Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


10. Damaged

I have been standing here wet waiting for Niall to give me a towel. I turned the water off and waited. I can hear Niall talking loudly over the phone. But now I hear someone else.

Finally someone opened the door. I peeked my head out of the shower curtain trying not to reveal my hot bare skin. Harry was at the door instead of Niall.

"Cassidy here I got you a towel." said a familiar voice.

"Harry? I thought you were Niall. Where's Niall?" I asked.

"Oh um he's here I just came to see what is happening and you wanted a towel and I got you one." 

"Oh. Then thanks." I said behind the shower curtain. 

Harry shut the bathroom and stepped out of the shower. The whole place was filled with steam, Niall is going to kill me. I dried the steam off of the mirror; I observed my unlikely pleasurable naked body. My wet hair trickled down my back. droplets streamed down my whole body.

You're a whole lot different than anyone.

Suddenly Niall's words were being played over and over again in my head. I know that I am different. It has only been my first day and I have already kissed my roommate's best friend. I should have waited for Logan to come to College with me. It would be so different. 

"Cassidy? Are you alright in there? I know it doesn't take that long to dry off and get ready." I hear Niall say.

I looked down to the floor I don't have any clothes. I wrapped the white towel around covering my breast and making the towel stable to walk in. As I open the door I saw Niall forward his eyebrows.

"Don't say anything, I have nothing except this towel Harry gave me." I say,

"Right maybe you can stay over the night and I can put your dirty clothes in the washer." Niall said.

"In a towel?"

"Unless you want to wear my clothes." He points to his dresser.

"I'll pass."

I grabbed my phone from the bed that I forgot I set it there I checked the time it was 2:30 am. Great I only have seven hours of sleep. 

"Is it alright if I sleep in your bed?" I asked, twirling around in a towel.

"Where am I going to sleep?" 

"Oh uh...what about the floor." Niall chuckled.

"Um..no" he shook his head.

"How about you can have your bed and I can find somewhere else to sleep." I say putting both of hands on my hips.

"No your a woman I'm not doing that. I can just fi-"

I cut him off by saying, "I don't want to argue with you about to where to sleep. How about we both sleep in the same bed I get one end you get the other.

"With you?" he said.

"Yes you dipstick the bed is big enough for two plus there you will have your own space."

I can hear him sigh. "I guess."

"Okay that settles it, now can you please turn around and cover your eyes." I plead him.


"I really don't want to sleep in this towel."

Niall covered his eyes and turned around. I went by the bed and hastily took the towel off my naked body. I lifted up the covers and slid under to get warmth. It felt so weird being naked in bed at my roommate's friend's frat.

"Are you done yet?" he asked with his hands still covering his eyes.

"Can you give a little more respect and yes." I say.

Niall removed his hands and turned around noticing that I am naked in his bed. That towel is off and I'm naked in his bed.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I forward my eyebrows.

"Yeah oh yeah it's just you're naked in my bed."

"Oh yeah, well you look at that." I say while I rubbed my hand against the soft fabric if the duvet.

Niall slowly hovered his shirt over his head; revealing skin covered in black ink. He looked all so musclier. I so can't unsee that.

"Why do you have tattoos?" I randomly asked.

"Why the fuck not?"

"I'm just saying jeez don't have to be so harsh." 

Niall came to the opposite side of the bed before he could get under the covers the door opens. It was Louis who came to a halt at the bedroom door. My eyes go wide as he looks at my surroundings.

"Well." Louis smirked.

"It's not what it looks like I promise. It's not like that." I say.

"Niall um you didn't come downstairs so I wanted to see what was happening but now I see already." Louis said.

"Just listen to Cassidy it's not what you think." Niall said.

"We were just about to go to bed." I say.

"Uh we?" Louis parted his lips.

"It's not liked." Niall said.

"Whatever you say." Louis smirked, "I'll just leave you two alone." Louis finally shut the bedroom door and left.

My heart is racing. That is the first time someone has walked in on me about to sleep naked. 

"Fuck, he is a jackass."

"Yeah why does he think we are a couple I just met you." I asked.

"He has lost his fucking mind."

Niall slid in under the covers at the edge of the bed while checking through stuff on his phone. I focused my eyes on him, mostly all the black ink on him.

"What does these tattoos mean?" I poked at the one that was shaped like moon.

"What?" he's baffled.

"What does your tattoos mean?" I shouted in his ear hoping he heard that.

"Oh. It's getting late maybe I can tell you some other time. Now go to sleep." He said without even looking at me. I stared at him tapping random buttons.

"Who are you texting?" I asked trying to annoy him. I can hear him sigh and put his phone down on the nightstand.

"Are you going to sleep or are you going to keep asking questions?" he said a little more harsher than before.

"Fine....And one thing we both know that I am bare but in any kind of way do not touch me. Even if its a accident." I say before turning the light off.

I fluttered my eyes close and slowly fall into a unconscious sleepy state.

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