Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


18. Damaged

Okay for this part I'm just going to go straight in to where Niall meets his nephew and his sister in law. Just giving you a few points on what it is before reading.


At the end of the street there was a small home with a chimney, pots of flowers on the porch, vines growing on the side of the house, piles of dirt on the side and stuff that seemed it was going on sale. What happen here? Everything was all so nice and neat now it's just a mess and it shouldn't be the way a home should look like. I stepped onto the small porch and knock a few times on the front door until it opened.

"Niall?" a raspy voice spoke.

"Yeah it's me...I came to visit. I went and saw Greg." I scratched the back of my head.

"Oh right...come in." the woman closed the door behind me. 

It was dark inside, not much room for everything to fit. Trash was scattered everywhere how is my sister in law living like this it's horrendous. "Denise, where's Theo?" I asked, looking around. 

"He's in my room sleeping, he should be waking up by now. He ate a couple hours ago." 

"Oh. I want to see the little guy." Denise smiles. 

There was a awkward pause until I spoke, "um Denise I shouldn't be talking about this but what happen here?" This isn't a very good time to talk about this subject but there's needs to be a time to where it's brought up.

"Your brother well he has stress, taking out most of his anger out on me. It's been awhile since you visited me and while I was pregnant with Theo...Greg would just, abuse me. I think it all started because he got fired from his job so he's been drinking a little bit and still hurt me physically and mentally. I loved that man so much, and now he's in jail. I went out looking like shit to look for his boss begging him to give my husband's job back..." a few drops left her eyes as she wiped them away. "I gave birth to my son without him." She turns her head towards the room that Theo is staying in. 

I heard a few sniffles from her as I sat her down on the broken couch. A growling noise was coming from her stomach, she's hungry.

"Are you hungry? I can buy you some food if that's fine with you. I don't want you to starve to death." I rubbed small circles on her back.

"Yeah that's fine, I'm in the mood for some noodles." Denise chuckles.

I looked around the small home for a phone book, it was under one of the couch cushions. I scanned for a noodle shop that delivers. Once I found one I order two medium size cups of noodles and a small one in case Theo gets hungry. 

"The food will be delivered in twenty minutes. I will clean up around here just to spare time, this place is a mess." 

I lurked around in the kitchen for a trash bag to pick up all the trash and bottles of beer and baby food laying on the floor.

"Do you mind doing the dishes for me, I couldn't really touch a thing?" Denise points to the sink filled with silverware and bowls and plates. I nod.

I was half way done with the dishes before my order got here. I handed Denise and myself a fork for our noodles. Denise almost scarfed the whole thing, she probably hasn't ate for days. I could hardly touch a noodle in my cup. I sat my cup on the nearest surface. "I have some good news," I say. Denise looked up at me with confusion.

"What? What is it? At least I could use some goods news while I live in a dump." She refer to the trashy house.

"When I visited my brother, he said he was bailing out in a few weeks."


I nod.

"I was thinking that when I fine a job that pays well I can visit more often to get this place back in shape." I picked up something plastic and toss it across the living room.

I couldn't let my brother's wife live in a horrendous house with her son that's not even one yet. He was just born a week ago. I have only three weeks to get this home back to looking nice before Greg comes home from jail. Greg shouldn't be in jail of it wasn't for his bos- the guy he use to work for this wouldn't happen and Denise wouldn't scream in agony while pregnant with a boy who was just born. If I was my brother I would just get mad a little bit about losing my job then find another one. 

I went to Denise's room to find Theo without asking even though I should have. The small unfamiliar human laid immensely in his bed, he was wide awake. His small arms were lifted in the air hoping he would catch something. Theo's tiny hands wrapped around my fingers bringing them to his mouth. A little bit of saliva came out and I wiped it away with his sky blue blanket. Theo was a cute little baby, so sensitive and not quite familiar with the world that he is in. He had that same eye colour as I did. I could feel Denise's eyes were on me as I picked Theo up from his baby crib. He was lighter then I thought he was, deem that that there wasn't really any food here. Theo wiggled a bit in my arms. Small hairs were crawling out of his head, it was light. 

"Hello there." I grin. I'm sure he was oblivious of who I was. "I'm Niall, I'm your uncle." I say. His small hands gripped at my shirt and he tugs. I stroke the spine of his back while still holding him. Denise came closer to me taking grip of Theo into her own arms. 

