Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


3. Damaged

A footstep was heard and a groan was let out. I turned my head, facing the pillow under my head. My eyes still closed. 

Finger tips crawled at the heel of my foot. I wiggled it around a bit making Logan to not make me get out of his own bed. The sheets smelled like lemon and a little wet from my seductive movements last night.

"It's too early. Now stop laughing and come lay with me." My tone strained.

With a few shadows cascading through the curtains and my head on the pillow with my eyes clamped shut. I knew Logan's smile turn to a frown.

"C'mon baby, get up."

I groan to indicate him that I wouldn't get up. My digits gripped the sheets and I tug; slightly loosen them at the end. It stay silence for a few seconds but broken by Logan pulling on the heel of my brandish foot. 

"Bloody hell, your heavy."

Did he just called me fat? He has never said that to me before. Two years of dating him and I been called fat.

"Fuck you." slightly I tilt my head to the left facing the curtains.

He should realize it's pretty hard to get me out of bed; especially his bed. I reluctantly rolled onto my back. A smirk curved at the tips of his rosie lips. Its been something I appreciatively admire.

I sigh, "What time is it?" I looked up to the ceiling.

"Time for you to get up, get dress, and go to your mum's house." he said.

"Oh fuck! I totally forgot I have my first day at college well technically tomorrow." I continued, "I really wish you could come with me, but your mum wanted you to stay away from me."

I slipped out of Logan's bed and walk towards him. The curtains were closed so it was a little darker to see his face. My arms wrapped around the nape of his neck. Pulling him closer with the decrease of distance. I was smaller than him; I stood on my tippy toes with my eyes clamped shut. My lips smashed to his. Logan's arms slipped under my shirt causing me to stop. He gave me a teasing smile and I seductively giggled. My cheeks flushed with pink.

"Okay, cheeky go get dress. You
brought clothes over right?" Logan asked, I nod while walking away. His eyes followed my movement as I went to the bathroom with my extra clothes. I locked the door so he wouldn't come in.

My shirt was hovered over my head and my jeans were stripped down to my ankles. If Logan was in here he wouldn't stop looking at me and won't stop touching me.

I stopped myself from changing my clothes. There was a mirror on the wall above the sink. The way my body was shaped I wasn't pleased of; I felt like jello even though I had perfect curves. It looked like I didn't have any boobs but when I twist to the side I was wrong. I haven't really felt anything about my body; I didn't get why Logan still likes me with my body this way. My mind was caught off of guard but I manage to think about me still naked in front of my boyfriend's mirror.

"Cassidy? Are you okay?" Logan called on the other side of the door.

"Yeah I'm just so nervous about leaving you and the rest of my family." I'm never nervous that's how I ended up with Logan. 

I hope I don't end up with other guys with the same cycle; I thought. 

I finished up putting the rest of my clothes on and head back to the bedroom. Logan was combing his hair which I hardly seem him do that. He turned around and saw me smirking. 

"You look like a dork." I say. 

He actually looked pretty significant. Considering he only combs his blackish hair five times a year. 

"You too, princess." Oh jeez he was adorable. 

How am I a dork I'm practically wearing capris and my new sweatshirt with the name of my college that I am going to. 

Dublin University

I wish Logan would come with me to college but his mother can be very strict. I have to spend the rest of my two years alone with people who are way different compare to me. Just hope this day goes well. 

"Ready to go?" Logan asked. I nod in reply. 

I can tell I'm going to day-dream all day. Mostly thinking about Logan I am sure going to miss him. I have never spent time away from him except my vocation to America for the first time. 

I can't get things out of my head while I was being pulled out of the drive way. I just want my first day to go well like my first day of school every year. 

"Fuck, can't this dumbass drive!" I snapped out by Logan yelling at man who was an elderly. He will never know better. 

"Calm down." I say. 

There was a stoplight ahead of us so I used my time to giggle with Logan telling jokes about the citizens on the highway. 


We finally pulled up to my mother's house; she stood outside with a cigarette in her mouth and a perfect wrapped box in her hand. 

"What is the present for?" I asked as I manage to step out of the car. 

"It's for your first day at college." She replied. My face suddenly pulled up to a grin. 

"Aloha Logan, surprise to see you here with my daughter." My mother said.

As I stepped inside the home my mother started giving Logan offers about the house and where to clean. 

"God damn that's a lot of smoke, what's burning?"

Logan came to my side and looked insecure. Thank you mother. My fingers were untwined with his and I scooted closer to him. I found a seat on a couch. Mother gave me the present before sitting down at a chair across from me and Logan. 

"It's just a little something to remember me while you are gone." My mother said.

Logan helped me rip the wrapping off of it I lifted up the lid of the box and spotted a picture frame with me and my mother in it. I remember it being taken when I was in third grade; I looked so young and free. I still had that dirty blonde wavy hair and my tips were curly locks. I also lost a tooth on that day. 

I lifted my head up to my mother and said. "Thank you so much mum, I love you." we both stood up and I gave her a hug that lasted for countless seconds. God knows how long I gave her a hug. 

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