Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


16. Damaged

The sound of noises repeatedly beeping, coming from a small device also known as my alarm clock. My body couldn't function right to turn the device off. I groan as loud as ever. I suppose Charlotte already came back to her dorm when I fell asleep last night. I'm kinda glad I haven't had another nightmare about my future after College. My hair curtain my face as I try to lift myself up from the small bed in the small room. A glare of light beamed into my eyes, myself squeezed my eyes shut.

"Hey, get up. Don't you have school to get to?" 

I'm still not quite familiar with my schedule that I will be doing on a daily basis. I stayed flat on my bed but I kept flinching from Charlie pulling on my arm to get me out or here. 

"Are you ever gonna leave?"

"Shut up." I rudely remarked.

"Well, I guess someone isn't a morning person."

"You have no idea." I hear her laugh.

Typically I will never be a morning person especially over the weekends. My small hands gripped the sky blue sheets tightening my grip. I shifted my knees in front of me, it hurts to move. Before I slid off Charlie pushed me off the bed causing me to flop on the floor. What the hell? Why would she do that? I was just getting off the bed and she goes ahead to push me off before I could. "What the hell was that?" I can see her smirking while picking at her nails. Bitch.

I went up to her after trying to pull myself off the floor that I practically fell on. I had her nose between my thumb and index finger. "Never do that again." I warned. She rolled her eyes at me. A ding came from a phone on top of the dresser. "Whose that, Liam?" I shake my head. "His name is Logan." It's only been one day and anger is boiling in my blood; just one fucking day.

Hey, good morning lovely

I haven't had a good morning text in ages. Ever since I started College a few things weren't right. "What did he say?" Charlie asked. 

"Why so nosey?" I shouldn't be asking that because I feel like I am being nosey. 

I really don't want to hear her answer my question well hell I don't want her to talk because she push me and I could of got hurt. I'll mind my own business and stay in my bubble that I didn't know existed. I hear her ramble on thinking about changing dorms because of my attitude. Hell I hope she does. Why am I being rude, I'm not saying anything of what I'm thinking. I would never do that, that would be just embarrassing. 

"Hey, did you hear me?" Charlie snapped me out of my thoughts.


"I said you can change dorms if you don't like being with me." Oh I'm already ahead of you. Damn I'm so rude. It runs in the family.

"Okay thanks for telling me." Sometimes it's hard to pretend to be nice.

I fumble in my drawer by my bed for a pair of trousers and a grassy green t-shirt. Shit the shirt is not here, I probably left it at home. I thought I brought everything, oh well I guess not. "You don't have anything good to wear, how about you wear my clothes? You look like you wear the same size as me." Charlie pats a light layer of blush all over her face. "No, besides I feel fat. I'm not comfortable with my body." I gander down at the floor. 

"Why not? You don't look plump, not a bit." Thanks for the consideration. 

"Are you sure, I mean if you have my body you wouldn't want to go out in public." I lift my shirt halfway stroking my stomach.

"Nonsense, please just wear my clothes. There might be something that you like." 

This conversation has went deep down to the core. In the other half of the room colour shirts peeked out from the door. I guess I can find something decent in her closet. Hangers was pushed from one side to the other and I stopped at a shirt with these kinds of weeds or whatever they are called and the seeds turn into birds, I like it. I picked out a pair of skinny black jeans on a shelf. 

I requested that I would be in the bathroom to change. Charlie nods. "When you're done I should do your make up." I chuckled before closing the door. The shirt from yesterday hovered over my head before dropping to the floor. My trousers and panties were pulled off and joined with the shirt. My hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Once again I stare at my bare skin in the mirror. What is wrong with me why do I feel bad about this? I slipped on a lacy red panties on, before putting on the dark jeans. I didn't bother changing my bra so I kept that on. Lastly the nice shirt of Charlie's closet was on. I took one last look in the full length mirror before heading out.

"Oh good your done, I got my make-up supplies out. Here come by me so I can do it." 

I put the dirty clothes in the hamper then walked towards her. I hope she knows what she is doing. Has she eve done someone's make-up before?

"Your skin colour is so light and pale, I got just at he think." How does she have different colours of this face stuff, what does she do for a living? Put cosmetics on strangers and get paid for doing it? First she apply foundation to fit the tone for when I'm in the sunlight, then different colours of blush. One to put all over my face, second that was a light pink to go on my cheeks. Next, a liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow that matched my skin tone, another eyeshadow that was almost a black colour and lastly mascara that kinda smeared when I shut my eyes close. I didn't use her lip gloss, because I didn't want to get sick. Good thing I have Chapstick.

"You should wear your black Toms that I saw you unpacked." I nod at her suggestion.

I have the urge to look in the mirror to see how I look. Nobody has done my make-up before well of course myself but still. If it looks horrible I don't want to waste my time to restart all of it and fix it. "You look really good, I wonder what your boyfriend will think if he saw you like this." Charlie compliment. Okay now I really want to know what I really look like. "Here's a mirror." A small reflection piece was placed in my small hands.

