World of blocks

Steve is having a hard time in Minecraft. The new world he has spawned in is very unforgiving. In his struggle to survive, he encounters many creatures and dangers. He has recorded all of the events in this dairy so you can experience it with him.


3. Hunger pains

Day 3

I wasn't sure how much time had passed when I woke up. Due to the shape of the moon in comparison to when I was last conscious I assumed it had been a day or two. I lay motionless for a moment before I gained my footing on the rough dirt and turned to the side of the valley, noticing the erosion from the strange creatures explosion. My entire body was aching as I scaled the steep incline. When I reached the top of the valley my I felt hollow and I clutched my stomach and and fell to my knees. My vision was blurred and my hearing was impaired due to the dirt in the murky river water I had fell into yesterday, which I hardly noticed at the time. I dragged myself along the rough, dry ground scanning my surroundings for a source of food. As I found shelter under a jungle tree next to a tiny pond a large pink pig emerged from behind the tree I was leaning against and suddenly my instinct kicked in. I jumped to my feet, somehow conjuring the energy to do so, grabbed a stone that sat beside me and rammed it into the pig's head. The pig flashed deep red and jumped into the air before charging into my legs knocking me forcefully into the grooved bark of the jungle tree. Rage soared through my veins and I charged after the pig with the stone raised above my head. The pig reversed it's direction and ran towards me but this time I was prepared, I brought the stone down onto the pig's head and as it leaped back two blocks I shoved the rock into the side of it's jaw and then again to it's chin. The pig gradually turned away from me and limped to the cool of the little pond I had sat by moments ago. I wouldn't stop until I had my share of food so I stumbled over to the pig bashed him twice in the spine. When I saw that the pig had disappeared and in it's place were two hovering pieces of raw pork I threw myself into the pond and grabbed the pork. I sat against the tree and thought about whether I should mine some stone and cook the pork first but I soon realized it was stupid because by the time I had got the materials to do so I would be dead. I scoffed the pork and my energy was quickly restored. I felt like I should get some materials and set up a house but remembered I had to leave the jungle as quickly as I possibly could. I tried to review the events the things that had just happened to me while I went on my may to leave this jungle and started to think about what could happen to me next and even after a while, I had absolutely no idea what might happen.  

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