Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


14. Damaged

School was finally over; no homework, no projects. I get to relax. I got back to my dorm and saw Charlie on her bed picking out what to wear.

"Going somewhere?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah Louis asked me out on a date."


I sat at the edge of my bed and watch Charlie throw outfits to the floor.

"So, do you like Louis?" I batted my eyelashes.

"He's cute and adorable. What about you and Harry?" She didn't turn her head to face me.

I started choking on my breathe.

"Me and Who!" I exclaimed.

"You and Harry. You guys look cute together." Charlie stood up and picked up the textiles off the floor.

"We are not together, I have a boyfriend." I scoot farther back on the bed.

"I know that but I saw him smiling at you when we play truth or dare." She hold up her dress to her chest while swaying in the mirror.

"Smiles don't mean much." I heard her laugh at my comment.

"You are so naive." She laughs tilting her head back.

I'm starting to despise people that laugh at me when I say something.

"Okay, you know what I'm gonna go." I lift myself up and head towards the door.

I am out in the corridor with my back laying on the door. Should I call Logan? I hope he won't be mad from not calling him yesterday. I pulled out my phone to dial the number.

After two rings I heard his voice.

Cassidy I um hi it's good to hear your voice how is your first day at school?

Logan, I missed you sorry about not calling you. I haven't really thought about it til now and school is fine I'm not use to it but it's fine.

My lips turn to a half smile. Today just feels like a gloomy day, too boring and feels like it's still morning. I'm not a morning person; I doubt anybody is a morning person. I'm just tired and is about to fall to a sleepy state.

Cassidy? Are you still there? Hello?

Huh? Oh yeah I'm still here.

Oh good anyways I was offering if I could come over and give you company.

Yeah just get here at three.

I can tell he is smiling so I hung up fast before he could say anything else. I went back inside to find Charlie in her dress and putting dark colors of makeup on. 

"Why so much?" I asked.

"It's a date I got to look good." She said with her thick accent.

"Yea-yeah oh course right. Well, I hope you have a good time."

I strolled over to my suit cases and unpacked the last things I got. Toothbrush, hairbrush, cosmetics and my prescription pills. I take them twice a day because I get dizzy and feel like I will black out.

"What are those?" Charlie pointed to the orange bottle.

"Pills." I replied.

"What for?"

"So I wouldn't feel nauseous and blackout."

"Oh, then have a good evening. I'll be back before midnight falls. Bye." she waved back at me and left.

There was a clock above Charlotte's bed that read, 2:30 p.m. Logan will be here in thirty minutes. What am I going to do for thirty minutes? I could paint my nails, read a book, take a shower, call my mam or take a nap. Oh I don't want to do that alone.

The desk beside my bed had tiny bottles of nail polish, I picked out a solid aqua color. I had zero space in the dorm to do my nails for thirty minutes but I also don't want the room to stink. All I have is the corridor. But what if someone accidentally knocks over the nail polish? Okay that settles it I'm taking a shower. I fumbled into my drawer for comfy clothes, my Dublin University shirt and my gray sweatpants. 

In the bathroom the shower had glass walls, one toilet and two sinks. This room is fairly not too big but also not too small. Before I could start the water I forgot to bring a towel. There were two shelves with three towels each, I grabbed one and laid it on the tile floor. I now started the water; once the water hit my spine I started shaking. My teeth tremble at the temperature of the water till it rose with heat. Just the way I like it. 

Fifteen minutes later I heard a soft knock; I cursed under my breath. Who could that be? I had just put shaving cream on me. I turn the water off before getting out of the shower. Quickly I shifted the towel leveled above my breast. A knock was heard again.

"Oh uh uh hold on!" I shouted.

I wiped off the shaving cream off my legs and other areas that it could be placed. If I'm going to answer the door I would not have shaving cream on me. My feet scurried to the front door and I opened it, popping my head out.

"Oh hey Cassidy?" Logan seemed worried. "What are you hiding back there?"

"Nothing, I was just taking a shower until you came. Showed up a little early don't you think?" I swing the door wide open.

"Yeah I came earlier it doesn't matter, what matters is I'm here and you are in a towel naked so." A prominent smile rose.

"Haha not happening." My body moved closer to him while he peered down at me. He took a step back and spoke.

"So is anybody here?"

"No, Charlotte just left so it just me and you." Seductively I grinned.

Logan brushed passed me and sat on my bed before I closed the door. Logan had his legs sprawled out everywhere on the bed.

"Hum' may I sit down?"

"Oh right yeah over here next to me." He patted the duvet next to him. I'm suddenly pleased. I hold the towel above my breast trying to sit down at the same time. 

"So what now?"

I looked up to Logan who seemed to be licking his lips. "Would you stop I'm not having sex with you." I playfully punched him on the shoulder. His expression hasn't changed after hitting him.

"Okay fine we won't have sex, how about we do a game?" Logan twisted my hair on his index finger.

"Like what?" I asked with a confused look.

"Here I'll show you how to play. Logan quickly got off the bed and started pulling me to the middle of the bed.

"I don't like where this is going." I laughed.

"So this is how it works. The female is laying down and the male gets on their knees in front of the female." Logan demonstrated.

"Okay game over, I'm not doing this I lost. I scooted away from Logan and got off the bed.

Logan put his hands on his hips and I mimic him. This game has ended and I'm not playing another around of sex. Sex is the last thing I would want to get on my nerves from a tiring day. I kept mocking him until he laid on the bed and pulled me on top of him just the way I like. Always. His touch were being followed by goosebumps across my skin. A chill went down my back and spine and I shivered. I haven't been this cold since the heating went out at my parents house. Logan's hands were cold as ice as his fingers trickled down my bare arms.

"So what are we going to do just lay here?" Logan asked.

Before I could answer there was a knock on the door.

"Wonder who that could be." I pushed Logan's arms away from me and got off the bed to the door. 

I partly open the door the same way I did to Logan. Niall? What could Niall possibly want from me? He had white v neck shirt on and a red button up plaid shirt. His hair looked fluffier than before. Must've grew more hair. His trousers were held up by a belt but was still hanging low. Niall's features held nerd glasses with no lenses in them. Why the hell does he look like that.

"Cassidy who is at the door!" Called Logan.

"It's just Niall." I answered. I turn my head back to face Niall.

"Is Charlie here?" Niall asked.

"No she left, she went on a date with Louis. And no I don't know where they are at." I rolled my eyes at him.

"Damn it!" He shouted and banged his hand on the frame of the door.

I stepped back to give Niall some space. Why does he want Charlotte? What possibly does she have that Niall wants? I am so confused.

"Sorry but she ain't here. But she will be here less than an hour. That's all the info I got." I sigh. 

"Whatever be back in an hour to get her."

I nod.

I shut the door after he left in the corridor.

"What was that all about?" Logan lifted his broad shoulders.

"He just wanted my roommate, that's all."

I moved on with the small moment and continued laying down with Logan and having small talk about the things we would do after I graduated College. I want this year to go by faster in a heartbeat.

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