Harriett Potter and the Tale of the Three Brothers

Harriett Potter is Harry Potter's older sister. She feels like she has a duty to protect her brother from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. When Harriett finds about the Deathly Hallows and his want for them, she finds the perfect opportunity to change fate. She goes off in search for the Hallows, hoping against hope that it will be worth it for her brother, but the adventures on the way make it so much better.


5. Hogwarts Part Two

 Date: 20th May 1990

Location: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry


"Potter!" A sharp voice echoed round the classroom, making Harriett jump.

She had had her head resting on her hand, with her elbow sliding gradually towards the edge of the table. When her name was called across the room, her elbow slipped off the table and she jerked up, all movie-style.

"Yes Professor?" Harriett asked, looking up at Professor Snape.

"How do you distinguish between a normal wolf and a werewolf?" Professor Snape was covering for their Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson for this week, because their normal teacher was visiting his sick relative.

"A werewolf has a much longer snout than the common wolf. It's behaviour is generally more aggressive and they, of course, only appear at a full moon. The most obvious distinction between a normal wolf and a werewolf, is that a werewolf is actually a human." Harriett said.

Harriett could see Alex rolling his eyes, as he sat next to her. He always said that it sounded like she was reading from a text book.

"Excellent." Professor Snape answered in his normal monotonous tone. "Now, to qualify for five house points, tell me, how does one become a werewolf?"

Harriett shut her eyes for a moment, trying to remember what she had read the last summer about werewolves.

"You become a werewolf if you are bitten by another werewolf," Harriett replied, opening her eyes. "The first werewolf was created in 954 AD, when Arthur McAffen was attacked by a pack of strange wolves, unknown to men at the time. Now, it is known that the pack of wolves were genetically mutilated through disease."

"Good. Five points to Gryffindor." Professor Snape told her, most uncharacteristically.

He turned back to the rest of the class, but not long later, she could answer another of his questions.

"How many known werewolves are there today?"

Harriett rose her hand immediately, she had found this statistic fascinating. The rest of the class looked confused and amazed that she could know so much.

"Is there no one else?" Silence answered the Professor. "Okay, yes, Potter?"

Harriett put her hand down, smiling a little. "The exact number is unknown, but there are records kept for over three hundred and seventy two werewolves in Britain alone. There are over two thousand recorded werewolves worldwide. However, there are many people who do not admit that they are werewolves, for fear of being judged."

"Good. Five points." Snape looked at her for a moment, "I suppose you can also tell me how many people have been killed by werewolves?"

Harriett frowned a little. "That I can't tell you."

Snape twisted his mouth into something that could be considered a smile. "And why not?"

"Because... Because the exact figure is unknown. As most attacks happen in the dark, it can be difficult to tell whether the person was attacked by a common wolf or a werewolf." Harriett said, uncertainty in her voice.

"Actually, you are correct on that too." He presented his mouth-twist smile again.

He was just about to ask someone else a question, when the bell signalled the end of the lesson. There was a mad rush as people squashed all their books into their bags and headed towards the door.

"Hang on a minute!" Snape called, everyone immediately froze. "Professor Millan would like a foot-long essay on werewolves. To be handed in next lesson."

Several people groaned, but Harriett didn't mind. She loved looking at werewolves, and couldn't wait until the end of this year to pick new subjects. As she was going to enter the third year in September, they were allowed to pick two extra subjects to take. Harriett was already thinking about what she was going to choose, and knew that Divination was off her list.

"Come on, Harriett." Alex moaned, dragging her out the classroom.


"Look Harriett! It's your owl, Hargreave!" Martha cried, pointing at a white shape pecking on the window pane.

Harriett rushed over to let him in, and he swooped through the hangings on her four-poster, dropping a parcel on her bed. Hargreave then swept round the room before landing on a perch by the window.

"It's a letter and a parcel from my aunt and uncle." Harriett remarked, going over to inspect the writing on the envelope.

"Oooh, open it then!" Katniss squealed, coming over to have a closer look.

Harriett tore off the paper and a small gathering of marbles fell into her hand. She frowned at them, letting them slide off her fingers and onto her bed, so that she could open the letter.

"'Dear Harriett, I hope that school is going well for you. We just wanted to send these to you. They belonged to your mother and I hope that you will use them well. The instruction manual is included in this card. We hope your exams go well and we will write to you soon. Love from Katherine and Luke.'" Harriett picked up the very old and crumpled piece of parchment that had fallen out the card when she had opened it. "'Congratulations on buying these Space Marbles! These marbles, when placed in the air will form a perfect miniature model of the solar system. Perfect for anyone studying Astronomy!' How weird."

