The Head And The Heart- A collection of Sherlock Holmes stories

A collection of stories about Sherlock Holmes, the well-known and well-loved detective, and his trusted friend and biographer Dr. Watson.

"Reichenbach Feels" is set immediately after the unfortunate events of 'The Final Problem'. We follow the landlady of 221B, young Rebecca Hudson, on a quest to fill the void left behind by the untimely death of a lodger.

In "A Case of Identity" a nightmare that has haunted our heroes becomes true: Professor Moriarty has finally outwitted them. And so we witness them planning a spectacular flight...

"Both or None" depicts the best friendship in literature:
Holmes and Watson have often saved each other's life- but what if nothing is safe, and no one is saved? Can one live without the other?

Features two bonus stories:

"Better Words Than These" describes what an impending war in the early 1900s might mean for a certain retired army surgeon, and his friend...

In "The Fourth Wall" our heroes face the problem of an author vexed by his creations...


13. 1. The Lion's Den

...I can't see a thing... It's so cold in here... Where am I?

I slowly opened my eyes, and sat up. Every limb of my body hurt like hell.

No wonder, sleeping on the floor...

Wait a second. Why the deuce had I been sleeping on the floor? I stared into almost complete darkness, unable to see anything. I slowly started to get uneasy.

What happened to me? I can hardly remember anything...

My eyes obviously had gotten used to the lack of light in the meantime, and now I could make out another person in the opposite corner. Supressing a groan of pain, I crawled towards the body. As I had reached it, my heart turned to lead. It was him. Terribly worried, I shook him: "Holmes! Are you alright?" He gave a faint groaning sound, and finally opened his eyes. "Watson?!" I sighed with relief. "Good heavens, I feared you were dead! Do you know where we are?" He sat up and looked around, bewildered. "I meant to ask that question to you, in fact."

I leaned to the wall while he stood up, struggling to stand straight, and started to walk around the place where we found ourselves. He extended his hands and continued to pace up and down. I watched his strange behaviour, wondering what I should make of it. Then it struck me that he must be testing out how big the place we were in was. I heard him hiss swearwords from time to time when he had apparently come upon an obstacle. It was quite likely indeed that he had hit a wall and hurt his hands because of the darkness. Finally he returned to where I was sitting and kneeled down next to me.

"From what I found out now... we must be in prison, Watson." In an irritated voice, I answered: "But why? What brought us here? Or- who?" He did not say anything. I sighed, but he was right to remain silent. "No hypothesis without data...", I murmured, recalling a doctrine of his. All we could do now was to wait.

If we are in prison (and up to now, I had seldom had a justified reason to doubt one of Holmes' theories) then sooner or later there will be someone else, like a gaoler.

And hopefully then there will be light upon the matter-

In more than one way.

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