My lips parted. In the mirror I saw someone that wasn't me, I didn't expect to look like this. I didn't look like shit at all, I actual kinda like it. I slowly smiled into the mirror. I kinda feel a little better about myself for looking this way, I need to do this more often, find the right cosmetics for my skin tone. 

"So you like it?" Charlie crossed her legs in the bed and leaned closer. I nod.

"Good. I hope you want to go out in public now." She picked up her stuff and put them where it was from.

"I only said that because I feel fat, plump. Like do you wanna go out and see a fat but also hot walking around?" I shake my head.

"Why do you keep talking that way about yourself?" Charlie put on a jacket and went by the door.

"I don't know." I slipped on my Toms and carried my bag and went to where Charlie was standing.

I can say whatever I want to say about myself, I don't need anyone telling me what to say about myself. I don't need that at all. In the corridor I went the opposite way as Charlie, heading my way to Dublin University. I'm hoping to see that boy from yesterday in that English class. He was so kind to me. What was his name? Lucas? If I'm going to spend the rest of my four years here then I need a car. A bus isn't really a good option to be going towards. 

Once I got outside I notice there was another building, I figure that it was the boys dorms. I need to find the College building before I am late, even though this is only my second day. I want to make it better day than yesterday. 

It was so bright outside that I had to make shade with my hand. Down the pavement I accidentally stumbled into someone. I couldn't tell who it was so I made shade with my hand again. "Hello." A familiar voice said. Niall. "You need to stop bumping into me." He smirks. What's with him? Why is he suddenly happy? Honesty I think he has never been happy.

"No joke," I laughed. 

Niall held out a hand for me to grab, that's the second time he has done that. Why is he being nice? It's been the third day being around him and most of the time he was saying harsh things to me. I rarely did anything. 

"So why are you going this way school is that way?"

"A road got blocked." Niall stuffed his large hands in his pockets.

"Oh, then I guess I will be following you." I nudge him.

I patiently wait for him to say something. Nothing. He just walks on the pavement without a noise. First he's happy and nice then he's quiet? Something's up.

~*Nialls POV*~

I finally got outside and I continue to walk on the pavement on my usual route that I take everyday. It's only Tuesday, one of my favorite days of the week. I get to leave campus to go to jail to visit my brother. His wife and my nephew will be there too, I love that little guy. Theo. Being happy to see part of my family wasn't really part of my reputation. 

At the end of the street I hear hammers pounding against nails, breaking my smile. A big sign on the side read, road closed of construction. You got to be fucking kidding me. Mentally my hands were flying in midair in frustration. "What the fuck!" I yelled. Everyone dropped their machines and tools and looked up at me in silence. I think they can see my annoyance clear on my features. Hell I am annoyed for fuck sakes.

I turned around and continued to walk on the pavement trying to find another way to get to school. I really don't want to be late usually sometimes I am but I don't give a shit. I put on my black sunglasses on and zipped my jacket half way up. I don't care if it's burning hot out here. If I die from hyperthermia I doubt anyone would care. 

Randomly a girl stumbled into me by accident. She had blonde curly hair and wait was she wearing Charlie's clothes? Cassidy. "Hello." I smiled. Cassidy hold up a hand to her forehead to see me clearly. "You need to stop bumping to me." Once again I smirked.

"No joke." She laughs.

I held out a hand for her to catch just to help her up from the pavement. Today I'm just gonna spend a day just to be nice I doubt it will happen. I'm too rude to anyone who are near me, typically that's me.

"So why are you this way school is that way?" She points behind me where I just came from. Damn I really hate it when she ask me questions it's none of her business.

"A road got blocked." I stuffed my hands in my pockets of my jacket hoping she would ignore me. I just don't care for anyone right now except my brother and his family.

"Oh, then I guess I will be following you." Cassidy nudge my arm as I stare at something so I wouldn't look at her. 

I begin to walk down the pavement following roads to Dublin University. Cassidy's eyes were obviously right on me trying to get attention from me. Not gonna happen. I hear her ramble on what she is going to do today. Hey, I don't care. I got sucked into my thoughts remembering what Louis told me. If I'm gonna do that then I have to get Cassidy to like me. But with me my rude remarks it's not gonna happen. 

"After school wanna go get ice cream." I randomly blurt out without thinking.

"Huh?" She had a confuse look on her face.

"Ice cream, I thought maybe we can get ice cream after school. You know since it's a sunny day." 

"Oh, okay that would be great." Cassidy pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Why the hell did I offer to get ice cream after school, ugh I'm idiot. If it's part of me being nice to her and her liking me, then this better go the way I expect. Suddenly I stopped in the middle of the pavement to a little girl doing hopscotch. Why would you possible draw squares to hop on? I bet I'm already late to school.

"Aww, I use to play that." I hear Cassidy say.

She better not say that she is planning to hop on those squares. "I'm gonna do this real quick and we can go." Cassidy gave me her bag, damn it I spoke to soon well thought too soon.

Cassidy had one foot on the first square then went to two feet in the next squares. She repeated it until she got to the last square that was numbered ten. Please don't do it again. Cassidy clapped her hands together like a child I can't help but laugh at how absurd she is. I gave back her stuff then brushed pass her and begun to ignore her again.


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