Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


6. Damaged

I had about two bottles of beer and I knew that I was drunk. My first College party and I'm having a great time with Harry. I seen Niall around a lot giving me despising looks. What is wrong with him? What did I do to get him to hate me already? All I did was stood there he gave me a look and starts to hate me. 

"How long does these parties last?" I asked Harry. 

"Only for a day or if people are really drunk it last for like five hours." 

"Oh." It doesn't matter I had a great time doing that question game; whatever I said they believe and I really did tell the truth. Most of the questions were just my relationship with Logan and details about me having sex with him. Yeah everything is fine.

Logan. Mother. Oh no, I forgot to call them. I checked the time it's like 12:34 pm. It was way to late to call them I might as well call them in the morning and clear things up and not mention my night with my roommate and her friends. Thinking of roommate, where is Charlie.

"Harry, can you save my spot I'm going to find Charlie." I stood up and pat his back. My legs felt like jello; I'm not use to sitting down on a log for three hours with a group of tattooed guys. I tried to get through the crowd of people. I couldn't find Charlie there was too many people; this party is hectic.

I shoved and bumped into guys; absolutely everyone here is drunk included me but I still manage not to something incredibly stupid.

"Here, Cassidy come with me." It sounded like Niall was calling my name but I couldn't find him.

"Over here, behind you." I felt a firm hand take over mine. I got dragged to the other side of the living room.

"Fuck, there seemed to be more people than usual." 

Niall quickly let go of my hand. "Are you alright?" he asked.

"Yeah just not use to a crowd like that..." I say, looking around at the cluster of people.

"Thanks for the help...um can you help me find Charlie?"

"Sure she is over there with Louis." he points.

I walked over to Charlie and Louis and stood there till I got their attention.

"When are we going leave?" I complain.

"What? You want to leave now?" 

"Yeah I got my first day of class and I have a meet up with the chancellor." I say.

"How about you stay here for another hour then we will leave." Louis suggest.

I rolled my eyes and went back to standing next to Niall.

~*Harry's POV*~

"Harry I think Cassidy likes you." said Liam.

"Don't be too sure of yourself everyone likes me."

"I know but remember what Louis told it was my idea." 

"How come I'm not part of it?" Zayn asked.

"Because you always get what you want." I say.

"Besides Cassidy seems hard to get around with." said Liam.

I looked over and saw Cassidy walk towards us.

"Guys shut the fuck up she's coming back." I took a sip of my beer before putting it back down on the grass.

"What are you guys talking about?" Cassidy asked.

"...man stuff." Zayn lied.

"Haha okay you men." she carelessly laughed. 

She return to her originally spot and we continued our game.

"So Cassidy while you were fucking were you covered?" A guy said while scratching the nape of his neck.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean were you wearing a condom?"

"I believe so." she answered.

I looked over to Liam who gave me a wink. I can't believe I'm doing this. Cassidy seductively smiled at me.

"How's this for a drama shot? Will you kiss Harry?" said a guy with a black and gray stripped shirt.

My eyes shot wide at the call of my name. In any kind of way I don't want kiss and Harry in the same sentence.

"I will certainly not kiss Harry." Cassidy said. I am relieved. But looking over at Liam brings me back about what he said.

The whole group starts to chants, waiting for Cassidy to kiss me. I may have kissed a lot of girls but not this time not with Cassidy. I just wanted to end this but how? Cassidy looked over to me and starts to blush. I'm already nervous enough. She looked shy. 

"I have told you..you men I have a boyfriend and I'm becoming a virgin until I graduate College so no kissing and no touchy touchy." Thank god.

I hear Charlie, Louis and Niall come over and join our conversation.

"What's going on?" Louis asked.

"Tyler wants Cassidy to kiss me, but she has a boyfriend and she said she won't kiss anyone and is becoming a virgin." I say.

I saw Niall and mouthed 'virgin'.

"What do you mean by becoming." Charlie asked.

"She got fucked by her boyfriend three times and is regretting it."

"Hey, I didn't say I was regretting it you dumbass!" Cassidy yells.

"Ooh." the crowd goes.

Little over board with the attention.

Cassidy stood up and went by to stand next to Niall. Now it's personal.

"The crowd wants what the crowd wants." Louis said. 

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