Then he started walking through the door, followed by Louis, Zayn, Harry, then Niall. "Hey, girls. You guys may already know us, because we seen you at the concert, so we aren't going to introduce ourselves, but we would like you guys to tell us about you guys." Liam said with a smile. Nobody said anything, but Sydney, being the loud and outgoing one, started to speak. "Introduce ourselves? You want us to introduce ourselves? You kidnapped us!! How in the world do you expect us to tell us even a little ounce about ourselves to our KIDNAPPERS?! I mean you kidnapped us, for crying out loud!" She screamed at then. Then I seem Harry lean into Louis. He whispered something, but I still caught it. "Well now we know who the grimy one is." He said with a chuckle. Louis laughed lightly, and I shot both of them a death glare. Lou's stopped laughing and Harry smirked. "Well, you guys want anything else?" Sydney said coldly. "Well, I guess not...... Yet." Zayn said while scratching his chin. "How about you guys come downstairs and get breakfast, then we'll talk, yeah?" Liam said. The I finally spoke. "Sure, I guess....." "But I still gotta use the restroom." Chelsey said. "Ok, follow me." Niall spoke, waving his hand to have her follow. She followed him out the door, while we looked at the ready of them. "We'll, lets go!" Harry said, and we all walked downstairs.

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