Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


13. Damaged

~*Niall's POV*~

I pulled out my phone from pocket to see if I got any messages.

Niall where are you at we and the rest need to talk ~ Louis

I'm not telling anybody where I'm at. I need to go to school so I can get out of here; yeah I will miss some friends but I been through a lot before that Cassidy girl came. She gets on my nerves, always looking angry at me when I didn't do a damn thing to her. I didn't push her down on the floor, I never knew it was her anyways; I respect her more than anyone, because she is baffle about everything around her.

Can't talk I'm busy now mind your own damn business

What did he even want to talk about that pathetic plan that I'm part of and can't get out because I made a promise to. I wanted to say something but they threaten to tell. I wonder what Harry is going to do about it. Probably coming up with the world biggest lie but mine will be bigger.

"Class is almost over so you made talk among yourselves." My calculus teacher tells me.

I want get out of this jail house not sit around and listen to people talk about the dumbest shit ever. Why do I bother I can't be like them I'm not as smart like them; just be glad that I'm even in college. Two more years till I'm out. Once I heard the bell I left and head to the cafeteria. There is nothing good to eat here. I might as well order something. I pulled out my phone once again, before I put it up to my ear I spotted Cassidy lurking around. That damn girl don't have a damn brain in her head. I went over there to see what she is up to.

"Niall? You have the same lunch as me?" 

"Yeah." I nod sarcastically. 

She furrowed her eyes brows and gave me that same angry look that she have been giving me for the past twenty-four hours.

"So Cassidy I was wondering if you want have lunch with me." That sounded really lame; never expect that to come out all so smooth and calmly, it shouldn't be smooth and calm that's not who I am.

"No thanks, I'm thinking about eating alone." She looked pass me for a empty table.

"Alone? At least sit with someone you know."

"But I don't know you, you're really pure bitter to me." She got to be kidding I'm not bitter my temper may gets out of control but I'm not bitter.

"I'm not pure bitter." I say.

"You called me a whore." She recalls from last night.

"That was the alcohol talking." I lie.

"Sure." She rolled her eyes.

"Fine it wasn't I was just mad because you were with Harry. And I may dislike him a little." I pinch my fingers. I'm basically bringing a hint to the plan. Cassidy is still clueless that's a good thing.

"Wait what? You called me a whore because I was hanging out with a nice guy that you dislike? That doesn't make sense." Of course it doesn't to her.

I sigh, "can we just get pass this shitty argument and go get lunch, we only have forty minutes." 

"Fine." She saids.

~*Cassidy's POV*~

It really isn't making any sense to me; who goes around calling girls whores because they were hanging out with a guy. He probably was referring to Logan from when he called me a whore. Also probably because I had sex with three times and don't regret it.

I find it weird that he, him, Niall asked me to go eat lunch with him. He doesn't seem like someone who would ask that. Unlike Harry, who was being nice at that damn party. I'm surprise Niall hasn't said anything about me being rude to him. Girls are very sensitive so he shouldn't go around calling girls whores. It already hurts my feeling even worse when he admitted it. 

I folded my schedule up and place it in my bag.

"Where are we going?" I crossed my arms.

"Somewhere where it's quiet."

"Okay? What are we eating?

"Pizza, if that's okay with you." He shrugs.

" Yeah pizza is alright." I say. Niall takes his phone to his ear, he seems to be ordering for both of us. 

I'm not full of enthusiasm or excitement at all I'm a little hurt inside. I didn't come here for rude remarks, I didn't come here to argue with someone who barely cares about a single thing except himself. I came here to get my career on the road not be called names and lied to. One day, it all happen in one day. Now I'm here going to have lunch with him; I wanted to be alone. 

"Here." Niall stops at a bench that was outside on the side of the school. I thought it was nice considering there were shade.

"Do you come here often?" I asked while I sat my things down on the pavement.

"That's none of your damn business." He mumbles.

"What? What did you say." 

"I said that's none of your damn business." He raises his voice.

I took a step back.

"Why are you yelling?" I bit my bottom lip.

"Why do you care?"

His tone strain. He pushes his messy blonde hair back and sits down. I fidget with my fingers before a voice spoke.

"The pizza will be here in about ten minutes." Niall speaks quietly.

I sat down next to him without saying a word to him. 


Once the pizza got here I took a bite and my mouth was on fire. I didn't think about it being too hot and that it needs cool down. I look over to see Niall chuckling at me from my reaction to the hot pizza.

"Is there any napkins, I'm going to spit this out. Too hot for me." Niall points to the box with the napkins.

"If you were smart enough that wouldn't happen." Niall mocks.

"Shut up!" I slightly laugh.

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