World of blocks

Steve is having a hard time in Minecraft. The new world he has spawned in is very unforgiving. In his struggle to survive, he encounters many creatures and dangers. He has recorded all of the events in this dairy so you can experience it with him.


2. Monsters

Day 2

I had never met a monster in my past Minecraft worlds as the first world I ever created was a peaceful survival in which I fell in a deep ditch filled with water and was trapped. To me survival was a sore subject. As a woke from my deep sleep the stiffness in my body took affect and I struggled to stay conscious. I stumbled around the valley and the jungle seemed more humid than ever and my throat was close to parched. Just when I thought my current situation couldn't get worse, a slender, sinister looking creature emerged from behind a colossal 2x2 jungle tree and gazed at me with an emotionless expression before striding confidently in my direction. Like a rabbit caught in headlights, I was stunned. I wanted to move but at the same time I couldn't. There was something hypnotic in this strange creatures deep, lifeless eyes that turned my legs to stone. Finally my instinct to run kicked in but by the time it had the creature was too close for me to escape as the valley was behind me and the creature was too close for me to run to the left or right. Just when I thought the creature would come into contact with me it stopped. It stood roughly 3 blocks in front of me and stared at me. I could feel it's eyes burning into my soul and just when I was going to break down and cry a faint hissing sound broke the connection between me and it. The hissing grew louder and suddenly the strange creature exploded. The force from the explosion pushed me back over the ledge of the valley and I tumbled down into the river at the bottom. This was the time that I realized that I was slipping in and out of consciousness. At one moment I was at the top of the violent river, the next I was being swept on the bed of the river. I was strangely calm and thought about what I was doing so when I saw a two block hole in the side of the river, I flung myself towards it. Using all my might, I hauled myself onto the bank of the river. My surroundings darkened and before I could even think about what just happened, I fainted.

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