Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


21. Damaged


I moved my head like three fucking million times to get the sun to stop shining in my eyes. I pulled the duvet over my head just to get in a dark space. I keep trying to fall into a sleepy state but since it's morning it's not gonna happen. The sheets under me smelled like cigarettes and alcohol. The pillow didn't smell any different than the sheets. I turn my head to see an intriguing girl on her bed still sleeping. She has been nothing but an annoying jokester to me all day. I know she just new here and wants to have fun but she didn't have to put make-up on me and paint my finger nails.

It's Thursday I completely forgot, I'm gonna be late. I push the duvet off of me and rushed to get my shoes that I need to put on. Cassidy was still sound asleep when I slam the door shut behind me. I cursed under my breath for causing a loud noise. I hurried outside, the sun still beamed in my eyes. I still have my gray hoody on, so I put my hood over my head for sun block. My legs and feet were aching for just getting out of bed. I can hardly walk normal from this acid burning my muscles in my legs. There were still puddles that dotted the pavement and road. It hurts too much for my legs to step over them. 


A big bang came from the door that had been slam shut I wanted to know what happen but I was too tired to get up. I pushed the duvet off of me to look at the time. "Oh I'm gonna be late." I slipped out of bed to my dresser for decent clothes, something that isn't too old fashion. I pulled out a pink top that flared out on hem and skinny jeans that I would like to wear with my black toms. All my school stuff were scattered everywhere in a corner by my dresser, I didn't have time to pick all this up and leave. I picked up the important pages and stuffed them in my bag, without even to bother to neatly place them in it. I looked over to Charlie's bed and notice Niall was gone; he must've been the one who slammed my door shut. Without thinking to put my hair up properly I left immediately. 

People and cars roamed the streets, I grazed over and saw Niall down by the telephone stand. I chased him down as my bag bounced around on my side. Niall's head slightly turned but he still didn't see me. He waited for the cars to stopped. As I kept running I suddenly stepped into a few puddles my feet were getting wet. I called out Niall as I got closer; his face turned inches towards me. My feet slowed me down when I finally reached him. My heartbeat was at a rapid pace, I checked my pulse before saying a word.

"Finally caught up to you." I say, Niall giving me a fake smile.

"Your hair looks messy," Niall's words barely came out of his mouth.

My hand streaked through my hair trying to finger comb it, it was no use. The rest of time as I walked stayed silent. I repeatedly hold up my bag because the strap seemed to long to actually fit properly on my shoulder. Niall ignored every action I did trying to get his attention. Out of nowhere someone shouted my name, I stopped my tracks to see who it was. Behind me was Harry jogging straight towards me, Niall rolled his eyes. I waved to him and gesture to him to come closer.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Harry leaned closer to me and looking up to Niall who was mumbling to himself.

"Nothing just going to school," I say.

I felt Harry's hand brushed against mine, giving me a shiver. I moved my bag to my other side hopefully Harry wouldn't touch my hand again. Harry asked me if was ready for the weekend and I answered that I was leaving tomorrow afternoon to visit Logan. "Will one of you guys drive me, just before I can actually get my own car instead of walking the whole time?"

"No." Niall shaked his head and I stuck my tongue out at him.

"I will!" Harry exclaimed. 

"Great." I smiled greatly. 

I continued to walk with Niall and Harry on either side of me.


I looked over to Harry holding his ear. Niall looked away acting that he didn't do anything. I rolled my eyes and ignored the two boys.


Harry finally left, Niall left me also to go to class and I'm stuck in English with no one to talk to. Until a young boy came by and sat next to me, he had brown caramel hair and perfect dentures. I scent cologne radiating from his shirt. "Hi, Lucas right?" He nod. He drummed his fingers on his desks making his own beat. "Do you play the drums? Sorry I couldn't help but ask."

"Yeah I do, I'm currently in a band. White Eskimo is the name if you were wondering." I nod, while Lucas continues. "About four years ago we lost a band member, Harry was his name. So it's just me and two other friends of mine."

"Oh you were friends with Harry? I know him, yeah he's friends with my roommate so he comes around often." I console.

"So you know him then? Yeah ever since he dropped out from the band he changed a lot, getting tattoos, doesn't go to school anymore, parties, fucks girls a lot, and doesn't care about anyone else except himself." Doesn't care about anyone? Harry is so sweet though, I really didn't expect him to be all so…different considering the black ink covering his body. Yet Harry can be a bit nosy if spending time with him for many hours. "I didn't know Harry would change so much, I moved here less than a week and all he has been sweet to me." Lucas nod once again.

"I guess he just doesn't want to be in the band anymore, probably something or someone distracting him. Speaking of White Eskimo we are entering a contest in Dublin, you should check us out this weekend." 

"Urgh I would love to but I'm staying over at my boyfriends this weekend, Harry is actually driving me there," Lucas' head sinks down him looking at his knees, "but how about next week?"

"Yeah, sure we actually got a warehouse not too far away from Dublin University that I practice at every other day you should come by sometime." Lucas slips out a small piece of paper and wrote down the address to the warehouse and handed it to me. I mouthed thank you before the bell rings. 

