Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


7. Damaged

"You know if you were like me, there would be a lot of things you don't regret." I say.

"Yeah, right." Harry rolled his eyes.

Why am having a not so reasonable fight with Harry I thought he was nice and an easing going guy but now that I think of it I do regret a few things. it seem about time to leave I have waited for like 30 minutes when I was suggested to stay for an hour. I don't want 30 more minutes to ramble on.

"Can you guys shut up and just continue the game." Zayn suddenly comes out of his little shadow. 

I stopped talking and so do Harry.

"Niall you should come play with us." Liam suggest.

Niall came over and sat next to me I'm suddenly in a hate triangle. Niall put his head down and stayed silent. Why is he so quiet? 

"Niall, have been seeing any girls lately?" Tyler took a sip of his drink.

My head turn to Niall, he looked uncomfortably his eyes clamped shut. The shaking of his leg, the mumbling.

"I haven't in a few months, but things will come around." 

Louis stopped by and once more he whispered in Niall's ear. They have something planned I just didn't know what it was. All they do is whispered. I took my last sip of my second beer and is craving for another.

"Want another one?" Harry asked as he notice me take a gander at his beer. He gave me his glass bottle which I suppose is champagne. I don't remember the last I had champagne and was drunk. I hardly drink because I been doing stuff most of time and never had beer to relax myself.

"Cassidy are you drunk?" I heard Charlie say.

"I don't know am I?" 

"Say something funny." a distance voice heard on the other side of the fire pit.

"Your a dumbshit you bitch if that's what you call funny." I'm wasted. 

"Charlie and all you guys can I talk to you over there. Cassidy and Louis can stay right where they are." Tyler called.

"What are you guys doing?" I asked.

"Oh, just having a little chat."

As the group of guys went over by the side of the frat I played with the tips of my dirty blonde hair. I glanced over to Louis who hastily looked around his surroundings. The fire started going down knowing the sticks are done with. It was uncomfortable being alone with Louis. I glance at the group of guys who looked over back at me probably thinking I can hear them when I can't. If only I can hear their distance voice stalking them to know what they are talking about. I have to come to my senses to figure that out. I went back to playing with my hair.

I heard a little bit of shouting and laughter coming from the group where Harry and Niall are at. I really want to know what is going on. Why are they always whispering and getting into their little clan.

"Louis, can you go over there and see what is happening?" 

"Why won't you? You been to these parties before right?"

I rolled my orbs and slowly lift myself up. "Fine, I will see what's happening." 

I cursed under my breath.

I strolled over to the side of the frat I can see Zayn notice me stalking forward to them.

~*Niall's POV*~

"I'm so part of this." I hear Tyler say.

"Yeah she is fucking hot." said Jace.

"Not really she is hideous." I say.

I glance to Harry who seemed to agree with my comment.

"Guys guys. She is fiery hot and you can suck it. Now lets get back to what we were talking about." I hear Liam.

"We all know. Have to give proof so you all can believe." I say out of no where.

"Good luck Niall, you got yourself a hard target." Harry said.

"Hey I'm an easy going guy I can handle it. Now what about the rest of you." I say.

"I got my own ways." Tyler blurted out.

"Guys shut up you son of a bitch. She is coming over." Zayn whispered.

I turned around to see Cassidy coming to my side.

"What's taking forever you men been talking for ten minutes." She asked.

"We were thinking of going upstairs to Niall's room and hang out there. I hear the rest of the people are coming outside." Zayn lied.

"Oh, then I'm coming." Cassidy said.

This day have been a disaster so far. Everywhere I go that Cassidy girl comes along like she is attach to me. Or even worse..she likes me.

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