Death & Daughter

Born of an angel and death himself the young serenity (ren) is an angel of death in this story she goes about her life in school and all the other things and interesting turns of events are always happening to this poor,un lucky girl


2. introduction: the Un-birth

(Deep clear voice aka narrator)

As you know there in this world exists a god and a devil. Whom seem to last forever- but- alas your dead wrong. There is only one being whom is judgement whom is life. This man... Is DEATH.

He wears a dark cloak with a hood, keeping his face concealed at all times, carries a scythe, and reaps upon the living... Humans.

One day he was sowing judgement and came across an angel... Like from his homeland's legends. This particular angel was blond, attractive, and lost. But according to the legends from his homeland these are pure white-veiled creatures. However this one is veiled in black so death asked the creature " what are you". " is am or was something I cannot recall-I'm afraid" it replied. It then dwelled on it for a moment then said "I am scelina, im afraid i must be lost.". "lost!" death exclaimed " how could you fathom that, when your as far as on the wrong planet, and potentialy the wrong demension." he looked up to the sky, then looked back down to her place on the sidewalk as he continued "do you remember the juorny at all"

Death looked her over. He concluded that she is lost property. Lost property that is claimable. So he took her in and had a good relationship with her she had a child. As you might imagine the birth had complications.

The child was female. She was an albino with beautiful blood-red eyes, however her soul was incomplete. She lived for a while in her fathers spirit relm but after training her properly and everything. He decided: his daughter should succeed him. So at the cost of both her parents lives it was made whole again thus i present the one and only: serenity, angel of death.

The child was taken in by two people whom had some iou's to death: the headmaster and mistrials of the academy. A place wear sports lean the ways of humans, in order to fit in with society. She did great in school... Until career day in the tenth grade.

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