Death & Daughter

Born of an angel and death himself the young serenity (ren) is an angel of death in this story she goes about her life in school and all the other things and interesting turns of events are always happening to this poor,un lucky girl


5. unhappy birthday (serenity)


I woke up in a hospital of sorts. It was a vast vacant room all except for me and a dashing man that must be 25 or so he seemed. He appeared to be very pleased that I was awake although what he was saying wasn't making any sense talking about how he wants to go on a date. At this moment i wish he would just go away but I couldn't speak; Out of fear id say the wrong thing. He finally left, after-which I got rather bored and began to sing lithium no idea why just randomly popped in my head... The man came back and asked what a teacher was doing in a trash can.. After that word my red eyes glowed and a red flam enveloped my hand as he began to rise off the floor by his neck i leand in close and mumbled " I'll be seventeen tomorrow you filthy old man now leave and don't talk to me again" he struggled to say "your seventeen today" I told him "wrong awnser" i clenched my fist and he was decapitated. Satisfied, i slowly walked out, licking the bloodsplater from my cheek. I then was frozen in place and my surroundings became nothingness then I began to see and practically "live" his life thru his eyes after the "film" ended i have to either punish finish off or restore his soul... And this one unfortunately deserves to be restored i placed my left hand on his heart and reversed the strike, then I lay. Him down on the bed afterword the world faded back into existence. I then walked to the office to get my schedule. Which read:

Weapons tech

Us world history.






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