Human Holocaust


1. the beginning

I fell to my knees dropping my very tightly-gripped bow and looked at the blood-soaked floor and the body with an arrow plunged into his chest. I looked to my left and saw my brother with a dagger in his side. I looked to my right and saw my best friend bleeding out on the floor. I closed my eyes and realized it was all over.

My father was finally dead.

2 years earlier

"Come on, Kiplyn!" I looked up from my history book and gave my brother a look, "Joshua, I'm busy. I have a huge history test next Wednesday. I need to study."

He rolled his hazel eyes at me, "You've been studying all day. Mom already told me that we need to go outside and practice our drills."

I sighed and closed my book, "Let me change." I stood up and went up to my room. I grabbed my black and white polka dot shorts, took my black sweat pants off, and slid my shorts on and put my hair up in a tight pony tail then grabbed my glove for my bow and went down stairs.

I'm Kiplyn Jones. My hair is the color of the sun. Natural blonde with natural red and orange highlights. My eyes are a grass green. My stomach is flat and scrony but my arms and legs are muscled and fit. I am far from a human. I, along with my brother and mother, am a vampire. My father is the king of the vampires in the U.S.A, yeah yeah I know big deal. My mother left my father a few years ago because of his hatred toward humans and we all just moved away from him.

He knows where we are and it didn't bother him when we left. Yes, we still talk to him but as for loving him...we never have and probably never will.

I'm 18 and a senior in a human high school and my brother is 20 and a sophomore in a human college. We both still live with our mother because we have to train under her to be able to protect ourself from anyone trying to threaten the rule of the Jones family by killing me or/and Joshua.

I put my running socks and shoes on, walked back down stairs, and to the weapons room. I grabbed my sheath and filled it with explosive arrows and regular arrows. I put my sheath on my back and grabbed my bow and went outside to find my brother throwing daggers at a tree.

"So what's today? Running through the woods or just training here?" I stretched my legs and waited for a reply. "Woods. I need to get more into shape." Joshua half smirked. He was in great shape and he knew it. My brother has big hazel eyes, chopped brown hair that was always spiked up, huge muscles bulging from every place a muscle could be, he has my father's chiseled chin and cheek bones along with my father's temper and athletic ability.

Josh was in blue basketball shorts along with black and neon green running shoes and he was shirtless with a sheath that had a sliver sword with a gold hilt that my father gave him for his 20th birthday a few months ago, in it around his waist, he also had a band around his waist that held some daggers.

I smirked and ran toward the woods letting the wind hit my face full blast as I run with my vampire speed through the woods. Josh was right behind me laughing as he tried chasing me down.

A few hours later the sun was setting and we decided to go back home. As soon as we got to our yard we saw the unmistakable red jag that belonged to our father and guards were all around the house. Josh looked as me as I put an arrow on the string and he put his hand on the hilt of his sword which was in its sheath. We slowly walked into the house passing a few guards that just gave us looks.

Father was sitting on the couch with our very distraught mother, who was screaming at him, standing up waving her hands as she screamed, "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, JONATHAN?!"

Our very calm father just held his hands in his lap and calmly said, "Vampires rule this world. Humans need to realize this."

"Father, what are you speaking of?" Joshua walked into the living room and stood beside mother as I just stood there.

Father turned toward me and gave me a "warm" smile, "Ahh, princess Kiplyn, you are still as beautiful as always. Come sit next to your aging father." I put the arrow in my sheath and slowly walked into the living room and sat next to him.

"What's going on?" Joshua asked as mother calmed down. "I am putting all the humans in labor camps and they will be sold like slaves." My father played with his hands. Joshua started screaming, "THE GIRL IM TALKING TO IS HUMAN!!" My father stood up fast and got in Josh's face, "You will never talk to her again, I'll kill her. Personally."

Joshua growled and his fangs slid out, "If you do I will kill you."

Father laughed evilly, "You wouldn't kill your father. Son or not. You will be killed." I stood up and finally spoke, "No. You wouldn't. He's your son. He gets the crown next."

"You get the crown next. Did I not tell you guys that? Joshua doesn't get the crown. Kiplyn does." Mother full force slapped father across the face.

Not even 5 seconds after the slap happened mother was laying on the floor with a broken neck. Joshua was the first to scream as we dropped to the floor. He cradled mother's body in his arms and wept as I grabbed his sword and pointed it at father as I stood up, "Get out."

"Kiplyn, come with me. You can help me destroy the blood bags." Father slowly backed up toward the door. "YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!!!!! YOU THINK I'D GO ANYWHERE WITH YOU?!"

