Frozen has Come

On the five-hundredth anniversary of Arondells deep freeze, it all happens once again
Co- authored by Harry Potter 495 she's got some awesome novella's so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10. This can't be real

After I found those pictures,I literally passed out.The next morning I woke up to the sounds of birds chirping.I looked at my self,I was a mess!I attempted to fix my hair,it did NOT work.I was about to leave,but I stopped and grabbed the pictures.I ran outside,something was wrong with that place.The second I had ran outside,the roof caved in and fell down,.My eyes widened and I started to shake.I walked away."Which way should I go?"I wondered.

I chose the north mountain,why not?That's where Elsa went.I walked for a long time,and decided to sit near a river to relax.I pulled out my iPod,I still had some WiFi.I put it away and threw my hands up.Then something happened,the river in the water rose.I stumbled back,my eyes wide.I made circling movements with my hands,water appeared.I pulled out my iPod and text Izzy.

dear Izzy,

i came to find you,and made a discovery,i have powers like yours.Except their with water.Im scared,where are you?




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