Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


19. Damaged


I have had such a long day and I'm really tired, I got my first assignment from College I have to write a autobiography about myself. According to me I don't really have anything exciting about my life, I don't do anything fun. My teacher won't have a good time reading a paper with three interesting facts and the rest probably be about my routine. I think I'll just write about what happen at school that was kinda fun. 

I fumble into my purse for my room keys which were in the bottom. I unlocked the door to my dorm, Charlie wasn't here she must be with her friends probably drinking or vandalizing homes. No I don't think she will do that. My stuff were placed down by my bed and I plopped onto my bed in exhaustion. I fluttered my eyes close hoping I won't be doing any work and I'll just be taking a nap. 

Knock knock.

Oh shit.

Who could that be? Wasting my independent time for me being in a sleepy state. I went over to open the door, look who it is. Niall. What could he possible want from me or anything that has to do with me? Or he wants someone else? Nor could be any of those things. His hands were inside his pockets like a bad boy would do just to look cool and get girls. "Ready to go?" He asked, Niall's hand went through his unruly hair.

"For what?" I had a long day I have no idea what he was talking about. I couldn't really comprehend about me being ready to go.

"To get ice cream remember?" Oh. I don't remember him asking me to get ice cream together. I seriously had a long and exhausting day. The least I could do is get ice cream before starting on my assignment.

"Oh, right just let me get my stuff." I hastily put on a jacket since it's raining outside, grabbed my keys and put my phone in my back pocket. Niall was over by the door resting his forehead on the door frame, he's gonna cause a mark on his head and it won't be pretty. I won't say anything if it does. Niall slightly moved to the corridor while I locked the door to my dorm. Niall looked at me with dazed eyes.

"What?" I say.

"Nothing, it's just you got a stain on your shirt. You might wanna clean it." He rudely remarks. 

Here we go again with the rude comments every time I'm around him; first his comment at that party, second he called me annoying and now he is telling me to clean my shirt in the most unpleasant way as possible. What would it take for him to be nice to me besides taking me out to get ice cream as acquaintances. Maybe it's because he doesn't know me very well despise the fact he probably wouldn't want to. Maybe I should get to know him while on a trip to the ice cream shop. Niall looks like the type of guy who wouldn't want to share secrets or whatever with other people. 

"I wouldn't be talking besides you could really brush your teeth your breath smells." I ignore him clenching his fist and tightening his jaw and I walked away. My phone begins to buzz as Niall caught up to me.


"Hey babe."

"Oh hi Logan." I saw Niall rolled his eyes at me, "why did you call me?"

"Just to check and see if you are doing alright."

"Yeah I'm fine I was just about to get some ice cream."

"Are you with your roommate and friends..Cassidy I said not to be around them."

"No, no I'm not." I lie.

"Okay call you tomorrow bye." Logan hung up on the other end of the line.

Niall gave me a blank stare as I continued to walk out the building.

"I can't believe you're dating that guy." He starts it.

I sigh.

"Well I can't believe you're taking me out on a date to get ice cream." Niall furrowed his eyebrows.

"Date? Haha you really think this is a date, no this is not a date." His nervous laughter filled the lobby room.

"It sure seems like one." I put my hood over my head while I swung the doors open. 

"Fine if you think it's a date then it's a date, official." Niall stepped outside onto the pavement, the way he walked tells that he is mad at me. I hardly said anything and yet he gets frustrated.

"Hey wait up." I called after him.

We both stopped at a stoplight waiting for the cars to stop moving so we can cross the road. I heard a ding and I looked down to see that I dropped my keys to my dorm. Niall was already half way across the road. I picked up my keys and followed him. The stoplight turned green.

"Cassidy hurry up you don't wanna get ran over by a car do you?" I shook my head, scurrying down the road to reach Niall. I put my keys back in my purse hoping they won't fall out again. 

"Why weren't you right behind me?" Niall asked.

"I dropped my keys."

"Well be careful next time." I nod.

I continue to walk with him while cars pass me by. Niall would have to stop and wait for me according to him I'm the worlds slowest human being. Thank you very much. Time to time I go pick something off the ground and put it on his head and then he will threaten me to tell Logan that I'm breaking up with him. Even though I know he wouldn't do that. Even if he saids that we are the worst couple ever. Again thank you very much. I mimic everything Niall does just to annoy him, it's working out well. Niall said he would buy a dog leash if I don't stop, but I didn't. I would sneak something out of his back pocket and act like a robber. Niall made me walk in front of him. I'd stop my tracks and he bump into me like he always does. He face is slightly turning red but I carelessly laughed. Niall whispered a few comments to himself about how he is gonna kill me if I don't stop. I think about other ways to annoy him even more. He glares at me like he is reading my mind.

"Why won't you lighten up?"

"Because you here won't stop being fucking annoying." 

"I was just only messing around and having fun." I say.

"Well don't, I'm close to screaming at you." Niall rubbed his temples with his fingers hoping his headache will go away.

"Aww little Niall got a headache." I teased.

Niall pinched his fingers, "I'm this fucking close to locking you in a closet where no one can hear you suffer."

"Hey that was rude."

"Do you have anything else to say to annoy me?" Niall glared at me once again.


"Then shut up." I did as he told me, we both finally reached the ice cream shop. Niall swung the door open waiting for me to go in first. What a gentlemen, I rolled my eyes.

