Harriett Potter and the Tale of the Three Brothers

Harriett Potter is Harry Potter's older sister. She feels like she has a duty to protect her brother from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. When Harriett finds about the Deathly Hallows and his want for them, she finds the perfect opportunity to change fate. She goes off in search for the Hallows, hoping against hope that it will be worth it for her brother, but the adventures on the way make it so much better.


2. Godric's Hollow

Date: 30th October 1981

Location: Godric's Hollow


"Come on now, Harriett, go to sleep. You can't stay up all night, no matter how much you whinge. Go to sleep. Harry is already in bed and you should be too." Lily Potter said to her daughter.

Harriett looked up at Lily with her five-year-old innocence. "Why mummy? I'm not tired."

"Little girls who don't go to bed on time, don't get to see their godmother's the next day." James Potter inserted his input into the conversation.

"Daddy..." Harriett whined.

"Sleep now, my little darling." James reached over and tickled his daughter into surrender.

"Okay, okay, I'm going!" Squealed Harriett, running across the room to her bed. "I'm in bed now."

"Now, goodnight, sweetheart. Sleep well." Lily went over and kissed her daughter on the forehead.

"Night, little pumpkin pasty." James added, tickling her again.

Harriett squealed again, before she settled under her covers, peering up at her parents with her big, green eyes. "Goodnight mummy, goodnight daddy." She said, before squeezing her eyes shut.

James and Lily crept out her bedroom, switching her light off on the way, and tiptoed across the landing to their son's bedroom.

"He looks so peaceful doesn't he?" Lily whispered to James.

"Yes, he does." James murmured back.

"Did Sirius send a letter this week? He seems to want to know about everything that the children do!" Lily asked James, as they both made their way back downstairs.

"Not yet. Maybe his owl will arrive tomorrow, you know what Sirius' owl is like." James laughed at the thought of the little grey owl flapping its way over the rooftops.

Lily joined in the laughter, "Ah yes, true! The poor thing, Sirius really needs to get another one, that one is much too small."

"We are both talking about Sirius, right? He won't replace that owl until it has flown its last flight."

"That's true..." Lily said thoughtfully.

"What's the matter?" James asked her gently, all his joking having gone out the window.


"Lily..." James tilted his head to one side, making him look like a dog.

"I thought that Sirius and Remus were supposed to be the dogs, not you!" Lily said with a little smile.

"I thought that I'd try it out. Doesn't it suit me?" He stuck his tongue out in a dog-like pant and knelt on the floor with his hands on Lily's stomach, making himself look like a begging dog.

"No! Stop it!" Lily laughed, rubbing James on the head, like one would rub a dog's head.

James smirked at his wife, "Got you to laugh though, didn't it?"

Lily slumped a little, all traces of the smile disappearing. James stood up, and looked at her with concern again.

"Look, if you don't want to tell me what you're thinking about, then that's fine. Just... I'm here if you want me."

"Thanks, James. It's nothing, don't worry about it." She smiled at him to encourage him, "Hot chocolate would be great though."

"Sure. Go and sit down, and I'll bring it through. Want a sweet pasty?"

"Sure." Lily answered, drifting off into the living room.



Harriett stared at the building in front of her, with tears clouding her vision.

"Mummy? Daddy? Harry?" She whispered, the tears spilling down her cheeks when she blinked. She looked up at the space in the building where Harry's bedroom used to be. She didn't know what had happened here, she just wanted to go home, and this place was not her home.

"I want to go home." She looked up at her auntie Katherine, with more tears filling her eyes.

"Sweetheart..." Katherine crouched down to Harriett's level. "You can't go home, mummy and daddy aren't there anymore."


"Harriett. Please, darling, come home with me. You can't live in your home anymore, it's not safe. And your safety is a top priority at the moment." Katherine told Harriett gently.


"Because a very nasty man did something terrible to your mummy and daddy, and Harry was affected too, and we need to keep you safe from this nasty man."

"But I thought that the nasty man was gone?" Harriett asked.

Katherine looked a little uncomfortable, "Well, yes, but the nasty man has friends, and his friends might harm you."

"How?" Harriett asked, the conversation was distracting her for the moment.

"I don't know, Harriett. But you need to be kept safe."

"What about uncle Sirius? Why can't I see him?" Harriett asked.

An awkward silence fell over everyone within earshot.

"Did she say Sirius? Sirius Black?"

"Doesn't she know that he killed her parents?"

"She did say Sirius, but I don't think she'll know about him yet."

"Who will tell her?"

"She can't know, she can't grow up knowing that her uncle is a murderer."

"I'm still not sure that he did kill them. I mean, he was their best friend."

Several conversations began around them. Katherine looked down at Harriett uncomfortably.

"Come on, let's go home." Katherine said, gently pulling Harriett away from the scene.

"But it's not really my home." Harriett mumbled.

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