Right when I step out of the door I see Niall talking with another boy. What seems like he is consulting him in front of the lady at the desk. Niall took grip of the boy's shirt and glared into his eyes, his fist turned white. Once he let go Niall looked up at me in anger, so much anger that he wanted to rip out his messy blonde hair. His feet tracked him up the stairs getting closer to me, his shoulder brushed against mine causing me to stumble back. What was that all about? Niall went up to his locker throwing his things in it. I went up to him and he notices, "what's the matter?" Niall doesn't say a word instead he takes a book with paper crammed inside and a pencil out of his locker. I sigh when he walks away and not looking back. Niall needs to be a little more social with me I can't just let him ignore me half the time. Or all the time. I still gaze at him walking away when he was close to hit someone in the head with his book. I sigh again when he turns a corner. Just one more class before going home I can make it through.

I walked down the steps slowly, the butterflies swarm around wildly in my stomach and my heartbeat was uneven. A woman's heels echoed down the hall making me have a headache. As I continued down the hall I scan the pictures of those who were successful at Dublin University. I quietly shrieked when a large hand touched my shoulder, I turned to see Lucas on my side. He chuckled at me. "You scared me, don't do that again. What are you doing walking with me anyway?" 

"I changed classes so I can see you," Lucas smiled.

"Aww, but you do know I have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah so you know I can still have a crush on you even if you have a boyfriend or not unless you're married which obviously you're not." I couldn't help but blushed when Lucas said he had a crush on me. 

I turned round, only to drop the paper I was holding. Niall stood with a frown, his eyes staring at me and Lucas. I became very aware I was just standing in the middle of the corridor. His vision grazed up to me and Lucas before he spoke. 

"I went to the wrong class. I got one class changed." Niall said as he got closer to me.

I stood there awkwardly with Lucas. No words came out of my mouth as I watched Niall stroll over to the door. Lucas looked down, swaying his foot on the floor while Niall closed the door when he went inside the same room I was about to go in. By Lucas's look he seemed like he didn't want to say anything to make things a little bit more awkward between us. Lucas glanced round the corridor, taking in the surrounding before connecting with my gaze again. "I think we should go before we both become late." I let out a groan before I playfully pushing Lucas away from me and walking to my class. I made sure there was nothing else I dropped in the corridor before closing the door.


I glance to the door to see Cassidy and someone else she has been talking to come in. Mrs. Hastings gesture them to sit anywhere they would like. I sat in the back away from everyone, I didn't want to talk to or see anyone. My focus was brought to Cassidy sitting a couple desk in front of me. The same guy sat right beside her his arm only centimeters away from hers. Facing from the back of Cassidy's head she didn't do a good job fixing her hair from earlier. I conceal my mouth with both of my hands, spreading them against my chin. My legs were spread apart from not being able to fit in with my desk. That prick guy looked over at me after I scooted my chair back for some room. 

Mrs. Hastings passed out a paper with various of questions and blanks, she told us to get in a group of three to fill out the paper. Cassidy looked to me telling me to sit next to her, she pats the desk beside her wanting me by her. I got up from my seat and sat next to her.

"This is Lucas by the way," Cassidy refers to the guy next to her.

I barely waved to him with no emotion or interest. He didn't seem to care about me except Cassidy for sure. I stretch my hand for the pencil that was still on my desk. Cassidy handed me one so I didn't have to try, thanks so much. While I wrote simple words into my page I heard Cassidy and Lucas giggly beside me. I give a quick listen, it was nothing just only small talk about music videos. Less than ten minutes our instructor told us to come to the front and share our information. I got out of my seat and strangely heard a small shriek from Cassidy. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"Something sharp just scratched my leg."

I went over by her desk and suspect a drop of blood on the tiled floor. I moved the desk to get it out of the way. Cassidy hold her leg and struggled to move it.

"Is there something wrong?" Mrs. Hastings asked impatiently.

"Yeah, I'm bleeding and it's a lot of blood." Cassidy said. Lucas was still standing unaware of what to do, what an idiot.

"Niall could you take her to the nurse and make sure she is properly bandaged?" I nod.

I took Cassidy's hand as she suffers from the pain in her leg. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she hopped on one foot to the door. Her hair kept falling to her face making a curtain in front of her eyes. I open the door and tried to move faster while this girl leans farther into me, making it extremely hard to walk. I spotted the nurse's door on one side of the wall, a couple chairs stood outside and I sat Cassidy down who looked a bit woozy. I opened the door to the nurse asking if she has any big bandages, she handed me a small roll of one. I went outside to check on Cassidy who had her head resting on her hand. "Okay come here." Cassidy held out her leg in front of me and I begin to wrap the bandage around her leg. She shrieked when I pat the bandage so it will stay on, I mumbled a sorry. 

"Niall can you please get me some headache medicine?"

Once again I asked the nurse for some head relief, I was handed a bottle of tablets and a cup of water. I handed it to Cassidy suspecting to get the pills over with. She toss the cup into the trash and handed me the tablets. I gave back the nurse the bottle. I gave out a hand to Cassidy wanting to help her get off the chair. She moans from accidentally hitting her leg against the leg of the chair.


I went outside the classroom for some napkins that were in the cafeteria. When I came back I saw Cassidy and Niall talking to each other. Next thing I know she reaches for Niall and kisses him on the lips. I left after that moment. I felt my heart dropped to my stomach, I opened the classroom door and went by the desk with the blood on the floor. I cleaned it up and threw away the bloody napkins into the trash can.

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