"I'm getting cookie dough what about you?" I asked.

"Apparently my breath smells so I'm getting mint." I nod.

The cashier stared at us awkwardly like if there was something wrong with us.

"One mint and one cookie dough." Niall say. I stood there awkwardly waiting for something exciting happen. I'm at a ice cream shop I doubt anything exciting will happen.


"One mint and one cookie dough." The cashier called our order. I fumbled into my bag for some money to pay. Niall grabbed my fist. 

"I'm paying, this is a date right?" 

I nod.

Niall gave the money to the man and handed me my ice cream, I mouthed thank you to him. "Where do you wanna eat this outside or those tables?" I asked.


I took a seat by the window and kept licking the ice cream out of the cone. Niall did the same but most of time he was on his phone. He wasn't paying attention to it melting down to his fingers, glad I brought napkins. I took one from the table and wiped the minty ice cream before it hit his fingers. Niall gave me a "what the hell are you doing" look. 


"I'm so bored." I rolled my eyes.

"Well do something."

"I want to but you're here on your phone and we are hardly talking..you said this was an official date." I emphasize official.

"Fine you wanna talk let's talk, what do you wanna talk about?" Niall sigh and put his phone down.

"I don't know I thought you had something in mind." Niall shook his head. This isn't going as well as I thought it would be. 

"Um okay, uh tell me about yourself."

"What for?"

"To get to know you better." I say.

"Okay then, my name is Niall Horan I'm in College I live in a dorm and I have friends." I blurted out laughing.

"That's not what I meant, I already knew that. Tell me about something I probably don't know like what you like and what you hate just random information." I licked my ice cream.

"Okay. Uh..I don't drink, I want to be a tattoo artist, I have one brother also I'm a uncle, my hair is naturally brown, favorite sport is football and uh I'm a carefree kind of guy." I nod at every word he said.

"So that tattoo artist thing is that why I see you go to art class?" Niall nod his head, "okay what about your personal love life what do you look for in a girl?"

Niall glared at me, "uh what I look for in a girl is basically someone like me, agrees almost everything with me, don't give a fuck about anything or anyone likes to have fun and a nice smile."

"Really? Good luck finding someone who doesn't care about someone." 

"That's not what I said I meant like there is certain people you can care about for example family or girlfriend or boyfriend, just someone you are really close to." Niall saids.

I threw away the napkin that I had in my hand. I waited for Niall to stand and leave the ice cream shop with me. Once again I teased him to annoy him again. 

I pushed him to make him walk faster recalling from him I'm the slowest. I sneakily put his hood down so his hair would get wet. I get bits of leaves from the trees and put it in his pocket without him noticing. Niall teased me by stoping every five seconds for me to run into him as payback. I hold the grunge to pick up dirt and put it in his mouth. Niall was getting really mad so he tug at me so I would stop but I didn't. I pulled his ear waiting for him to slap but we all know that will never happen. "Okay I bout had it with you." Niall moved a few inches away from me. 

Niall pulled out his phone to check the time. I have a sudden urge to take his phone away and run. I waited a few seconds as he type away. I hastily snatch his phone and begin to run towards a tunnel. I turn my head behind me to see Niall coming after me. I haven't run in forever, felt like ages. My pulse quickened and my heart beat speed up. I got my shoes wet from stepping into a puddle. As I reached the end of the tunnel I took a turn trying to be able to loose him. I saw a small alley with trash bags laying around. I hope Niall doesn't find me here. A buzzing noise was coming from his phone, it was Louis and he texted what I was doing. 

"Boo." I almost squeal. Niall was behind me pulling on my arm to reach his phone. I bite his hand to get free. My legs were aching as ran towards a pond. Niall stopped a few feet in front of me.

"Hey look a pond." I say holding his phone over the small body of water.

"Please..don't..throw..that..in..there." Niall was trying to catch his breath. 

"Fine I won't I'll just send a text to Louis." I swiped the unlock bottom knowing he didn't have a password, "Hi Louis, this is Cassidy Niall isn't here right now he is being occupy by a squirrel." I say as I type the words into his phone. 

"And sent." I smiled. 

Niall came up to me trying to grab his phone away, his face is completely red, "give me my god damn phone, Cassidy." 

"Nope." I popped the p.

Niall pulled me away from the pond so none of us would fall in it. I got a feeling that he was going to hit me but he didn't he just took his phone. He was really angry at me. I watch him wipe away the rain droplets on his phone. Niall pulled at his hair when he read the text I sent Louis. "Let's go." He said through his teeth. I followed behind him, he kept looking back at me so I couldn't tease him. 

Niall stopped in his tracks which almost made me bump into him, "I'm sorry, for getting mad at you and not...lighten up like you said." 

I'm so confused he shouldn't apologize it should be me apologizing to him for teasing him, taking his phone and making him mad. It's all my fault. I parted my lips about to say something but nothing came out.

"No, don't be sorry it's me who should be sorry I created this mess I should be the one cleaning it up." I looked down at the pavement.

I continue to walk down the pavement, I can tell Niall's eyes were following me. He seemed more confused than I was. His large hand took hold of my shoulder, "Wait Cassidy let me make it up to you, how about we go on another date say next week on Saturday?" 

"Umm, sure."


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