Hey, I'm Alice. Me and four of my friends, Sydney, Chelsey, Nichole, and Belle, went to a One Direction concert. (We're kinda obsessed...) We were jumping around to their songs until the concert ended. We were about to leave, but Chelsey had to use the bathroom. We went around, looking for a bathroom, when five people in ski masks came up to us. They grabbed us and covered our mouths and noses with rags so we couldn't breath. I held my breath for as long as I could, but I knew I had to breath sometime. I finally gave in and tried to take a breath, but after a few seconds, all I seem was darkness.....

Hi. Like I said, I'm Alice, and me and my friends went to a One Direction concert. Five people kidnapped us. But we found out that we were obsessed with our kidnappers. Or, used to be. Why do they want us? And what will they do?


2. 1. The Concert

Alice's POV

"C'mon, Nichole, hurry up! We have to pick Chelsey, Sydney, and Belle up in five minutes!" I yelled to one of my best friends while knocking on her door. "Coming, hold on!" She yelled back. I went downstairs and put my converses on and grabbed my sunglasses and phone, too. I heard Nichole coming downstairs. "Finally!" I said. I grabbed my car keys and we left to our best friends house. 

Chelsey's POV

Me and the girls were waiting on the porch for Alice and Nichole. "There they are!" Belle said. I turned my head and seen their car. They pulled into the driveway. Alice rolled down the window and yelled at us. "HURRY UP GUYS WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!!" We ran and hopped into the car. Then we drove off to a One Direction concert. *1 hour later* We arrived at the arena after an hour of singing to our favorite songs and laughing at jokes. We walked in and it was packed. And when I say that, I mean it. We were front row, so we went and sat down. "Omg I'm sooooo exited!!" Sydney said with a huge smile. "I know! It's so exiting! I can't wait!" Then I heard a lot of screaming, so I looked up. There they were, One Direction! I stood up and screamed, while they started playing songs. We were all jumping around and screaming until the concert was over. Then I had to use the bathroom, and told the girls. "Ok, we'll come too." Alice said.

Alice's POV

The concert was awesome! I loved it! I swear, Harry winked at me!! Chelsey said she had to use t the bathroom, so we went around the arena after the concert looking for one. We were just walking around, when three guys with ski masks on jumped out from a hallway. "Girls, run!" I said. We turned around, and there were two others guys standing there. "We're cornered!" Belle said, worry clear in her voice. All five guys started closing in on us, and we were all terrified. We were all walking backwards until we walked into each other. I looked at all of the girls, then at one of the guys. They were all wearing black clothes and I couldn't see any of their faces, but the guy I was looking at had bright green eyes. I looked at all of the other guys, and there were two with blue and and two with brown eyes. I looked back at the one with green, and he signaled something to the other four guys. Then they all pulled out a cloth. I widened my eyes, then they walked closer. Then he grabbed me and put the cloth over my mouth and nose, I was freaked out. I held my breath for as long as I could, but I knew I had to breath sometime. I tried to breath, but after a few seconds, all I seem was darkness. 




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