A Dream That Came True!

A girl called Ella keeps having random dreams about One Direction, but shes not even a fan. Could it be a sign?


2. Chapter 2

It was the day before i had to take my sister to the One Direction concert so we were out shopping for outfits to wear.

Obviously Rebecca was wearing her One Direction top that she got for her birthday, so she just need some nice skinny jeans and some heels. Oo, and a few accesories.

We had just been in New Look and i'd bought a new dress. Not to dressy though, its not like im going to impress anyone. It was one of those dresses that are longer at the back and goes up at the front. The top half of the dress was white while the bottom half of the dress was a dark blue. Im not one for heels so ill just wear my white converse.

We had finally finished shopping, but Rebecca had insisted that we go to Milkshake City. Once we got there i didnt want anything, but of course she ordered the One Direction milkshake.

I dropped her off home and drove back to my house. I was exhausted!

I got home and changed straight into my pyjamas. I had a snack, watched a bit of tv and then decided to go to bed. After all, it was 10pm and i was going to have a busy day tomorrow, with a very excited little sister.

Oh the joy. NOT.

---middle of the night-------

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed, but when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell, you dont know, oh oh, you dont know your beautiful, oh oh, thats what makes you beautiful."

The One Direction boys ran all over the stage while singing What Makes You Beautiful. I was having a great time with Rebecca, we were jumping up and down and singing along.

And you know the best part?

When they were singing the chorus, Harry looked straight into my eyes. That was when i got butterflies in my stomach.

Harry looked super hot, he walked over to the side of the stage, near to us. He winked at me and crouched down to touch my han-

Just then i woke up. I was sweating and breathing heavily. Why?! Why did i have yet another dream? Uh!

I high fived my own face and went downstairs to get some cookies and milk. It was 3am and i couldn't get back to sleep, but cookies and milk always seemed to make me sleepy, although i have no idea why.

I laid back in my bed and switched on my tv.

These dreams are really getting on my nerves.

Its bad enough just having a dream about One Direction, but saying that i was enjoying it and i felt something between me and Harry is just a different level. A bad level.

Id never even do anything that goes on in my dreams. Or would i? No of course i wouldn't stop being stupid. But i couldn't stop thinking.

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