"I should let him stay with you for just one day." She saids, I shook my head.

"Oh no, I don't think it would be right because I have College." 

"I mean't on the weekends." Denise laughs. 

"Oh right, yeah sure I rarely do anything on the weekends." I lie not trying to refer of me going to parties and shit I shouldn't really be doing.

"Oh great, how about this Saturday?" 

I nod as an answer. Denise gave me a big grin and went to the kitchen to fetch Theo's baby bottle setting on the kitchen counter. I left the bedroom and went straight towards the front door, I put my shoes and turn the door knob but Denise stopped me.

"You're leaving already?" She asked, with Theo still in her arms.


"But don't you want to stay?" 

"I would love to but I need to get back to my dorm, I have school tomorrow." I swiftly open the door.

"Of course, well okay I'll see you next week." 

I nod and left the living room, shutting the door behind me. Now I got a long way to walk, five blocks to my dorm I don't have any kind of transportation except feet. Just my luck.


It already started raining outside, my hair was damp. My shirt was becoming transparent letting it show through. Rain droplets trickled down my cheek and my neck as it still pour down. Puddles were everywhere on the pavement and road as I try not to step in one to get my shoes wet. I saw a few citizens running around with umbrellas above their heads as I don't. I squint my eyes to see if I can find the building with my dorm. I will never understand why they make dorms when they could actually have a house for someone to live in while they still go to school. Pathetic. 

The pounding of the rain hitting the ground is giving me headache also the scream coming from a little girl who is refusing to do something with her parents. My stomach growl indicating that I needed food in my system, I'm actually still hungry even after eating noodles minutes ago. Just glad I'm almost to my dorm

I stop my tracks at the elevator, pushing the third button on the panel in front of me. Before the door close someone else stopped it just to come inside. The man wore a sweatshirt with the university's name on it, light blue jeans and boots that looked soggy from being outside in the rain. He didn't look my direction considering he probably doesn't give a shit to look my way. He kept flicking his hair away from his face during my time waiting for the elevator to reach my floor and listen to the most shitty as music on earth. Elevator music. 

Once the elevator stopped and the door opens I'm out of there. I bet no one wants to spend their time doing what I just did. Clumsily I accidentally bumped into someone who was much bigger and buffer than me. His large built figure tower over me, "watch where you're going you prick." He harshly saids. I seriously need to stop bumping into people I'm just making a fool of myself. 

The large man kept eyeing me as I walked down the corridor to my room. I saw Zayn taking a nap on his bed on his side of the room. His snoring filled the room which made my headache even worse, I shook his shoulder hoping he would wake up. He flutter his caramel eyes a few times just to adapt his surroundings. "Hey dude, stop snoring I got a headache." I say. Zayn rubbed his eyes with one side of his hand. He made a few groggy noises like people usually do when they wake up. I can tell he wasn't unaware of my absence when I was at Denise's, he was too slow to comprehend. 

I stared at his alarm clock that read 11:45 p.m. "Wanna go out tonight?" I asked, knowing it would take awhile for Zayn to answer. Zayn spread out his arms and yawned until he finally answered, "yeah sure, I'm in the mood for a beer. We can go out to a bar, I heard it was lady's night." He smirked.

"Okay cool." I sheepishly say.

Going to a bar isn't really a benefit for me since I don't drink and I try my hardest not to since that one moment last time didn't go as well. 

Warm bodies were surrounding me as I scurried through to find Louis. I found him at the counter taking shots with others chanting "chug chug chug." A barrier of sweat covered his body as he dip his head back for the intoxicated drink to slip right in his throat. "Louis, can we go." Louis tried to catch his breath when he set the tiny cup down. He looked at me sternly, his red beady eyes glared at me. 

"Why won't you get yourself a drink then maybe we can go." He said with a groggy voice.

I gritted my teeth, "I don't drink, remember?" He set the small cup down again before looking straight into my blue orbs. His face was getting a bit red, his green shirt was getting soaked from his sweat. "Just get one drink, maybe you'll like it." 

I sigh, "fine one drink that's it then we are defiantly leaving." One of Louis' friends passed me a minimum size drink filled with an unknown liquid. "Vodka?" I looked at him with a baffle look.

