Frozen has Come

On the five-hundredth anniversary of Arondells deep freeze, it all happens once again
Co- authored by Harry Potter 495 she's got some awesome novella's so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3. Theres a ball on

There doors are opened with a bang. I can see lots of people cheering. I  feel so vulnerable and exposed. I want Dan to be here, to support me. I gripp Mia's hand. She squeezes mine and gently pulls her hand out. She runs into the crowd greeting the familiar faces. I look around and slip on my gloves. I take a deep breath and step forward. "Welcome to the Arendelle, New Year Ball!" I shout. Everybody cheers once again. I force on a fake smile and ask them to follow me into the ballroom. The dances begin and I stand at the head of the hall with Mia. People begin to come and go giving their respect to us. Then one particular young man, with dark hair, comes up to us. "Dan!" I cry. He hugs me and stands up next to me.

"Would you do me the honour of having this dance?" He asks. I laugh and he smiles back at me. We step onto the dance floor and begin. We make lots of mistakes and laugh lots. I just love letting myself go for once in awhile. Another song came on:

The window is open, so’s that door 
I didn’t know they did that anymore 
Who knew we owned a thousand salad plates? 
For years I’ve roamed these empty halls 
Why have a ballroom with no balls? 
Finally they’re opening up the gates 

There’ll be actual real live people 
It’ll be totally strange 
Wow, am I so ready for this change 

'Cuz for the first time in forever 
There’ll be music, there’ll be light 
For the first time in forever 
I’ll be dancing through the night 

Don’t know if I’m elated or gassy 
But I’m somewhere in the zone 
'Cuz for the first time in forever 
I won’t be alone

We dance some more. 


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