Death & Daughter

Born of an angel and death himself the young serenity (ren) is an angel of death in this story she goes about her life in school and all the other things and interesting turns of events are always happening to this poor,un lucky girl


4. the co-op student (drake)


woke up to my kid sister bouncing on my bed at 5:oo am this morning, how bout you Steven? " ahh I had a cuppa joe, notin fantastic" said Steven "well we gotta hurry up, we wont get finished with the rout at this rate" I said at that moment Steven drove up to a curb and i lept out and grapped the trash cans all five and threw the runbbish in the squealing dumpster as usuu...a wait a damn minute since when does a dumpster squeal. I threw the big front door open and revealed a beautiful girl probably 22 yeas old who rolled out onto the street and ran smack into me, as Steven jumped out of the truck cussin me for makin a mess, I took of my hard hat and comforted the girl poor thing some bullies musta put her in there at any rate I'm gunna be late so I carried the unconscious girl to the infirmary.

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