"It's really good." Louis and his friends smirked at me.

I brung the glass cup to my lips and took a sip. It burned my taste buds and my throat as I swallowed it down. It didn't taste half bad as I thought it would be. Multiple eyes were on me as I took another sip of it. "He likes it." A female voice was heard. I started to chug it down, it was like dynamite in my throat, this stuff just burns and it's sour. Once the liquid was gone in my cup I asked for another one. Louis gave me a few hard pats on my back and handed me another one.


The counter was getting a lot more crowded ever since I started drinking. My eyes were getting a bit itchy. I mostly screamed everything that I said, laughed at everything that came out of my mouth. I was actually having a fun time with people I didn't even know. Music started playing in the background, I felt a small hand touch my shoulder. It was a girl around my age who had black damp hair, a white crop top and really short shorts. "Wanna dance?" She sweetly asked, I didn't think it was a question more like a order to me. I set the beer bottle down on the counter and head where that girl went.

The lights went dim and it was getting darker, the girl hold up a finger gesturing me to come near her. She had that smirk spread across her lips showing she was ready for something but what exactly? I was lead to a corner of the bar, it was basically a dark corner. The girl was sitting on a bench by the cinder block wall. 

"I thought we were going to dance?"

The girl chuckled at me, "no silly, come here."

I did as she told me, I sat right next to her. She shifted her waist to my lap and swung her arms around my neck. I grip her hips so she is more stable on my lap. "What's your name?" The girl asked, her lips were only centimeters away from mine. 

"I'm Niall, what's yours?"


"That's a nice nam-" Lilly cut me off with her lips on mine, her eyes flutter closed and of coursed I kissed back. I got a few ooos back at the counter where Louis was still at. As our lips move in sync I felt a weird feeling in my stomach. My lips detached from hers, "is everything okay?" Lilly looked at me confused. "Yeah, just um..can you excuse me for a second." I let go of her hips so she is back on the bench. Lilly nodded at me. 

I went straight to the men's restroom in the back, I hastily went straight towards a cubicle. I got on my knees and my head hover over the toilet. I kept gagging until something was coming up my throat, I cough a little bit until I threw up in the toilet. I heard a door swung open, foot steps were getting closer to where I was. Then the cubicle door open and someone was hitting my back while I cough into the toilet. "Are you okay?" An familiar voice saids, Louis. 

"Yeah, I think I got beer poisoning or whatever you call it." I lift myself up and stood to face Louis. "How did you find me?" 

"Your girlfriend said you were in the bathroom." Louis ripped a few sheets of toilet paper and handed it to me to wipe my face off. 

"She's not my girlfriend." I stated.

"Sure, I saw you making out with her." 

"For your information she kissed me first." I threw away the toilet paper in the toilet then flushed it.

"Whatever. Niall got a girlfriend." Louis teased me.

I went back out to the counter and asked for water, I am defiantly done with drinking because of that moment with that girl in the corner. I took out my phone to check the time, it's getting really late I better tell Louis that we should leave. I found Louis with the same girl I was with getting her number. "Louis let's go it's getting really late." Louis nod at me and gave me a small piece of paper. "What's this?" 

"That girl's number." Louis started laughing while we went out on the streets.

"I can't believe you. Why would you get her number for me?"

"Because you like her." Louis said.

I shook my head.


"Niall!" Zayn snapped me out of my flashback at the bar.

"Yeah? Huh what?"

"I said you wanna go down to the cafeteria to get something to eat." 

"Oh, yeah I'm getting pretty hungry." I say.

Zayn got off his bed and run his hand threw his hair to make it even more messy than it was before. I went by the door and waited for him to come with me then we left.


































Soo what did you think? This chapter is just really a filler because I really don't know what to write. I added a flash back because you know flashbacks are cool and it keeps the story going which is what I want. Lilly the girl in this chapter if you wanna know what she looks like I picture her as Megan Fox if you don't know who that is I suggest you look her up and one thing PAY ATTENTION TO LILLY SHE WILL BE IN OTHER CHAPTERS LATER SHE IS ONE OF THE IMPORTANT CHARACTERS SO READ CAREFULLY okay thank you and the last thing I want to tell you is that I only have 8 votes and I asked for 10 so please please pretty please vote for my story. 10 votes that's all I'm asking for now.

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