World of blocks

Steve is having a hard time in Minecraft. The new world he has spawned in is very unforgiving. In his struggle to survive, he encounters many creatures and dangers. He has recorded all of the events in this dairy so you can experience it with him.


1. Spawning

Day 1

I'd spawned 27 different worlds in the time I'd lived in Minecraft but I was still not immune to the deep seated contracting feeling in my throat as my new world built itself up. I observed the jungle forming it's mighty trees around me and the sharp contracting resigned from my throat. I gained my footing on the rough, powdered dirt blocks and fathomed my method of survival. I decided to go east towards an over-hang above a shallow lake from which I could plan my route out of the jungle. I struggled to find a way up to the over-hang so I used some dirt blocks I mined from the lake bed to block-jump my way up. From the top of the over-hang I was over-whelmed by the mass of the jungle I had spawned in. I realized I should turn my render distance to "Max" to see to actual extent of it but when I did, the border of the jungle seemed non-existent. The lag was unbearable so I quickly turned my render distance to "Normal" and headed in the direction of the clouds out of instinct. I had no idea whether I would ever get to the edge of this jungle. I didn't know whether I would get to a desert, ocean, plains or extreme hills biome. What would I encounter along the way? Zombie, spider, skeleton or the infamous creeper. Before I knew it, the beautiful square sun was setting over the horizon and I luckily found shelter under a jungle tree that seemed oddly small on the edge of a worryingly steep valley. As the moon rose over the horizon I fell into a deep slumber, anxiously waiting for my first encounter with a zombie.

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