Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


2. Damaged

It was when Logan encouraged my right hand to his hair, taking hold of the soft curls between my fingers that I could feel myself nearing the end. But it had been his next few words that had knocked me over the edge.

"Hold me down." He whimpered.

I was still seeing stars as Logan crawled up to become face to face with me. His smug grin said it all, curls a wild mess. But I beat him to it before he could voice an arrogant remark concerning the short time it had taken for him to force my climax.

"Can we get under the covers?"

Eyes alight with a now playful warmth.

"Course we can, but I want to get this dress off you first."

We scrabbled off the side of the mattress to negotiate the removal of our remaining clothes. There was an element of grace as I began to rid myself of the dress, shimming the material higher. But this soon descended into something of a frustrated fluster. I could hear Logan laughing, the unceremonious dropping of his jeans was obscured from my vision with the tricky clothing I struggled with.

"Help me." I pleaded.

Hands took hold of the dress, wiggling it higher.

"How did you get this on?" He humorously asked.

"With difficulty."

"I can see that."

Once off it joined Logan's jeans on the floor.

"Holy shit." He cursed.

I was completely bare apart from my bra, my embarrassment becoming apparent with the noticeable speckle of pink littering my cheeks. His mouth curved into a beaming smile whilst hooking his thumbs into the band of his boxers and promptly tugging them down. Logan's boldness was always astounding.

I struggled to keep his silly grin from rubbing off on me. But I was fighting a losing battle, shyly glancing away as I laughed. He shifted to stand in front of me before my arm drifted up to secure around his neck. Our mouths met, the tenderness causing my eyes to flutter closed as we gradually made our way towards the mattress. Logan blindly reached behind me to entice the covers back and gently place me onto the dark sheets of his large bed.

Logan was knelt above me until I joined him. Boldly I took hold of him, pumping at his length and nuzzling my face into the curve where neck met shoulder. Logan's hot breath puffed out in light laughs, reaching to the right and rummaging in the bedside drawer as I teasingly nibbled at his skin.

I ceased in the movement of my hand, intently watching as Logan carried out the actions I had witnessed him perform once before. His erection rested heavy between his thighs before rolling down the condom he had ripped open with his teeth. Small kisses were playfully stolen, distracting me from the other object retrieved from the wooden confines next to the vast bed. My hands were placed on the broad expanse of Logan's shoulders, our cheeks brushing as I glanced down between us. The small bottle's lid was flicked open, clear liquid squirted onto the tips of Logan's fingers. He placed it to the side, eyes hooded as he smeared the substance thoroughly over the stiff, rubber covered length. Harry's thumb brushed over his tip, spreading the liquid. Once finished his attention was upon me. More of the clear liquid covered his long digits. Full lips were pressed to mine before his gaze travelled down to where his touch made me flinch.

"I'm not sure about this." I spoke quietly.

An arm skimmed around my back, holding me closer as he attempted to continue with the lubricant.

"It's cold." I admitted in a nervous giggle.

"Sorry, I should have warmed it up."

He smiled whilst rubbing his fingers together before gently touching the area between my legs.

"Is that alright?"

I nodded, lowering back to the bed as Logan settled to position himself above me. It was then I noticed the slight hesitation in his confident movements, the uneasiness in his eyes.

"I trust you." I spoke whilst sweeping his hair from his forehead.

"But last time.." Logan worriedly trailed off.

"You said that wouldn't happen again and I trust you."

He kissed my cheek, lips peppering affection along my jaw to my ear.


I could feel my toes curling, Logan tracing the shape of my side, fingertips grazing my warm skin. He was so delicate, gently kissing my lips as his eyes remained on me. My left leg lifted to rest and curve around his back, heel pressing into his lower spine. The tip of his ready, slick length brushed me twice before carefully pressing in. Logan caught hold of the duvet, smoothly sliding it up his naked back to encase us in warmth. I knew the temperature would rise in the next coming minutes, but at that time it felt perfect. As he gradually guided himself in, small sounds escaped from my mouth, captured in the breath Logan inhaled. My fingers lightly tugged at the sheets, unaccustomed to the feeling of experiencing anything so intimate. It felt odd, but nothing like it had when we first had made out.

"Is that alright?"

It was obvious of his anxious nature, prying my hand away from the bedding to hold in his.


"Can I go deeper?" He almost pleaded.

My small nod gave Logan permission to sink into my tight warmth. Both of us were struggling to draw in vital air, our bodies lovingly connecting. I had never felt closer to another person.

"Oh my god."

My nails dug into his back as I attempted to relax, aiding in Logan's gentle, persuasive movement. The position was held to allow me time, time to fully absorb him.

Broken sounds tumbled from Logan's parted lips, eyes alight with warmth as my muscles contracted around him. I watched intently as I repeated the foreign action, enjoying the reaction I was provoking. A small knowing smile drifted onto the swollen pink of Logan's lips. I received a barely noticeable nod in request to feel the pleasuring squeeze once more. The response was a low growl reverberating from the back of his throat.

"Please, stop..now!" I strained.

The deliberate roll of his hips was something indescribable, rocking back and forth at a steady, unhurried pace. We had all night. Our chests were pressed together, the cups of my bra making contact with Logan's firm torso. My arms cuddled him impossibly close, desiring to feel that heavy masculine weight above me.

"Whatever you want, baby." Logan lazily frowned.

My hand cupped his cheek as our lips united in a leisurely kiss, the duvet slipping down Logan's back until I aided in tugging it up.

"You looked really pretty in your dress tonight."

I smiled at his sweet compliment, finding it a little amusing that we were having a conversation whilst making love. It made me wonder if it was his way of trying to distract himself from repeating previous mistakes.

"Thank you. You've already said that though." Small gasps separated my sentence every couple of words.

Logan's hips that were ground down onto mine, stealing the breath from my lungs. Stopped.

"I meant it."

My head rolled to the side. I had it coming, oddly pleasurable.

Logan was still above me, supporting his body upon his forearms. The flicks in his hair tickled at my face as he kissed at my neck.

"You smell really nice." He continued. "I'm talking a lot, aren't I?"

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