Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


17. Damaged

~*Nialls POV*~

It's been twenty minutes of me listening to Cassidy talk. When will she ever stop? I don't want to waste my day listen to her talk all day long. 

"Hey, maybe we should invite Harry to get ice cream with-" I cut her off.


There is no way I'm inviting Harry, I'm already going against him and like twenty other guys that I call friends. Harry has that way to get any girl to like him and it's seems to be working on Cassidy. I won't let him have it. He thinks he can get his way every time, well not this time. I really despise Cassidy and so does Harry but I'm not inviting him. 

"Why? You don't like him or?" 

"Kinda." I admit.

"Oh, okay we won't invite him then, I don't want to be in the middle of the situation you guys have between you two." 

I took off my sunglasses and pushed my hair back.

"Why do you want to invite him anyway?" 

"He's sweet, handsome and has a adorable smile." Oh I see hasn't said anything nice about me.

"That's it?" I softy say.

I seriously need to stop. I also need to get to school now, I thinking about just dropping out but I know that's now how my family expects out of me. Ms. Goody goody won't even take a second without talking. She is really getting on my nerves.

It's all her and school, family, boyfriend, dreams, Harry, more Harry, and of course even more Harry. "Would you shut up. Damn." I just had to say it. Even though I wanted to be nice just to get her to like me but I just need to be mean to someone who won't stop talking. Please just stop. Cassidy's mouth went wide.

"That was mean." She whines. 

"I'm sorry, but you're just really annoying and you won't stop talking, about Harry." She had that pouty face on her. I'm not regretting because that was completely true.

Her lips parted and I know she is going to speak.

"You know what I think of you? A dumbass, I'm not annoying if you actually like being friends with me or whatever then you would actually like to hear me talk." 

"I like you." I hesitate.

What? Did I just really?

"What? You like me?" She furrowed her eyebrows.

"As a friend. That's what I was referring to." My foot slid across the pavement.

"Oh, hahaha I thought you meant you like me like as in more than friends. Hahaha." Okay stop laughing you don't have to point it out. 

"Okay, if you like me as a friend then why are you always mean to me?" Cassidy asks.

"I already told you. You're annoying." Cassidy playfully hit me on the arm.

"Shut up, just be glad I agree to get ice cream with you and not Harry." She emphasize Harry.

I stayed silent just like she wanted but I know she was kidding about it. I looked up to see a tall building with Dublin University written in green above the doors. Thank god I'm here. I skipped out on Cassidy and head straight to the school.

"Niall, wait up." Cassidy called from behind.

Not a chance.

I stopped for her to catch up, I really need to think about my actions. Her fast pace led up to me. 

"Do you have a car, like that you drive?" She asked.

"Yeah, but it's broke down needs repair. Why?"

"Oh shoot I thought maybe you can drive me back to my room because I don't have one and don't have the credits to pay for one." Cassidy sigh.

I see how she feel, I been walking these streets before she came along. And I'm sure I don't want to walk them again if it means I will see Cassidy every week. God I'm bitter. 


I finally reached the big doors of my school while Cassidy wander off in the distance to her classes. She seemed a little nervous considering this is only her second day, oh well she'll get through it. I saw a vending machine by a trash can, I could really have something to drink. There was absolutely nothing in the machine except water. Once I stuff my hand in my pocket I went broke, I have no money what so ever. This kid brushed back me to throw away his beverage.

"Hey, you do you mind giving me a couple bucks. I promise I'll pay you back." I said, I don't make promises, he had that look like I was crazy or lost. I'm just here trying to get a bottle of water and go off with my business. 

"Um I guess what are you getting, water?" I nod. He gave me the right amount for a water from a shitty machine. 

"Thanks." I say without looking at him.

I finally got that damn bottle and I marched upstairs to the nearest room also known as first period, College really pisses me off. 



"License please." Said a man with coffs in his back pocket and a gun in his hand. 

I pulled out my small white card with my picture on it to show the large built figure in front of me.

"You're good, c'mon through." He gesture me to the front desk with a clipboard and pen.

"Sign your name and the person that you are meeting please." A lady spoke with her phone up to her ear. Once I was signed in I was led to a table with my brother in the other end.

My brother, Greg looked up at me with a prominent smile. It was nice to seem him again. Greg has a beard coming through and his hair looked like it was getting darker. His skin was pale like a pearl found on the base of the ocean. He wore a orange jumpsuit that didn't look very good on him.

"Hey, glad to see you again. I- uh missed you." Greg said slowly but also soft.

"When are you getting out of here?" 

"Well, I uh I talked to those men over there and they said in three weeks." He points to the cops spying on us.

I sigh, "it's been too long, I waited for awhile now." I wiped my face with my hands.

"I know. How has been my little man." I knew he was referring to his son, Theo.

"I'm going over there after this." Greg nod. 

My features show no emotions, just seeing Greg like this actually breaks my heart but I'm strong enough to not let it be hold against me. One of the cops came over to me and told me that time is up and it's time to leave. Greg heard me say that I will visit him again next week on Monday. The large cop dragged me out the building, just me standing alone and only me who has to walk another mile to my dorm. 


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