Summer Love- Harry Styles Fanfic

"We're spending the summer in England."
Hold on what? 17 year old Jayda has to spend her summer in England. You'd think she'd be happy, but no. She has to spend her summer 300,000,000,000 miles away from her best friend Siena. They were planning on the best summer ever! But when she meets Harry will her attitude about England change? Will she have met her summer love?


3. Meeting Harry

I sat down in a booth. There was only one other person here. I saw a guy coming my way. "Mind if I sit here?" He asked. His accent was to die for. "No." I said. There were at least ten other empty tables here. Oh well. He took off his glasses. I did a double take. THE HARRY STYLES WAS SITTING IN FRONT OF ME. "So, where are you from?" He asked. "California." I smiled. "Your absolutely beautiful." He said. I blushed. "Can you hold on for just one second. And do you mind being filmed?" I asked. "Yes and not at all." He smiled. I pulled out my camera. "Okay guys, I finally found a Starbucks and when I did, I found a Harry Styles in it too." I spoke. I turned the camera to Harry. "Say hi Harry!" I told him. "Hi, Harry." He waved. "I'm sat here with the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." He smiled. I turned the camera back to me. "Okay so what is life?" I asked and turned my camera off. Harry looked confused. "I'm a Youtuber." I told him. "That's cool! What's your name?" He asked. "Beautybythebook. But that video is going on my vlog channel, Jayda's Corner." I told him. I checked my phone. "I should probably go." I said and got up. I said bye to him and walked out of the store.

I quickly turned back around and walked into Starbucks again. I sat at the same booth Harry was still in. "Hi, umm... I don't know my way back so I'm just going to sit here." I said. "I'll walk you back. Where are you staying?" He asked. "Townhouse number 43." I said. "That's just up from mine. I'll walk you." He said. I thanked him and we walked out. "So what brings you to London?" Harry asks as we walk. "My parents forced me. Family bonding. Don't get me wrong, London is beautiful, it's just I miss home and my bestfriend. Which by the way she's probably gonna hate me now." I said. He chuckled. "Whys that?" He asked. "She has a mental relationship with you." I said calmly. He laughed hard at that. "So do millions of other girls." He said. I laughed. "Can I see your phone?" He asked. "Sure." I said and pulled it out if my pocket and handed it to him. He typed some things and then handed it back. I saw he added his number. The contact read, "Hazza<3;*" I giggled. I texted that number so he would have mine. I turned my phone off. "What's your Twitter?" He asked. "@beautybythebook" I told him. He typed it in. I then saw my townhouse. I stopped as did he. "Thanks for walking me." I told him. "Your welcome, love." He said. He leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Text me, yeah?" He said. I nodded and walked into the house.

I cannot believe I met Harry Styles. And it wasn't some fan crazed moment. It was genuine and I sort of liked it. I walked to the kitchen. "Where have you been?" My mom asked. "I found a Starbucks and hung out there. I got lost and someone I met walked me home." I said. "You could have called. I was worried sick!" My mom said. "I'm sorry," I apologized,"I'll call next time." I said. I walked to my room and began to charge my phone. I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. I put in a long t-shirt and some boy shorts. I climbed into bed and began to edit the vlog. After that was done I went on Instagram and uploaded some of the pics Harry and I took. I cannot believe I met Harry Styles. Or that he even acknowledged my existence. I logged on to twitter. I saw that Harry followed me and tweeted:

@Harry_Styles: Met the most beautiful girl today, @beautybythebook text me later love. xxxxx

I literally screamed. Just then my phone buzzed.

From: Hazza<3;*

Hello, love. xxxx

I smiled and texted back.

To: Hazza<3;*

Hi, cutie! :) xxxx

I sent the message and smiled. He texted back.

From: Hazza<3;*

So, Beautiful, how about I pick you up tomorrow at 14:00 and give you a tour of London? Xxxxx (:

I smiled at how sweet and charming he was.

To: Hazza<3;*

Sure, but I'm American. What in the name of cheese is '14:00?' Haha. xxxx

Is it wrong that I have to bring out math to figure out what time Harry's picking me up?

From: Hazza<3;*

It's 2PM in America. Had to google that. Haha. Xxxxx

I laughed.

To: Hazza<3;*

Lol, don't blame you! Anywho, I'm tired :p. See you tomorrow! Goodnight! :) xxxxxxx

He instantly replied.

From: Hazza<3;*

Goodnight, beautiful. Sweet dreams, hopefully of me ;) xxxx

I smiled and put my phone on the night table. Maybe this summer wasn't going to be that bad?

Harry's P.O.V.

"YOURE SMILING! WHO IS SHE?" Lou screamed excitedly.

"Who is who?" I asked.

"The girl you were texting." He said in a duh tone.

"Just a girl I met today." I smiled.

"Ooh is she preeeeettyy?" Liam asked while dragging out the word.

"Very." I smiled. The laughed and walked to their rooms.

I crawled in my bed, thinking about today's events.

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