Sam Payne

Audrey and Alison Brooks were just normal teens.Well sorta...They're vampires. They were out with their best friend Ella when they met 3/5 of One Direction.Ella instantly falls in love with Harry and Audrey falls in love with Louis.Alison on the other hand,doesn't really like to show her feelings to people so easily.But she falls for Liam,fast and hard.But what happens when something tragic happens and Alison meets Sam? Liam's little brother?


1. Chapter 1

Alison's POV

"How the hell can the both of you walk in heels and not feel pain? These heels are killing me!" Ella pouted as we walked to the doors of the club.I flashed a smile at the bouncer and made direct eye contact.

"You're gonna let us in."I compeled him.He smiled and stepped aside to let us in.

"Sweetheart we're vampires,we don't feel pain on these little things."Audrey explained to Ella. She rolled her eyes and the three of us walked to the bar.We each got a pinacolada and I downed it in a few minutes.

"This is my favourite song!"I yelled and dragged the both of them in between all the dancing bodies.Soon the girls had spotted some two guys who smiled at them.They looked over at me and I rolled my eyes.

"Go! I'll just be here having the time of my life."I laughed.They smiled and both of them walked off to the guys.I felt arms grip my hips and I turned around.I looked up into his brown eyes and couldn't help but smile.

"Hi."He smiled down at me and pulled me closer.I bit my lip and looked at his lips.He pulled me even closer so that our chests were touching,and he kissed me.I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"How about we get out of here?"He whispered into my ear.I bit my lip and nodded my head.He smiled and dragged me out of the club.We rushed into his car and we drove off to his flat.

"I'm Liam by the way.Liam Payne."He said as he laid me down on his bed.

"And I'm Alison Brooks.Now,back to what we were doing before?"I asked with a slight smirk pulling him ontop of me and kissing him.We stopped kissing for a bit when we heard the front door open.

"Okay okay,no no thats not the bedroom door,thats a lamp.You need some sleep.Put the lamp down.Okay good.C'mon,off to bed for you."A guy with a deep voice said and I heard a very familiar giggle.I couldn't quite tell who it was since my mind was stil foggy from the alcohol.The door opened again and we heard someone stumbling.

"Nononono,vomit in the bathroom."Another guy said before we heard the door shut.I looked up at Liam and he chuckled.

"My bandmates.Now,where were we?"He asked going back to kissing me.I smiled through the kiss and slipped my hands under his shirt.I ran my hands over his abs and he shivered slightly.He took off his shirt and kissed down my jawline to my neck.He pulled the strap of my dress down with his teeth.I sat up slightly and helped him take my dress off.I think you know the rest...




A/N: new storyyyyyyy. I just wasn't enjoying writing "They Bit Me!"

I've been thinking of this story for a while,so here it is.

Love you all - Hend x


Oh and here are the characters if you were wondering:







Max {Will be in the story later on} (It was supposed to be a gif but oh well)


Sam {Will be in the story later on}




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