The Head And The Heart- A collection of Sherlock Holmes stories

A collection of stories about Sherlock Holmes, the well-known and well-loved detective, and his trusted friend and biographer Dr. Watson.

"Reichenbach Feels" is set immediately after the unfortunate events of 'The Final Problem'. We follow the landlady of 221B, young Rebecca Hudson, on a quest to fill the void left behind by the untimely death of a lodger.

In "A Case of Identity" a nightmare that has haunted our heroes becomes true: Professor Moriarty has finally outwitted them. And so we witness them planning a spectacular flight...

"Both or None" depicts the best friendship in literature:
Holmes and Watson have often saved each other's life- but what if nothing is safe, and no one is saved? Can one live without the other?

Features two bonus stories:

"Better Words Than These" describes what an impending war in the early 1900s might mean for a certain retired army surgeon, and his friend...

In "The Fourth Wall" our heroes face the problem of an author vexed by his creations...


16. 4. The Head And The Heart

I softly shook him. "Holmes! Don't say such a thing. Hope dies last, they say. If you don't have a plan- let us just... think of some!" I was now ardent with eagerness, hoping to cheer him up. It was desperate courage rather than a real rational chance I saw that made me behave so optimistic. He did hardly react.

I knelt down in front of him and continued: "We've been in tight places before together." "Not as tight as this one.", he replied with a sigh. Though I feared he was right- like he was so often- I could not just give up that easily.

"It is so unlike you.", I whispered, rather to myself, not as reply to his objection. He heard it, anyway, and a little irritated he asked: "What?" I continued a little louder:

"To simply give up as soon as we come upon the first obstacle. Just remember the many situations when we have found ourselves at a dead end! Had we given up then, there would be a good many cases that lay dusty upon a pile in Scotland Yard archives bearing the mark 'unsolved'!" I was almost angry at him for showing so little militancy. "I have always admired you for being so very courageous. Where has that courage gone now? You used to never let a setback dishearten you. On the contrary, a trail that turned out to be a wild-goose chase encouraged you to work even harder and to be even keener in pursuing the other scents! Anyway, what worse can the situation get? So please, just don't give up now!"

Holmes stared at me for a second, obviously because it was a rare thing for me to give such elaborate scoldings, but then his mouth curved up and he smiled at me.

"My dear Watson, you would have made an extraordinary orator or even politician. I had no idea you give so excellent pep talks." I was glad to see him smile, and even more proud about this praise. "And you are right, my friend. I cannot let myself go in so cowardly a manner. There must be a way...", he said, straightening up. I could not help to smile.

This is the Sherlock Holmes I know.

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