"You're my daughter. The princess and future queen of vampires."

"I don't care about that stupid title. I never have!"

"You will care about it one day. You will. Trust me." With that he and his guards were gone.

I dropped to the ground and let go of the sword and crawled to my mother's body that was tightly pressed against my brother's chest.

I pulled my knees to my chest and cried. I don't even know how long I cried all I remember is my best friend, Adaline, coming over and holding me as she wept for the loss of my mother too.

"What happen, Kiplyn?" Adaline, her blue eyes filled with tears and her blonde hair pulled back In a tight fishtail braid, asked as she watched the Vampire EMTs carry my mother's body out. I closed my eyes and let everything come out.

Adaline knew I was a vampire but she didn't care because she trusted me enough to know I wouldn't hurt her she trusted my family also but when she met my father she was terrified because of how much he hated her before he even met her.

I looked over at Joshua as he stared off into space. "We need to have a funeral." I whispered.

"WHO WOULD COME?! FATHER WILL MAKE IT SOUND LIKE SHES A TRAITOR TO THE VAMPIRE COMMUNITY!" Josh screamed as he stood up and was in my face in a flash.

I closed my eyes, "She's not though. What if I went on TV and said she wasn't."

"The press would eat you alive." Adaline added in.

"I'm a princess and future queen; Joshua is a prince. They would listen." With that I pulled my cell phone out and dialed the Vamp5News team. Not even an hour later they were knocking on my door.

I stepped outside as the swarm of press surrounded my front door with camera and microphones. I took a huge breath and began, "My father, King Jonathan, strongly hates humans and has came to a choice about what should be done with the humans.

"His theory is to enslave all of mankind and sell them like slaves to wealthy vampires and werewolves. When he told my family about them we were distraught and when my mother spoke up against him he snapped her neck.

"My mother is not a traitor. She loves her kind and every other kind. Her opinion, that hasn't ever mattered to my father before, caused her to be killed by the king that is all."

With that all the interviewers started yelling questions and taking pictures, I opened my front door and went inside.

Joshua and Adaline were closing all the curtains and blinds when I walked into the house. After they were done we all went into the kitchen. "I'm human...what if your father tries to enslave me?" Adaline looked at us. I shook my head, "I don't think he will. But I am not sure. If he does Josh and I will buy you and set you free. Just know, father is brutal and will hurt you if you do not listen to him. He doesn't care who you are or who you are friends with in the vampire community. Not even me."

"What about my family?" Adaline asked in a shaky voice. "We will buy them and set them free and help them get to Canada. Father can only do this in the US every other king loves humans. Father is the only one that doesn't," Josh held Adaline's shaking hand, "we will protect them."

"I'm sure the Canada King will help us along with the British king." I added in as Adaline wiped her eyes.

"Princess Kiplyn, this is the castle guards. We understand that there is a human in your presence. Let us in or we will be forced to use force." I looked at the front of the house when I heard that booming voice. Josh and I ran to the weapons closet and grabbed our weapons.

"What do I do?" Adaline asked as I put my sheath of arrows on my back and put my glove on, "We trained you with katanas, right?" She nodded. I grabbed the sheath of the katanas and handed them to her as I grabbed my bow.

We heard a loud boom as the front door was broke down by a guard. 10 guards stood in our front hall. Lucan, our dad's 3rd in command, was In the front of the group, "Princess Kiplyn, Prince Joshua." He bowed.

"Flattery won't do any good, Lucan. We aren't giving you the human." Josh pulled his sword out. Lucan nodded, "Very well. We'll just take her from you." He motioned for the guards to attack. I put an arrow in my string, pulled back, and let it fly.

The arrow struck a guard right in the heart and he dropped to the floor. "Adaline, aim for the heart or cut the head off. That's the only way to kill a vampire!" Josh yelled as he fought a guard.

Adaline began fighting. She's a good fighter just not like me and Josh. I put another arrow on my string and shot another guard in the heart making him drop.

A guard knocked my bow out of the hands and knocked me off my feet. He was on top of me punching me. I tried reaching for an arrow but that didn't work. I put my hands on his face and pushed him off me by his face I quickly crawled to my box and knocked him in the face with it before putting an arrow on the string and killing him.

I looked around and saw guards all around our house dead. Besides Lucan who was wide eyed and pushed against the way by Josh who had his sword against Lucan's neck. Adaline was standing beside him with blood all over her.

