Cassidy Collins 19, a college student at Dublin University. She is always the one who likes to have fun and enjoy life to its fullest. But when she meets a mean boy with only a few tattoos name Niall Horan her life to her destiny change plans.


1. Damaged

I clung to Logan, ankles locked around his waist as he effortlessly carried me up the steps to his flat. His hair was tangled between my digits, lips kissing at his jaw as Logan fiddled with the keys in the lock. The door was slammed shut with his foot, pressing me against the wood as his fingers fumbled with drawing the chain across. I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck, hands tickling their way under the jacket Logan wore to hold him beneath the clothing. I felt safe as I cuddled further into his comforting warmth, absorbing the hard heat whilst breathing in a scent that seemed to cloud my senses. But comfort soon transformed into desire; from soft kisses into marks of passion brandishing his skin as my lips uncompromisingly sucked at the base of his neck. A rough grunt followed sharply inhaled breath as Logan responded in harshly squeezing my backside.


"I want you so bad."


"Let me down." I breathlessly laughed.


My feet touched the floor, backing away as Logan stalked forwards. It was faintly lit in the hall, but it wasn't difficult to detect the seductive smirk plastered on his face. There were barely a couple of inches separating our needy bodies. The simmering heat of Logan's eyes remained teasingly on me as he undressed, taking his time to remove the dark blazer he wore. The material dropped to the floor.


"I want to be dirty with you."


Logan's forehead pinned to mine, crinkling my dress as a hand skimmed leisurely up the inside of my thigh. I affectively ceased his efforts, squeezing my legs together.




Gripping the material of Logan's shirt, I took him by surprise, shoving him back against the wall with as much strength as I could muster. Swollen lips were parted in pleasure, eyes clamped closed. I decreased the distance between us, hastily attempting to unbutton Logan's shirt. His sudden movement left me in a daze, yanking either side of his shirt to forcefully rip it open. The sound of scattering buttons hit the floorboards. I'd never witnessed something quite so desperately hot, my hands palming at Logan's exposed stomach and chest. He looked almost god-like, all tanned and muscled...and mine.


"I like it when you're rough with me." Logan admitted.


The last few words had barely left his mouth before I scratched my nails down the length of his torso, sure to leave a few raised lines in evidence of my harsh gesture.


He cursed through gritted teeth.


"I'm gunna take you in my bed."


My heart pumped with his promise, pressing a heavy kiss to where hot air was being expelled. Regrettably I pulled away from the temptation of his lips, turning and walking down the hall. My shoes were kicked off but I came to a halt at the bedroom door when I strained to hear his trailing footsteps. I peered behind me to discover he'd been observing my every move. A heated stare burning at the skin I knew he desired to uncover. We stood directly facing each other, a good distance between us as he carelessly brushed his clothing from his broad shoulders. I had quickly grown to learn Logan's body was close to perfection, in my eyes at least. Even the variety scars he had sustained during fights held an intriguing and somewhat endearing beauty. I wondered if he would ever fully open up and educate me in the origins of all the permanent reminders.


My hand rose in front of me, teasing Logan with the flick of my index in a gesture to coax him towards me.


"Come here."


His smile tugged up further on his right cheek than his left, kicking off his shoes as he strolled forward. We were soon in the comfort of Logan's bedroom. Once the small lamp was flicked on my attention drifted back to him, now stood barefoot in just his black jeans. Logan's eyes were alight with mischief as I raised my hand to keep him from approaching. His patient compliance was noted as I leant forwards; my fingers travelled up the skirt of my dress, hooking into my underwear and trailing them down my legs. I stepped out of them, dropping the material to the floor before standing up straight once more. The look he gave me was one of lust, having me blush as he practically undressed me with his eyes.

A rough hum rumbled from Logan as I mirrored his movement forward with a step backwards. He seemed to enjoy the game, intent on victory with the distance between us closing rapidly. I quickly climbed back, as gracefully as I could, onto the bed. Logan soon joined me.

"Where are you going, Baby?"

The depth of his tone left me covered in goose bumps, my heart pumping. I was instructed to lie down whilst Logan's fingertips explored the soft skin of my thighs. He spread them apart, indulging in an unhurried glance to the heat between my legs. My cheeks were on fire as I hooked my hand to the back of his neck, pressing my fingertips into his nape in encouragement.

"I want to try something different."

I hastily sat up, attempting to cover my exposed area with my dress. Logan chuckled. I think he recognised my apprehension.

"Nothing majorly different" He reassured. "Just a new position."


"Logan, I don't think I'm.."

"Come on, Baby." Logan huskily drawled, a slow smirk gracing his features.

His large frame sprawled out over the duvet, head to the one of the corners of the bed. When I remained stationary his tongue teasingly slipped from his full, rosy lips; lightly flicking it back and forth before drawing small circles in thin air. The muscles in my stomach were uncontrollably clenching; I knew exactly what he was doing.

I watched his mouth pucker into a mocking kiss before the blushing pink of his lips was seductively wetted with his tongue.

"My lips would very much like to become acquainted with yours." He laughed.

I could handle kissing. My body crawled over to Logan. Our embrace was hot and heavy unable to keep our hands from one another. Regrettably I drew back for air, my hair falling in a curtain around us.

"That's nice." Logan hummed in appreciation. "But I meant your other lips."

My entire body flushed with heat, recognising what he was asking as the material of my dress slipped higher up my thigh. Logan had shifted me forward within seconds to sit astride his chest, just over his ribs. His defined arms hooked under my thighs and I gripped his shoulders as he attempted to encourage me closer.

"It's alright." He quietly comforted.

The smile he displayed was gorgeous, eyes sparkling up at me. Rough hands slid up my thighs, crinkling my dress before skimming around to my backside. Despite the fact that I held the dominating position I felt that Logan remained in control. I hadn't fully realised how my body had reacted until a groan of teasing complaint was heard. My fingers had tightly wound into his hair, securing his head to the bed as Logan attempted to urge me closer to his pouted mouth.

"Wait, wait." I gushed in a panic.

"It's no different than before." Logan lightly reasoned.

"It is quite different, Logan." My voice rose in surprise at how casual he was with everything.

The grip I used to hold his tips loosened slightly.

Logan could be such a boy at times. But he soon became acutely aware of my annoyance, my thighs tightly squeezing.

"Alright, alright." Logan surrendered.

His hands pried at my constriction, freeing himself from my strength.

"If you're not comfortable then we don't have to."

I was relieved as my body was allowed to wiggle from Logan and up towards the top of the bed. But the freedom didn't last long. He promptly moved to grasp my ankle, tugging me closer to him as he loomed over. Logan's words were hushed, the invitation for my ears only.

I shoved at his shoulders to push him away.

"Another time. I guess" He smugly continued.

I didn't have time to pull myself together before warmth could be felt against the inside of my leg Logan's kisses trailed up along with the navy material of my dress to commence in an act that he had openly admitted he enjoyed just as much as I did.

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