Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


15. Damaged

My feet slipped into the white heels. My white dress fit perfectly on me. Tiny flowers were stuck on my blonde curly hair. Pounds of make up caked my face.

"Ms. Collins? Hurry up the ceremony is going to start." A man knocked on the door.

"Don't rush the bride." I growl.

"My apologies Ms." The man left the dressing room.

Today is my wedding day, I have been waiting for this day for a long time. I hope it goes well than my best friend's wedding when she got wine splattered all over her from her husband being drunk. Wasn't a good day for her. I fidget around with my white pearly necklace and my engagement ring on my left hand. The ring was a beautiful present on my birthday when I turn twenty-three years old a few months ago. I have waited for four years for this day and I dated Logan for five years. All those years were worth it. Thinking of Logan I wonder what he is doing.

I stood up from my chair and took one last glance at myself before leaving the dressing room. My father was waiting outside the church for me. My friends also know as my bride maids were all in red silky dresses to represent my wedding colours. 

"Cassidy you look beautiful." Said my friend Stephanie.

I smile at her as a thank you. My father held out his arm for me to wrap my arm around his. I heard a music note from a piano knowing that it is my cue for me to make a entrance that is worth it. I took a step towards the green carpet as about a hundred people stood to stare at me pass me with an award winning smirk. My mother was in the front row with tears trickling down her cheek. Tears of joy. My mother always wanted me to have a good future and a wonderful husband. She use to tell me when I was little that when something isn't real pretend that it is real. This wedding felt real to me. 

I waited every second for this moment, I wanted a wonderful future. I hoped that when this wedding is over I get a weekend off with Logan. I also hope to have children, me and Logan always wanted a family but I'm not even pregnant yet. If I ever have a girl I'll name her Mel Elizabeth Price and if I ever have a boy I'll name him Wyatt James Price. I mostly wanted a baby girl as my child. 

Logan stood on the platform with his best man smiling with a lot of hope. He looked really nervous and shaking just a tab bit, maybe because he has never married anyone before and so has I never been married before. But today is the day, the day all about Logan and myself. At the end of the carpet the music stopped and everyone sat down, Logan held out his hand for me to catch. The man beside me had a large book in his hands and he speaks. I took my hands into Logan's and never left my eyes off of him.

"Logan Price would you take this woman has your beloved wife?"

"I do." He answers.

"Cassidy Collins would you take this man as your beloved husband."

"I do." I softly laughed.

"You are now husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

I took my hands out of Logan's and wrapped my arms around the nape of his neck. He smashes his lips to mine. Cheers and whistles were heard in the background hands were clapping together and I laughed between our kiss. Mr. and Mrs. Price.

All my friends and family gather around me to congratulate me and gave me few hugs, some even took a glance at my wedding ring. 

"Cassidy I'm so happy for you, are you and Logan planning to have children together?" Stephanie asked.

"Defiantly, I'm hoping to get pregnant on my honeymoon." I laughed. 

"So where is mark?" I loudly speak over the noise.

"He's over there talking to your father." She points. 


One year later.

"Logan!" I yelled.

I rubbed my hands on the bump of my torso.

"I'm coming I'm coming." He called while rushing to the bedroom.

"I want this baby out of here!" I scream in agony. 

"Do you want me to call the hospital." He pulls out his phone.

"No, no it ain't suppose to be delivered until next week." I close my eyes shut.

My very own first baby was about to be born. I don't know what it feels like to give a child birth. I don't even know if it's going to be a boy or a girl. Tears splashed to my shirt. I stroke the baby bump until it calm down. I hope that was the last time the baby try to kick it's way out of me. I got a feeling this baby is coming a little early. It's only March and I skipped a few days of work.

"Can you please give me a glass of water." I calmly say.

Logan comes back with a small cup of water with ice in it. I'm burning up. 

"Are you okay?" He whispers while pulling away a strand of hair from my face.

"I'm fine, thank you." A few seconds of silence has pass. "Logan can you please help me up I need to use the bathroom?" I held out both my hands.

Logan took one hand into his while my other hold the baby bump, being very gentle not to hurt the human inside. I am dying to get this thing out of me. It's killing me enough to do things, I can hardly sleep or cool down. My whole body is on fire, I look like a mess from these nine months. I don't care what kind of baby it is I just want to have my own child born. Logan has been such big help for me considering he is going to be the father of this baby and soon we have to rearrange a baby room. Just five more days and this baby is born I can't wait any longer, really I can't wait any longer. My torso has a few stress marks from it growing and possibly from a lot of pain. 

I slam the bathroom door shut as pain runs down my spine and any where else there is pain. I having a bit trouble pulling down my trousers and sitting down on the toilet. I can tell Logan is outside by the door waiting for my help getting out of here. 

The sun was going down and the moon was coming up. I think it's time to go to bed. Logan slept on the couch and I sleep of the bed. I flutter my eyes close hoping I can get some sleep apparently I never do everyday.


I felt something wet in the sheets I shot my eyes open to see what was wrong, a shot of pain hit me. My water broke.

"Logan!" I screamed knowing the neighbors can hear me. 

Logan came in fast.

"Logan take me to the hospital, my water broke I'm going in labor." I hyperventilate.

Logan hastily but gently pulled me off the bed and rushed to the car with absolutely nothing. I suppose Logan has his phone for emergency. I'm in an uncomfortable position right now. Not today, why in the middle of the night does the baby decides to come out now. Logan struggle to start the car.

"Shit!" He hit the steering wheel.

The car finally started and I have been screaming my lungs out. "Get us to the hospital now!"

"I am I'm going as fast as I can. I don't want to get pulled over." Logan's hands flying in mid air.

Minutes later we finally reached the hospital, nurses were already waiting outside and Logan pulled by them. The door swung open pulling me out, I hold the baby bump as I rushed inside.

"We need doctors and nurses. This woman is going in labor." The woman shouted beside me. I turn around to see Logan running with me.

"Logan, Logan please tell everyone I'm having my baby now." I cried.

I reached a white room with pictures of fishes on the walls. My eye sight went a little blurry as they laid me down on the bed. I kept screaming and screaming. All my clothes were taken off and a blanket covering me. So many people in the room helping me get the baby out of me. Logan sat in a chair calling family members and he kept looking at me with worry eyes.

"Cassidy everything is going to be alright." He tighten the grip on my hand.

"Are you the husband of this woman?" The doctors asked.

Logan nod.

"Sir I need you to step outside while we do our job."

"No! No don't make him leave he's my husband!" I cried and scream at the same time. 

"I'm sorry but he has to." I cried at his words.


"Cassidy wake up." I heard Logan call.

My eyes shot open and I started to hyperventilate.

"What happen?" I put my hand on my head.

"You were screaming in your sleep." Said Logan.

"Oh I had a terrible dream well a nightmare I guess."

"What about." He stroke my hair back away from my face.

"Well I was at a wedding, our wedding then a year later I was pregnant and I was having a baby and you couldn't stay in the room." I explained.

"Oh baby that ain't til years away don't worry about it. It was just only a dream. Oh and I got to go home are you okay staying here alone or do you want me to stay." Logan asked.

"No, no you can leave I'll be fine." I gave him a peck on the lips before he got up and left.

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