This is a one direction fan fiction.
What would you do if all your dreams, everything you've worked for, suddenly came true?


1. 1

"mummy?" Winter looks up at me from crawling under the table at starbucks. I grin at her, "Winter, come back to your seat." i tell her, grabbing her and putting her on my lap. "lovely kid, is she your sister?" an old woman asks me from the table in front. I look down at Winter, "no, actually she's my daughter." i tell her proudly, she gasps and returns to the man she was speaking too. Okay, I know being a eighteen year old mother off a two year old little girl isn't necessarily very responsible, but at least the first two years of her life havent gone completely shit. and yes, i've done it all on my own - but the amount of single mums nowadays is plenty. The worst part is, the father happens to be a member out of One Direction. Niall Horan. 


flashback; 2 years 9 months ago ~~~

"no Cassie, i dont want to go out tonight!" i tell her. "Come on Meg, you're no fun!" she growls. "i just dont feel up for it. Dylan broke up with me like two hours ago, why would i want to go out?" i ask her, rolling on my bed. "thats my point," she sits next to me. "it'll cheer you up, plus the best cure for a breakup is a hookup. eh?" she elbows me gently. i laugh, "fine, if it will shut you up. but im not sleeping with anybody tonight" i tell her, "yay!" she clasps her hands together and stands up, opening my wardrobe doors. i notice shes already changed; shes in a topshop emerald green playsuit and an arrow necklace. im surprised shes actually wearing something that covers her arse to be honest. "here" she places a black body-con dress, my chain necklace, and some black - with a white strap along the bottom - heels. "I know you think this is slutty but this is what you're wearing so hurry up." she orders me, I put it on - not too fussed about what I look like, I'm only going out to shut Cassie up.

"lovely, now lets get a photo then go," Cassie says, pulling out her iphone. I roll my eyes, she takes photos every minute - seriously! We both pout, but the difference is mine was a joke, and hers was serious. 

As soon as we got to this new club that Ive already forgotten the name of, Cassie starts dancing with a random stranger. I sit at the bar, and sip on some cocktail. Thats another thing i forget, alcohol names. "Vodka shot please." this boy sits at the bar next to me, hes got dirty blonde hair and blue eyes i think, i cant see in this light too well. hes in black jeans and a white shirt, kinda hot. "and whatever shes having," he turns to face me. "err, ill have a vodka shot too thanks" i tell the waitress and smile at the boy. hes probably 17, 18? "Im Meg, well Megan by the way." i tell him, "hi, im niall." he says, lowering his voice as he said 'niall' i frown, confused. "whats with lowering your voice?" i smirk at him. "heard of one direction?" he asks. i tilt my head back, one direction? HOLY SHIT. "crap!" i blurt out. he chuckles, "yeah, im niall horan." he grins. 

I search with my eyes for Cassie but shes not there, i need a taxi home. my heads really fuzzy, i think i had four/five vodka shots with this niall dude. "need a ride home babe?" niall pushes me on my seat, i giggle a lot as i nearly fall. probably more than id have laughed if i was sober. "duh, i think i need to get home" i giggle hysterically, what am i even saying? "i got a car! i do look!" he pulls me off my chair, and shows me a black car. "oh my.. its beautiful" i gasp, touching the window. "Shes drunk!" niall screams to the people walking past. "im sober 100%" i giggle, "im going to take you to see my house." he says excitedly. he walks into his car though, i sit down laughing literally to the point that tears are in my eyes. "your carriage awaits m'aam" he opens the car door. "why thanks NIALL" i say then press my finger to my lips, "calm down" i hiss, jumping in the car. 


I open my eyes, and scream. What the fuck? "ahh!" a boy screams that im tangled between, naked. "who the fuck are you?" i ask, holding the quilt to cover myself up. "niall. megan, is it?" oh my god, whatve i done? i nod, biting my lip. "shit, sorry i was really drunk." i say, feeling my pounding head. "so we?" i ask, closing my eyes. "i think so." he murmurs. "i should go, my friend will already be questioning where ive been!" i half laugh, but this is a wierd, wierd situation! “Shall I erm, take your number?” He asks, probably thinking that I wanted that. “No, don't worry. Look, we just had a one night stand, if that's what we could call it. I should just go, I'm embarrassed as it is. I don't normally do... Well this. So just forget me.” I shrug, with a half smile. He nods gently - taking it all in.

Once i changed, he pecks me awkwardly on the cheek. “See ya.” I say calmly before leaving his place.

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