Harriett put the letter and the parchment to one side and picked up one of the marbles. She frowned down at the instructions of 'place them in the air', and held the marble out between her thumb and index finger. She let go of the marble. It dropped a couple of inches before it hovered in the air. Literally looking like it was hanging from a piece of invisible string. Harriett 'hung' all the other marbles up and sat back for a moment. For a couple of minutes, nothing happened, then the marbles rearranged themselves to be positioned like the solar system. They even gently turned round.

"Wow." Claire muttered, examining the model from all angles.

"That's cool. You should tell the Professor, I think these are really rare." Alice told Harriett, who was also examining the little marbles.

Harriett, now, more than ever, wanted to know her mother. How did she get these? What did she use them for? Why did Harriett need them now? Was her mother watching her now?


30th October 1991

Harriett Potter was now in her fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The first three years had absolutely whizzed by, and she could hardly believe that next year, she would be doing her O.W.Ls (Ordinary Wizarding Levels).

Her bag suddenly slipped off her shoulder as someone accidentally pushed past her in the crowded corridor. She used her fast reflexes to grab it before her books tumbled out, but she couldn't quite stop all the books from falling, and her Transfiguration book slipped out from under her arm.

"Harriett?" A voice called after her.

Harriett looked up, startled, it sounded like a teacher, but no teacher ever called anyone by their first names.

"Yes Professor?" Harriett replied to Professor McGonagall, whose head was just visible over the crowd of people blocking the corridor.

"Come here a moment."

"I'll see you later then." Harriett said to her friends, before battling back through the flow of people to Professor McGonagall's classroom.

The Professor looked at Harriett for a moment, before sitting down behind her desk. She motioned for Harriett to also sit down, and clasped her hands together, watching Harriett over the rim of her glasses.

"I bet you're wondering why I called you back." It was a statement, not a question.

"Yes..." Harriett replied uncertainly.

"The Headmaster asked me to speak to you."

"Professor Dumbledore?" Professor McGonagall nodded. "Why?"

"It's about Harry. Your brother." She paused for a moment, brushing a crumb off her desk. "As you know, he is currently attending this school, but the Headmaster believes that he will be in danger when he is older. Professor Dumbledore will talk details with you, but he told me to give you this little piece of information. I believe he will send an owl to arrange a meeting time."

"But Professor, what am I supposed to do about it? I'm only just in my fourth year now!" Harriett told the Professor, a little worried about what she might have to do.

"Exactly. You are fifteen aren't you?" Harriett nodded. "Professor Dumbledore believes that now is the right time because next year you will be too busy with your O.W.Ls, and we don't want those disrupted." Harriett was about to interrupt, but Professor McGonagall cut her off, "No more questions. Professor Dumbledore will explain everything. You may leave now."

Harriett stood up, still incredibly confused, but she gathered up her bag and left all the same.


The next day was Halloween, and Harriett happened to look up from her breakfast at the same time that a large flock of owls swept into the hall, carrying the morning's mail. It looked like several people had Halloween presents. Harriett was happy to see her own Snowy owl, Hargreave, swoop down to their table and drop a couple of tied together parcels on her lap. Luckily, they just managed to miss falling in her breakfast bowl. She looked down the table to see that her brother, Harry Potter, had nothing. His owl, Hedwig, was just sat by his bowl, gently nibbling his finger. Harriett picked up the parcels to see one addressed to herself and one addressed to Harry. She untied Harry's present and went over to give it to him.

"Happy Halloween little brother." Harriett said, leaning between Harry and Seamus to drop the present onto Harry's lap.

"Oh, thanks Harriett! Is this from you?" Harry asked, picking up the parcel.

"No, no, that's from Katherine and Luke. My presents for you guys are in my room, you can have them later." Harriett told the first-years sat around Harry.

"You didn't really need to get us presents." Ron mumbled, the tips of his ears going pink.

"It's okay." Harriett laughed and ruffled Harry's hair. "Happy Halloween guys!"

She went back to her seat, to see Alex laughing at her.

"What Alex?" Harriett asked, sitting back down.

"Nothing. You're just so sweet to your brother. I wish I had a sibling." Alex said, suddenly turning serious.

"Technically, most of the time, I don't have a sibling. Until he joined Hogwarts, I hadn't seen him since I was five." Harriett pointed out.

"That's a good point." Alex pointed to a small barn owl sat on the table next to Harriett's bowl. "That came for you."

