Summer Love- Harry Styles Fanfic

"We're spending the summer in England."
Hold on what? 17 year old Jayda has to spend her summer in England. You'd think she'd be happy, but no. She has to spend her summer 300,000,000,000 miles away from her best friend Siena. They were planning on the best summer ever! But when she meets Harry will her attitude about England change? Will she have met her summer love?


5. Show You Around

Jayda's P.O.V.

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I immediately ran downstairs to see bacon and eggs! SCORE! I took a place at the table and waited for the food. While we were eating, my mom spoke, "Tomorrow we are going sailing. Jayda, you can bring someone. Maybe the person who helped you yesterday?" She asked. "About that, Harry asked to show me around London today at two. Can I go?" I asked hopefully.

"Ooooooh, Jayda's got a boyfriend!" Thomas said in an annoying tone.

"Shut up, dweeb." I retaliated.

"You can go, sweetheart." My mom sighed. I got up and thanked her. I then went to shower.

I got out and put on my black high waisted shorts and a grey and white crop top. I put on my gray TOMS and grabbed my sunglasses, camera, and phone. I tweeted:

Going out with @Harry_Styles today! xxxxx

I Instagram'd a picture of my outfit and walked downstairs. It was 1:58 PM.

As the clock struck 2:00, I told my mom bye. "WAIT I WANT TO MEET HIM!" My mom shouted. I raced outside. "Go, go, go!" I told Harry and we ran. Once it was safe, I apologized. "Sorry, it's just I knew how embarrassing that would've been." I giggled. "It's fine. By the way, you look gorgeous." He complimented. I smiled at the ground. I pulled out my camera. "Hey guys! I'm hanging with Harry here!" I turned the camera to Harry. "Hello!" He said. I turned the camera back to me. "So where are we headed?" I asked. "The London Eye." Harry said. I cheered and he laughed. "Harry, I think it's time to tell them." I told him. He nodded emotionally. "IM PREGNANT!" I shouted. Harry stopped. "WHAT? But we didn't even-" I laughed. "I'm kidding." I said. We arrived at the London Eye.

That was really fun! "I'm hungry." I said randomly. "Me too. Nandos?" Harry asked. "Nan what?" I asked. "Cool restaurant. Let's go!" He grabbed my hand and we ran down the street. Sparks flew up my arm.

We got to the restaurant, and it was pretty crowded. We took a booth, a window seat. The waitress came around. Her boobs were practically out of her shirt and her skirt was literally an inch long. "What can I get for you?" She asked. "I'll have a Pepsi." I spoke. "What about you?" She asked seductively to Harry. She leaned over so he could see her cleavage, but he didn't even pay attention. Guys are so oblivious sometimes. I rolled my eyes. "Same." He smiled. "I'll be right back to take your orders." She winked at Harry. She then turned and gave me a death glare, which I kindly returned.

"So what's good here?" I asked Harry. He sighed. "I usually get the chicken sandwich with a side of chips." He said. I nodded. "What kind of chips do they have?" I asked. He looked confused. "Barbecue, salt and vinegar, cheddar?" I asked. He just burst out laughing. "No! Not those kind of chips! French Fries!" He laughed. I felt really dumb. This British slang was getting to me. "Oh." I giggled.

The waitress came back. "Ready to order?" She asked Harry. "Can I have two orders of the chicken sandwich and chips?" He asked. She wrote it down. She purposely dropped her pen, and bent over so that her ass was showing. Harry didn't notice though, his gaze fixed on me. I wonder what her name was? Maybe Flat-Ass? That seemed correct. "That's disgusting." I muttered. "What's disgusting?" Harry asked. I looked at him in disbelief. "Guys are so oblivious." I said. "What?" He was so lost. "That waitress was practically throwing herself at you, bud." I said. "I was too busy concentrating on your beauty to notice." He smiled. I blushed, "Cheesy." He began smirking. "Are you jealous?" He asked. "N-no. Why would you think that?" I asked. "Jayda's jealous!" He said, as if he's discover a million dollars. "No I'm not!" I retaliated. "Okay, so how about I ask for her number?" He smirked. "You can do that... If you want to die today." I smiled. "YOU ARE JEALOUS!" He shouted. "Shhhhh!"

The waitress gave us our food. "This is really good." I said. I then heard a snap. I quickly looked up to see Harry had just taken a picture of me. "Harry! Delete it now!" I said. "But you look so beautiful!" He said. "Harry!!" He sighed. "Fine."

"What time is it?" I asked. He looked his phone. "Barely 17:00" he said. I looked at him confused. "You know what, I'll just check myself." I said pulling out my phone. "Oh! It's just barely five." I said. Harry playfully rolled his eyes. "That's what I just said." I gave him a 'yeah right' look. "Harry, we both know I'm American." He chuckled. I had just finished eating. "Wanna head back to mine?" He asked. I fake gasped. "Harry! I just met you yesterday!" His eyes widened. "NO! I didn't mean it like that! I would never-" he groaned and put his head in his hands.

"I'm kidding. Let's go." I giggled. The waitress came with the check. I stopped her. "Hey! I know a store where you can get bigger clothes! You might wanna check it out." I said. She turned angrily and Harry was red from holding in his laughter. He finally let it all out. "Did you see her face?" He asked. We got up and left.

We were on the porch of the apartment. Harry stopped before he opens the door. "I'm warning you, the boys are a bit.. Hyper. So if you feel uncomfortable, let me know and I'll whisk you away." He said worriedly.

"I'll be fine. Thanks." I smiled, kissing his cheek. We walked in. "Boys! I'm back!" He shouted. "Ooh! How'd it go? Does she-" Zayn suddenly stopped when he realized that I was right there. "Hi." I smile. "Hi." Zayn says blushing. "Jayda this is Zayn. Vice versa." Harry said. "So YOU'RE the famous Jayda!" Zayn chuckled. I turned to Harry. He was as red as a tomato. "Famous, huh?" I spoke.

"Come on let's go meet the others!" Harry changed the subject. I followed him into a lounge. "Boys, this is Jayda. Jayda, these are the boys." Harry introduced. "Hi!" I said. "Hello!" They said in unison. "I'm Jayda. As Harry just said. God I'm stupid." I said face planting myself. "So your the one he's been going on about? I have to admit, you are beautiful." Liam said. I blushed. Okay, so this is like the best. "Let's play a quick game." Louis said. "Okay, so we're gonna ask you as many questions as we can for a minute and thirty seconds." Niall said. I nodded. "Favorite fruit?" Zayn asked. "Banana." I answered. "Favorite vegetable?" Louis asked. "Carrots." I smiled. "Favorite restaurant?" Liam asked. "After today, Nandos." I said. "Favorite boy band?" Harry asked. "One Direction." I said while giggling. "And time." Louis spoke. "Your a directioner?" Harry asked. I gave him a serious look. "Come on! Who isn't? I have all three albums in my room." I said. Harry laughed. "What is so funny, curls?" I asked. "Just that your so calm around us." He said. "Do you want me to be a crazed fan? I can let it all out." I said. "I doubt it." Louis said. "Try me." I said. I walked out the room and came back. "OMG ONE DIRECTION ARE MY FRIENDS." I screamed crazily, and started to cry. I walked back out the room and came back. The boys jaws were dropped. I sat back down. "Holy..." Liam said. I started laughing. "She's good." Niall said pointing to me. I did a fake bow.

"So umm, would you guys want to come to the lake with us tomorrow? My family usually goes boating, and I'm the oddball who jumps off the rocks and swims." I say.

"We'd love to!" They all shout at the same time.

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