Frozen has Come

On the five-hundredth anniversary of Arondells deep freeze, it all happens once again
Co- authored by Harry Potter 495 she's got some awesome novella's so go check her out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


6. Awoken

My eyes slowly creep open. It's bright, so bright I have to shut my eyes tight again. I peek through once again. I can see fire. FIRE! I  can only seef fire. I scramble to my feet and try to run. I fall down. A girl comes up to me. It's the same girl I saw in the flurry. "Don't worry!" She says. I look up at her. I recognise the soft tones of her voice. "Izzy?" She down at me, confused. I get to my feet and wobble unsteadily. She grabs my arm to steady me. I look deep into her black eyes and see a fire burning behind the sweetness. I recognise this. I rack my brains to think back to where it's from. I can picture a sunset. Songs go through my mind. I see a fire, and a burning town. Finally I know who she is. "Celeste!" I say. Celeste smiles and hugs me. I bring myself in towards her, I finally feel safe. "I must get you out!" She says eventually. I look up at her. I'm so confused. "Why?" I ask. She smiles, just a bit. "Because," she explains, "My element is fire, yours is ice, I could easily kill you, and I don't want to." I sigh . I know she's right. "One thing I have to ask you, well two," She adds, "Has Mia shown any signs of having a power and have mum and dad had any new kids? Because it's odd enough to have one kid with a power, but to have two, we might be a full set of elements!" I look up at her sadly. She doesn't know about mum and dad. I have to tell her. "Mum and dad are dead Celeste." Celeste looks down at her boots and brushes the hair out of her eyes, trying to disguise the tears running down her face.

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