"Where is the camps?!" Josh yelled in Lucan's face. "All across the states. There's at least 5 in each state!" Lucan cried. "Where's the nearest one?" I asked walking over to them. "In this town. Town square. The humans are being rounded up and put In it today."

"You aren't leaving here Alive." Josh said. Lucan started pleading with us before Josh snapped his neck.

"I need to get my parents out of America. Quickly." Adaline said as she dialed her mom's number on her cell phone. "We need to burn the bodies or do something with them." Josh added in as Adaline kept calling her mother. I helped Josh drag the bodies out into the yard and he lit a match and threw it on the pile of bodies.

After the bodies were burned we put the fire out and went inside. "My parents are packing, one of you need to call the Canada king." Addaline said as we walked into the house. "Kip can do it. She knows the prince very well." when Josh said that my face turned bright red. "Just because I dated the prince doesn't mean they'll listen." I muttered as I dialed the castle's number.

"Hello, this is Queen Annabelle. How may I be of assistance?"

"Hi, Anna, this is Kiplyn."

"KIPLYN!!! How are you, sweetie?"

"Not so good. May I please speak to Thomas?"

"Oh course, dear. THOMAS, IT'S KIPPY!" A few seconds and King Thomas was talking to me, "What's going on, Kip?"

"My father is starting basically a holocaust of humans in America."

"I heard about that."

"I need your help of getting humans out of America until my father is stopped."

"I'll do everything I can."

"I'm sneaking a few humans to your country for safety."

"I'll send some guards to the border and they'll help the humans find a place to stay."

"Thank you so much."

"How are you going to get them to the border quickly?"

"I'll run them for now. The rest... I can find transportation for. Hopefully."

"Christopher will be there. He'll help you."

"Thank you, sir," And I hung up, "we have to get her parents to Canada in about an hour. Addaline will stay in the basement here," I turned to Addaline, "It's laced with chemicals that will block your scent from any vampire. If a guard or any other vampire comes to the house. There's a safety room in the basement that won't let them into. I promise you will be safe."

She nodded, "I trust you."

"There's food and drinks and a tv and couches down there and in the safe room. You'll be safe." Josh added as he rubbed Addaline's back. She grabbed her katanas and went down to the basement.

I locked the basement door and Josh and I left.

We ran to Addaline's parents house and saw them in the living room. We walked into the unlocked house and I slightly smiled, "Mr and Mrs. Williams, are you ready?" They nodded.

"Mr. Williams, you'll get on my back and you'll hold your stuff tightly, okay?" Josh said. He nodded and got on Josh's back and they were off. "Mrs. Williams, you'll get on my back and do the same thing." She slightly nodded and climbed on my back.

I ran with all my power to the Canadian border. In just a few minutes we were there. She climbed off my back and went over to her husband who was with a few Canadian castle guards and Christopher. Josh adjusted his sheath and crossed his arms, "How are we going to bring father down?"

I shrugged, "With allies." Christopher walked over to me. His gorgeous brown eyes shinning at the sight of me and his black chopped hair was flattened and he was sweating. His guard uniform was very hot on him. The white pants outlined his muscled legs, his red coat was unbuttoned showing his white undershirt that outlined his abs.

He bowed when he got to us and smiled at me slyly, "Kiplyn, Joshua, how are you?"

We both bowed back. Josh smiled, "Chris, you know to call me Josh since you and Kip dated a month ago."

I rolled my eyes, "We need to get to the house. Addaline can't stay there forever."

Christopher talked to his fellow guards and then we were off. 10 minutes later we were walking into my house. I unlocked the basement door and yelled for Addaline. She walked up the stairs and smiled at us, "That wasn't even an hour!"

"We're first runners," I laughed, "Addaline, this is the Canadian prince, Christopher-"

"And Kip's ex-boyfriend!" Josh added in. I elbowed him in the stomach, "Shut the heck up!"

"Josh, do you have any clothes I can wear besides this?" Chris asked looking at me. "Yes I do! Kip will show you to my room." Josh smirked. I hissed under my breath at him and went upstairs with Chris behind me.

When we got into Josh's room Chris spoke, "Why did you end our relationship?" I stopped in my tracks and felt Chris' hand wrap around my wrist. "I don't know, Chris."

"I still love you."

"I-I-" I grabbed a shirt and some basketball shorts and threw them at him and ran down stairs quickly.

When I got down stairs I pressed my back against the halls wall and breathed deeply.

Christopher and I dated for 5 years until I ended it because he wanted to get married after high school.

I did too but I just didn't know how that would work. I was scared that he would leave me or some thing bad would happen. I still love him more than anything but I was just too scared.

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