Harriett plucked the letter out of the little owl's beak, and it immediately flew away. She tore open the envelope to find a note from the Headmaster.


Harriett Potter,

I wish for our meeting to take place later today, just before the Halloween feast. If you would be so kind as to come to my office after your lesson, I would be very grateful for your presence. Professor McGonagall will take you to my office, as I believe she is your last teacher of today. There is no need to reply, just come along to my office.

Professor Dumbledore.



"Well, that's intriguing." Alex said, who had been listening to Harriett read the note aloud.

"Indeed." Harriett said thoughtfully.

She gave Hargreave a few pieces of cereal and sent him away, before she got up to go to her first lesson.

"What do you have?" Alex asked as they left the Hall together.

"Herbology with you, you muppet." Harriett laughed.

"Yes, alright." Alex said in exasperation.


Past the statue of the one-eyed witch, past the staircase to the Astronomy tower, up one, two, three flights of stairs, along the corridor with the painting of the headless men playing Quidditch with their own heads, up another flight of stairs, along the corridor with...

It was all too much as Professor McGonagall led Harriett to the Headmaster's office. Harriett just hoped that she would never have to make her way to it alone.

"Just here." Professor McGonagall stopped in front of a statue of a gargoyle. "Fizzing Wizzbees." She announced to the statue.

The statue shook it's head and sprung aside to reveal a winding staircase.

"Up you go. His office is right at the top." Professor McGonagall said.

Harriett entered the strange tube-like structure that held the stairs and began to climb up to his office.

She knocked on the door when she reached the top, and heard a faint 'come in' in reply.

"Ah, Harriett, come in. Do take a seat." The Headmaster pointed to a chair opposite his desk, and crossed his hands in front of him.

Harriett could feel his twinkling blue eyes observing her over his half-moon spectacles. She sat in the chair and waited in the awkward silence.

"So, um, why?" Harriett asked hesitantly.

"Why what?"

"Why did you call me here? Is something the matter with Harry?"

"There is nothing the matter with Harry. There is something the matter with Harry's future." Dumbledore replied mysteriously.

"What does that mean?" Harriett asked, frowning at him.

"Harriett, have you ever heard of The Tale of the Three Brothers?"

"Yes..." Harriett had loved that story when she was younger.

"Well, Voldemort..." Harriett flinched at the name, but Dumbledore took no notice. "Is after the three items from the story. He wants to become powerful, and in order to do that, he must have those three items." Dumbledore lowered his hands and folded them on the desk.

"So, he wants the Cloak of Invisibility, the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand?" Harriett asked, recalling the three items from the old tale.

"Yes." Dumbledore answered, as plain as if she'd asked if he liked pumpkin juice. "And your task is to find them before he does."

"Wait... what?" Harriett asked, her full and un-distracted attention on Dumbledore.

"I want you to search far and wide for these items, in order to protect Harry."

"How do you expect me to do that?" Harriett asked, perplexed.

Dumbledore surveyed her over his spectacles again. "I will have someone teach you how to disapparate and apparate. You will have this year off school to do this task, and I will have some work sent to you. Although, based on what your teachers say, you are above the average anyway, so I'm sure you'll be fine on that aspect." Dumbledore smiled warmly at her, and she blushed at the praise.

"What about my friends?" Harriett asked, trying to control her blush.

"I'm sure they will understand." Dumbledore clapped his hands together. "Now, you'd better go and get ready for the feast, I'm sure it will be an excellent one."


"Ready?" Dumbledore asked Harriett again.

"Yes, I think so."

She checked her bag for the hundredth time, making sure that she had everything that she needed. Professor Flitwick had helped her put an expanding charm on it, so although it appeared to be quite small and carrying hardly anything, it was actually carrying a large amount of stuff. He had also put an extra charm on it so that it didn't weigh too much either.

"Now, send an owl if you run into trouble. And don't forget that there's always the Knight Bus if you get stuck somewhere in the UK. Time travel might also be useful. You remember how to use it don't you?" Dumbledore asked her.

He had given her a very advanced version of the time turner. You turned each of the dials to the date that you wanted to travel to, and it took you there in an instant.

"Yes, I do. And I remember the rules as well." Harriett replied, patting the lump where the device was hanging round her neck.

"Good. Well, good luck." Dumbledore patted her awkwardly on the shoulder and stepped back.

Harriett concentrated on where she wanted to try first, turned on the spot, and felt an odd sucking sensation before she was taken away from Hogwarts.

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