Death & Daughter

Born of an angel and death himself the young serenity (ren) is an angel of death in this story she goes about her life in school and all the other things and interesting turns of events are always happening to this poor,un lucky girl


3. introduction: the academy


I was 16, my hair was black. It had to be. deemed a nessecity to dye my hair black... Of corse, why not i, serenity, have anything but black. My hair is at length at my mid-back in general, with bangs at longest down to my jaw. The roots are white: time to dye it again. My eyes are blood red...naturally. And I don't cast a shadow. And it's my first day in high school; here we go. I assure you, I'm not ready in the slightest. I'm the shyest girl you'll ever meet. Why you ask? Well I'm an albino... Or a person who's DNA has absolutely no pigment. With the exception of my eyes. That's why. Not to mention theses -things- on my chest. They resemble adults but are so small, Hurry up! I'd tell them.

As I walked down the street I saw a young boy. He was rather cute mabey I'll learn his name... Evrey one seems to call him "dude". Oh shit, he's looking at me... I started to wave at him, but just as I did I realized... He was staring at my eyes. At that point i lept into a nearby dumpster and waited for him to leave or so I thought... He came by and knoked on the side and said " hey doll it's Wednesday, might wanna get a better hiding spot" i sprang up and pulled the lid down in response... It clicked shut. He must have walked off...

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