Frozen has Come

On the five-hundredth anniversary of Arondells deep freeze, it all happens once again
Co- authored by Harry Potter 495 she's got some awesome novella's so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7. Facing Flames

Celeste leads me to the doorway to the next room, "You should be able to make it from here, be quick!" I nod and we part. I open the door. The fire licks the sides of the door. The flames jump and dance. I step away from them. They scare me. I walk into a corridor. The fire jumps back out at me. It's flaming hand reaches out for my dress. I jump backwards. If the fire touches me I could die. I look forward at my death warrant. I could run as fast as I can and risk it or walk slowly down, prolonging the time i am in this furnace. I take another cautious step forward. I can hear the crackling impatience of the flames waiting to eat me. An old folk song from Arondelle comes into mind.

In her eyes the burning flame,

That caused our powerful kingdom to wane,

So unaware of her deadly power,

She's hidden in a fiery tower.


As I walk I sing the words.


The family she used to know,

Have been hidden from her down below,

She still remains in her mountain keep,

And all shall hear her sorrowful weep.


Her sister born with icy power,

Again hidden up in a tower,

The cold burn of ice will meet,

The warm touch of fires heat.


When these two cross,

Who will rule fire or frost?

Another elemental will join the force,

Water's child will face remorse.


These three elements could kill each other,

Born from the same mother,

The sisters' fate lies in their hands,

Will they rule Arondelle's land?





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